Month: April 2012

Casio Creates A New Era Of Radio Watch

The grand launch of solar radio timepieces representing the most advanced technology of CASIO watches was held, marking the first radio timepieces in China that correspond to standard time in many regions of the world. At the scene, Mr. Dan Minxing, chairman of CASIO (Guangzhou) Trading Co., Ltd., and other acts unveiled the mystery of the new product, and demonstrated the leading technology of the CASIO solar radio watch in an interview with many domestic media.
The new product launch conference was based on the theme of ‘World’s Leading Solar Radio Controlled Watch’ and fully demonstrated the product concept of the perfect combination of CASIO technology and design. At the press conference, live media and guests watched the reception of radio waves in Japan, the United Kingdom, and China, and experienced the shock brought by high technology. In the product display area, a number of newly launched CASIO radio watches showed perfect designs. CASIO is the first company in the world to launch 6 radio wave watches. The radio wave watches launched this time will be listed simultaneously in the world. CASIO has developed electronic technology to a new height through its independently developed ‘world’s leading solar radio wave watches.’ Constantly refresh the standards of the watch industry and promote the ‘creation and contribution’ brand concept advocated by CASIO in China.
This is the magical radio wave watch. The development of human civilization is accompanied by the development of timing tools. From sundial, water clock, hourglass, mechanical clock, quartz clock, to the current radio wave watch, people’s desire to grasp every minute and every second has never been Stop, the ideal of pursuing smaller and more accurate timers has never changed. Before the mid-1970s, mechanical watches accounted for more than 90% of the watch market. By the early 1980s, quartz watches occupied 2/3 of the market.
In 1995, CASIO launched the first radio wave watch in the German market, and subsequently, Japan, North America, Europe and other countries began to use CASIO radio watches. The radio wave watch is different from previous timing tools in that it does not require manual operation at all. The watch’s built-in antenna can automatically receive standard time radio signals, automatically decode and correct all information such as hours, minutes, seconds, date and day of the week, which is convenient and accurate.
Because standard time radio waves are measured and emitted by cesium atomic clocks everywhere, the accuracy is only one second after 100,000 years. It can be said that the radio wave watch is another new standard in the watch industry after the mechanical watch and quartz watch. The CASIO radio watch is the irreplaceable leader in this field. As of May 2007, CASIO became the first manufacturer to sell more than 10 million wave meters of home appliances, while occupying about 40% of the world’s wave watch market.
CASIO Radio Watch Three Leading Core Technologies Six Bureau Radio Wave Reception 2 base stations), British, German, North American standard radio waves, and automatically correct time and date information. Even when moving in different countries and regions, it can automatically receive radio waves, keeping the watch highly consistent with local standard time.
Large-capacity solar drive system CASIO’s original large-capacity solar drive system can generate sufficient power even under weak fluorescent lights to drive various energy-intensive functions such as stopwatches, alarms, backlights, sensors, and radio wave reception. While providing convenience for the use of watches, it also conforms to the environmental protection concept that CASIO has been advocating, reducing the impact of battery replacement on the global environment.
Tough and strong movements receive accurate time and also have accurate movements to ensure that the time is displayed correctly. The radio watch launched by CASIO this time also uses a brand new ‘tough movement’, which effectively prevents the impact of external force on the movement from causing damage to the time display. Impact resistance, CASIO has found the most precise combination of metal and resin materials in the ‘tough movement’ used in this new R & D. It adopts a lightweight resin and metal assembly structure, which greatly improves the watch movement when an impact occurs. The resistance to breakage, dents and deformations has achieved unprecedented impact resistance. Automatic hand correction function. At 55 minutes and 0 seconds per hour, the system automatically checks for errors and automatically corrects the hour, minute, and second hand positions. Make sure the time is displayed correctly.


Longines Longines Celebrates 50 Years Of Founding Of Singapore

In order to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding of Singapore, Longines LONGINES has launched the GMT World Time Singapore Memorial Limited Watch (Longines Master Collection GMT Singapore). This new product is printed with the red ‘Singapore’ Singapore word on the world time zone circle, and also commemorative text and patterns are printed on the case back. It is limited to 50 pieces and numbered globally. It is exclusively available at Longines’ two direct-selling stores in Singapore.

As a tribute to Singapore, the famous masterpiece series GMT World Time Singapore Commemorative Limited Watch is printed with the word ‘Singapore’ in red on the world time zone circle, and the special commemorative text and patterns are printed on the transparent case back.

This year, Singapore will celebrate its 50th anniversary. Over the past half century, Singapore has gradually grown into an international business and financial center with a world-class infrastructure. To commemorate this major milestone in the history of Singapore, Longines has specially launched a limited edition of 50 pieces of the world famous GMT World Time Singapore Memorial Watch. This limited and numbered GMT World Time Singapore Commemorative Limited Edition watch has a round 18k rose gold case with a self-winding mechanical movement, and a silver wheat grain dial showing hours, minutes, seconds, and dates. The diameter is 38.5 mm. The 24-hour dial and time zone circle allow the wearer to read the world time zone. This watch comes with a brown alligator leather strap and a folding clasp.

 Longines Masterpieces GMT World Time Singapore Commemorative Limited Watch, limited to 50 pieces worldwide and numbered, round 18K rose gold case, automatic mechanical movement

The Longines master craftsmanship series upholds the brand’s long watchmaking tradition, reflecting the elegance, outstanding performance and tradition that Longines has been pursuing since the brand was founded. This coincides with the prosperity of Singapore. The Masterpiece GMT World Time Singapore Commemorative Limited Edition Watches are exclusively sold at two Longines direct stores in Marina Square and Marina Bay Sands.