Zenith Launches New Academy Christophe Colomb Watch In Tribute To Rolling Stones

As the father of stage rock, in the decades-long legendary career, the Rolling Stones have rarely shined on the stage. Finally, on March 25, the Rolling Stones held their first concert in Havana, Cuba.

   To celebrate this historic concert, Zenith combines cutting-edge mechanical and craftsmanship aesthetics with the launch of the new AcademyChristopheColomb watch, limited to 5 pieces, in homage to the legendary rock star.

   The watch case is made of 18K rose gold, with an enamel dial, decorated with the British flag and the world famous Rolling Stones logo (also one of the most recognizable signs in the rock world). The eccentric hour and minute display at 12 o’clock on the dial, hand-engraved with Roman numerals. At 9 o’clock, there is a small second hand, which is located exactly at the intersection of the British flag, and the power reserve indicator is set at the 3 o’clock position with a large tongue as the background. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)


Longines Launches The Record Series: A Masterpiece Certified By The Observatory

This year, Longines launched the new Record series to celebrate the 185th anniversary of the brand. This series inherits the pure watchmaking tradition from Somia in Switzerland, is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement, and combines classic and elegant design with superior quality. It aims to become the iconic masterpiece of Longines. The Record series has attracted much attention due to the use of single crystal silicon hairsprings in the movement. For Longines, this is also the first watch series to be certified by the Swiss Astronomical Observatory (COSC).
   The Record collection combines classic elegant design with superior quality, which reflects the essence of Longines watchmaking technology. Continuing tradition and persisting in innovation, the Record series interprets Longines’ pure watchmaking expertise, and also embodies the brand’s expectations for future development.

   The superior quality of the Longines Record series benefits from the core component it uses-the hairspring. The balance spring and the balance wheel component cooperate to vibrate back and forth around the equilibrium position, and must maintain an extremely stable oscillation cycle. However, factors such as magnetic fields, temperature changes, and wear due to hundreds of millions of movements per year can affect the smooth running of the hairspring. In order to improve accuracy and extend life, Longines decided to add a single crystal silicon spring to a high-quality movement. Lightweight single crystal silicon is not oxidizable, so it can avoid the effects of standard temperature fluctuations, magnetic fields, and atmospheric pressure. This technology is the core of creating a masterpiece of wrist and continuing the tradition of pure watchmaking.

   The superb craftsmanship is worthy of recognition. With high precision, all models of the Longines Record series have been awarded the ‘Precision Chronometer’ certification by the Swiss Observatory. All self-winding mechanical movements that have been certified by the Observatory are required to pass the individual inspection of the Swiss Observatory, an independent agency. The observatory certification on the watch also marks a pure and extraordinary quality.
   The Record series can be divided into four different sizes: 26mm, 30mm, 38.5mm, and 40mm. There are six styles for men and seven styles for women. All models are equipped with a three-handed dial and a date display. In addition to the two ladies watches with stainless steel case, the other models use a stainless steel case with a stainless steel bracelet or alligator leather strap


Exquisite And Gentle Master’s Appointment Series 10199 Ladies Watch Tasting

The Baume & Mercier brand is good at listening to the voices of women and meeting the expectations of women. Therefore, last year, it launched a special series. This series of watches uses a round case with an oval bezel to show a simple and elegant style. A perfect heritage of the long-established women’s watch tradition of Baume & Mercier. The watch that I want to introduce to you today is the brand new appointment series ladies watch launched by Baume & Mercier in 2015 SIHH, the model number is: MOA10199.

   Since the creation of Baume & Mercier watch in 1869, it has always insisted on creating wristwatches with outstanding watchmaking skills. At the same time, the brand has always adhered to the development of women’s watches, and has never stopped looking for inspiration from life and constantly meet the expectations of female friends To create a ladies-only wrist watch.

Watch case made of stainless steel
   This watch is low-key and exquisite. The case is made of stainless steel, which combines the exquisite craftsmanship of the Baume & Mercier brand. The case is polished to show a bright metallic luster.

34 mm diameter
   The diameter of the watch is 34 mm, which fits the contours of a woman’s wrist. The slim case is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement, which provides ample power reserve for the watch.

Watch with a fine bracelet made of stainless steel
   The watch is paired with a polished bracelet in stainless steel for smooth lines and ultimate elegance.

Case with 61 diamonds
    The watch continues the classic shape of the agreed series. The round case is paired with an oval bezel. The bezel is set with 61 delicate diamonds, which are crystal clear and sparkle in the light.

Guilloché decoration on the silver dial
   The dial design is exquisite and elegant. The round bezel is embedded with an oval dial. The oval round white mother-of-pearl bezel is delicate and delicate under the reflection of diamonds. The silver dial is decorated with a guilloché pattern. The Roman numerals and diamond-set time scales set off The beauty and elegance of the watch.

The diamonds around the case are dazzling and crystal clear
    The watch seems to be ordinary and low-key, but in essence, the femininity and gentleness of the woman are contained in the design. The brilliant diamonds and the beautiful mother-of-pearl are ingeniously matched to create women’s unique elegance and romance.

Watch lugs are unique
   The design of the watch’s lugs is extremely unique. The exquisite short links cleverly link the bracelet with the case. The watch composes an ode to the beauty with its unique charm.

The crown continues the special design of the agreed series
   The crown of the watch is also made of stainless steel, and the top of the crown is engraved with a unique brand mark of the celebrity as a decoration, which is very exquisite.

The clasp is a folding clasp made of stainless steel
   The watch is equipped with a folding buckle made of stainless steel, which is easy to wear and engraved with the classic LOGO of the Baume & Mercier brand as a decoration, which shows the ingenious intention of the brand watchmaking.

Summary: The Baume & Mercier brand always insists on courage to innovate. Although there are not many new models, but each one is the product of excellent design and exquisite skills. This MOA10199 watch uses a natural mother-of-pearl bezel with luxurious diamonds, highlighting women’s multi-faceted charm and unique feminine temperament, so that every wearer can feel the intention of watchmaking by Baume & Mercier.


Simple And Elegant Jacques Dro Movement Steel Watch

The iconic eccentric dial design outlines the number 8 with pure lines, which is highly recognizable. The Jaquet Droz Grande Second is a legend, and the master craftsman of the brand has continuously interpreted new chapters on this classic blueprint over the years.

  In 2008, Jaquet Droz launched the first GrandeSecondeSW sports watch, adding a sporty version to the legendary classic, which has lasted for years. In 2014, the GrandeSecondeSW family added six new members, debuting with 45mm and 41mm dials, which are available in three modern colors: gray, soot, and blue. Optional, with the same color crocodile leather strap, Geneva stripes as a new element, make this series even more luxurious.

  The Geneva stripe is an orthodox example of Swiss dial dial finishes, and today this classic finish is also chic on new models. In addition to making the regular series more and more clear and convenient when reading, it adds an unprecedented depth to the dial. At the same time, the precious alligator leather strap is used to replace the traditional rubber or metal strap, which is in harmony with the dial tone in color. Adhering to the tradition of excellence in craftsmanship and aesthetics, Jaquet Droz continues to innovate. Every small evolution of the watch comes from its careful consideration of elegance and luxury.

  The watch team’s special report team has also rushed to the watch exhibition site to bring you the most fresh and up-to-date watch information. For more details about Baselworld 2014, please pay attention to our special report page. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

2014 Basel Watch Show Special Website:


Lamborghini Roger Dubuis Excalibur Huracán Wearing A New Timepiece Debuted In Beijing

On May 17, 2019, Roger Dubuis held a new product launch conference at the Beijing CHAO Art Center to witness the debut of Roger Dubuis’ Excalibur Huracán brand new timepiece. The layout of the new product launch event coincided with Roger Dubuis ExcaliburHuracan’s new timepieces. The ingenious new models were displayed at the gorgeous and dynamic launch site, allowing people to better appreciate the unrestrained creativity of their models.

Roger Dubuis ExcaliburHuracán Timepiece Conference

  At this year’s Geneva watch fair, Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini once again collaborated to launch the new ExcaliburHuracán timepiece. Speaking of which, Roger Dubuy already had cross-border cooperation with Lamborghini back in 2017. The point of cooperation between the two is that Roger Dubuis draws a lot of elements of the automotive world from Lamborghini and integrates them into wrist watches, which is also a different experience for car lovers. Roger Dubuis broke through the boundaries of technology and aesthetics, and regretted the entire world of watchmaking.

  The Excalibur Huracán watch was on display at this press conference, and the Watch House was fortunate to see its style.

ExcaliburHuracán watch

  The Excalibur Huracán watch is inspired by the Lamborghini Huracán supercar (also known as the ‘Mavericks’) and combines the aesthetic characteristics of a supercar, such as the legendary hexagonal design, a versatile feature used to construct the Huracán supercar The geometry is very bold when applied to watches; the design of the crown is evolved from the nuts on the wheels of the super sports car; the inspiration for the automatic top and the movement splint on the movement are the wheels and brakes from the Huracán supercar Disc, brake caliper. From racing cars to wristwatches, Roger Dubuis has combined the majestic Lamborghini supercar with outstanding mechanical technology to create a wristwatch that is amazing to us.


  At the same time, Roger Dubuis specially developed a new movement RD630 in cooperation with the LamborghiniSquadraCorse Sports Department, which is equipped with a balance wheel inclined at a 12-degree angle.This is a collaboration between Roger Dubuis and LamborghiniSquadraCorse Sports Department. Iconic movement element, at the 12 o’clock position of the watch we can see the rapidly rotating balance wheel.

  The ExcaliburHuracán watch has two new powerful warriors. One is a titanium model and the other is a combination of titanium and rose gold.


  In addition, an ExcaliburHuracán Performante watch was exhibited on the spot, limited to 88 pieces. The rubber strap of this watch is printed with the unique texture of PirelliPZeroTrofeo ™ R high-performance tires. It can be seen that it has deep cooperation with Pirelli and Lamborghini relationship.


  This year Roger Dubuis also has an ExcaliburOne-off watch that has to be mentioned. This watch was inspired by Lamborghini’s latest SC18Alston supercar. There is only one SC18Alston supercar in the world. This one The Excalibur One-off watch is also uniquely limited to one. It is equipped with a movement that can be called the most complicated engine. The brand’s exquisite watchmaking technology can be seen on this watch.

Other watches on site

To sum up: Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini’s cooperation again, and they joined forces to create a brilliant spark. From supercars to superwatches, Roger Dubuis has created a timepiece that combines the passion of sports cars. Its smart lines and super-calibers make us once again amazed by its unique design beauty. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)


Alacria Diva Gothic: ‘art Works’ By Buchere

Alacria Diva Gothic is the latest ‘art work’ in Carl F. Bucherer’s women’s collection. His curvy shape is like a Gothic building, with 211 rubies and 169 diamonds on the surface.
Today, rubies are considered one of the most valuable gemstones. The 210 rubies on the watch and the ruby ​​on the crown give the Alacria Diva Gothic a elegance and shine.
In addition to rubies, Alacria Diva Gothic’s case, crown and diamonds are set with 169 diamonds. Such a large number of precious stones show the outstanding value of this jewellery watch, and this watch is limited to 25 in the world.

This watch is made of 18K white gold with an hourglass-shaped appearance, full of women’s elegance and confidence. The distinguished strap is made of black shimmering leather and red crocodile leather at the bottom makes the watch more perfect.
Alacria Diva Gothic’s uniqueness is even more reflected in the uniqueness of the gem-setting process. The fifty-four rubies on the bezel are carefully polished into rectangles or rhombuses and ovals with the top surface facing down and the round uncut parts facing up. This special and chic treatment gives the watch a personal touch.
Source: CarlF. Bucherer


Cartier Étourdissant Cartier New High Jewellery Collection – Chromie

Cartier Étourdissant Cartier High Jewelry Series has released more than 60 high-end luxury works. Diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, along with opals, corals, tanzanites, garnets, or green chalcedony have become the protagonists of the new fine jewelry. The combination of intense colors and domineering sexy yet feminine shapes gives a brand new sensory experience and once again demonstrates the unique aesthetics and superb craftsmanship of Cartier’s fine jewelry.

   This piece of fine jewelry is called CHROMIE. Pure and transparent natural crystals and smooth and deep onyx complement each other in this bracelet; Cartier cleverly mix materials and color elements to give it a unique style.

   Black and white contrasting design, emerald embellished gold base, abstract geometric lines and bold colors give Louis Cartier the modern style pioneered by the late 20th century.

  CHROMIE bracelet, 18K yellow gold, baguette-cut emerald, natural crystal, onyx, brilliant-cut diamonds.


Roger Dubuis New Hollow Flying Tourbillon Fine Jewelry Limited Watch

Roger Dubuis inherited the success of the Excalibur 42 skeleton flying tourbillon, this time launched the regionally limited Excalibur Haute Joaillerie Skeleton Flying Tourbillon in Hong Kong, Macau and China. High jewelry watches, once again demonstrate the extraordinary watchmaking technology of its brand.

 This limited edition is only 28 pieces in the world. In addition to the fine structure of Excalibur 42, the watch is more technically refined. This limited style combines jewellery design and exquisite craftsmanship. The sapphire blue alligator strap and the sparkling sapphire on the outer ring of the dial complement each other to make the watch look extraordinarily noble and timeless. 60 diamonds for 2.82 carats make the watch more precious and elegant. The timepiece is equipped with 165 components, a waterproof case made of platinum, a water-resistant depth of three bars, and a manual movement by RD505SQ.

 Limited edition No. 1 has arrived at the 1881 Heritage store

 Roger Dubuis’s most representative hollow tourbillon structure is precise and delicate, showing its beauty at any angle. Baguette-cut diamonds set on the bezel and outer ring make the watch more gorgeous and modern. This watch absolutely meets Poinçon de Genève’s standard of excellence, and its individual characteristics show the perfect craftsmanship of Roger Dubuis.


Chanel Launches Mademoiselle Privé Series Camellia Dial Watch

In French, ‘MADEMOISELLE’ and ‘PRIVÉ’ stand for ‘Ladies’ and ‘Exclusive’ respectively. The name of this new watch series also means ‘feminine beauty’ and ‘uniqueness’. Has a very special meaning. The word MADEMOISELLE PRIVÉ first appeared on the door of Ms. Chanel’s studio on Cambon Street in Paris. Behind this closed door, what outsiders can’t see is that magical ideas are brewing and fermenting here … as if the elven curse has been cast, the door of MADEMOISELLE PRIVÉ has ​​been opened, and Chanel has entered the creative world. Here, it is full of iconic elements and charming decoration.

MADEMOISELLE PRIVÉ Collection-Lesage Embroidery

   For more than 100 years, Lesage Embroidery Workshop has been providing embroidery services for major high-end custom clothing and high-end ready-to-wear brands. Craftsmanship embroidery works are carefully crafted by craftsmen with a lot of time. Delicate pearl, gold and silk embroidered patterns, rose-cut diamonds, yellow gold and white gold gold foil and gold dots embroidered on the dot-like texture make up a beautiful flower pattern on a dark black cloth background Like a rare and precious poem.

MADEMOISELLE PRIVÉ-Mother-of-pearl inlaid fine camellia decoration

   Delicate and elegant, delicate and pure white camellia is loved by Ms. Chanel. Today, two new watches make the camellia look different. It has been re-interpreted countless times, but it will always be unique. This time, Camellia lends its beautiful curves to these two soft and elegant watches, achieving the boldest innovation. In the MADEMOISELLE PRIVÉ series, the camellia inlaid with mother-of-pearl is elegantly blooming on the dial. This material perfectly shows the lightness and softness of the petals.

MADEMOISELLE PRIVÉ series Camellia dial watch (this series is divided into 10 models, the picture below is one of them)

Reference H3822
Movement High-precision quartz movement
Case 18K Gold Set with 60 brilliant-cut round diamonds (approx. 1 carat)
Table diameter 37.5 mm
Dial The Lesage embroidery square is decorated with gold thread, 1 diamond and 18K gold sequins, decorated with a camellia pattern, eccentrically set at 5 o’clock
Strap Black satin strap with 18K gold pin buckle set with 80 brilliant-cut round diamonds (approx. 0.49 carat)
Power reserve 42 hours
Water-resistant to 30 meters


Louis Vuitton Tambour Moon Divine Women’s Watch Series

The first Tambour watch released in 2002 marked the formal entry of Louis Vuitton into the brilliant watchmaking industry. Since then, its classic phenotype design has been continuously reinterpreted and reinterpreted, resulting in a rich variety of men’s and women’s watches, and has always maintained its iconic shape elements. Fifteen years after the introduction of the first Tambour watch, the brand welcomes its essence, the Tambour Moon watch series, which is now adding a new feminine style watch with a unique style: Tambour Moon Divine.

Precious things for contemporary women
   The Tambour Moon Divine women’s watch series inherits the aesthetic code of the Tambour Moon watch series in design: the unique concave curved case makes the side circumference of the watch present a crescent-shaped outline, and each curved surface shines brilliantly Refraction light effect. On the dial made of pure white mother-of-pearl or black lacquer, Louis Vuitton’s classic Monogram flowers bloom and shine, showing the endless charm of the Tambour Moon Divine watch.
   The Monogram flower on the dial is not just a simple decorative pattern. It is an essential key element of this watch. The petals diffuse outward from the center like endless ripples. The second layer of petals is inlaid with diamonds. The outermost curve is outlined with gold and silver, showing a lifelike three-dimensional effect, like dancing in the light and shadow. Black and white collisions, bumpy curves, Monogram flower patterns, sparkling diamonds, this Tambour Moon Divine ladies watch is the best accessory for intimate women in everyday life with extraordinary taste.

Three styles, the same beauty

   The Tambour Moon Divine ladies’ watch series is available in three sizes, with diameters of 28mm, 35mm and 39.5mm. In addition to the white mother-of-pearl dial with diamonds and the black large lacquered dial, Louis Vuitton also launched a 35mm rose gold special edition design. Equipped with rose gold diamond lugs, Burgundy large lacquered dial and alligator leather strap of the same color, and equipped with Louis Vuitton’s patented and innovative replaceable strap system.
Tambour Moon Divine stainless steel and diamond ladies watch

Stainless steel case
Case diameter: 28mm, 35mm and 39.5mm
White mother-of-pearl or large black lacquered dial with diamond-encrusted Monogram flower motif
11 polished curved gems
Quartz Movement
Function: hour and minute display
Comes with a Louis Vuitton patentable interchangeable strap
Water resistance: 50 meters

Tambour Moon Divine rose gold diamond women’s watch

Rose gold case with diamond lugs
Case diameter: 35mm
Burgundy large lacquered dial with diamond-patterned Monogram flower motif
11 polished curved gems
Quartz Movement
Function: hour and minute display
Comes with a Louis Vuitton patentable interchangeable strap
Waterproof depth: 50 meters