Month: August 2012

Breitling Aviation Chronograph 806 1959 Reissue Edition: [Navitimer Ref. 806 1959 Re-edition] Tribute To The Legend, Not Forget The Beginning Of Heart

In 1952, Breitling developed the Navitimer. This revolutionary chronograph became an indispensable part of the cockpit of every aircraft once it was launched. The innovative circular flight slider makes the watch capable of all key flight-related calculations, so it is this watch and pilots who have witnessed those impressive developments in the era of rapid advances in the aviation industry. Breitling now launches the Navitimer Ref.806 1959 Re-Edition, a tribute to the representative early design style of the original aviation chronograph. It’s been 60 years since this legendary masterpiece was launched.

Continue the legend of the proud Navitimer
   Breitling announced the launch of the first replica timepiece, and plans to launch more models in the future. The Novitimer Ref.806 1959 Re-Edition is an exquisitely reprinted design element of the much-respected early aviation chronograph, the Breitling 806, including the all-black dial, with Tonal small dial and beaded rotating bezel. The 1959 replica of the Aviation Chronograph 806 is directly reminiscent of the original watch-a legendary work that is extremely impressive in watchmaking.
   To celebrate the birth of this unique design, the watch is limited to 1959 pieces and each case is individually engraved on the case back. With such a rich tradition, Breitling looks forward to creating more models to celebrate the wonderful milestone of the brand.
   Breitling CEO Georges Kern firmly believes that the new watch will attract a group of loyal watch enthusiasts: ‘In the past year, we are very happy to learn that so many people have a long tradition of Breitling. Enthusiastic. They not only pay close attention to our new products, but also have great interest in our history and early timepieces. The Breitling Aviation Chronograph 806 watch 1959 replica has made Breitling new fans, and has been for decades Breitling followers have the opportunity to own and enjoy unique masterpieces that showcase our legendary history. ‘
  The Breitling Aviation Chronograph, first developed in 1952, is not only the iconic style of all Breitling watches, but also one of the few true legends in the industry. When Breitling first launched this series of products, it was to meet the needs of the growing commercial and leisure aviation market at the time. Today, this classic watch series originally belonged to the 20th century. In the 21st century, 65 years after its launch, it is still highly sought after by users. Since the chronograph’s circular flight slider allows the wearer to perform all critical computing tasks in the air, it was quickly adopted by pilots after its launch and was particularly favored by AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association). Legendary figures including the famous jazz musician Miles Davis and the Formula One champion racer Jim Clark also wore this watch, further enhancing their status in the 1960s.
  Obviously, this timeless chronograph still looks as unique today as when it was originally designed.

Breitling Aviation Chronograph 806 1959 Reissue
[Breitling Navitimer Ref. 806 1959 Re- Edition]: Follow every detail
  In creating the 1959 replica of the aviation chronograph 806, Breitling paid close attention to every detail of the 1959 aviation chronograph. Just like its original Muse, the replica watch uses an all-black dial with a small dial in the same tone, and is decorated with the capital ‘BREITLING’ and the wing logo on the dial, reinterpreting an iconic element of the original 806 watch. It is known that watches issued in the European market initially used the unsigned AOPA feather logo, while watches sold in the United States were marked with AOPA micro-labels.
  The 1959 replica of the Aviation Chronograph 806 with a beaded rotating bezel is composed of a total of 94 beads, the number is exactly the same as the 1959 model. During the production of the original aviation chronograph 806, the number of beads (small scale around the bezel) ranged from 125 in the early 1950s to 93 in 1960. This may be a small detail, but it is very important for fans of historical watches.

  The 40.9 mm stainless steel case designed for the 1959 replica of the chronograph 806 watch is not indistinguishable from the original 806 watch, and has the same lug contour and surface. The watch comes with a black vintage leather strap. The famous circular flight slider is located under the large curved acrylic table mirror. The shape is exactly the same as the original design. Any enthusiast of aviation chronograph watches will feel more cordial.
  In fact, the only modernity of this watch is its increased water resistance to 3 high pressures (30 meters) and Super-LumiNovd coating. Although the latter is a modern luminous material, Breitling pays special attention to the color treatment to ensure that the luminous material on early watches can be restored as much as possible. Hand-crafted indexes add a touch of vintage charm and character to the dial.

  The newly developed manual winding movement, Breitling’s own B09 movement, is also loyal to the original manual winding movement of earlier aviation chronographs. This movement is based on the well-known Breitling homemade 01 movement and is certified by the Swiss Earth Observatory (COSC). It will also power other manual winding historical replica watches that will be introduced in the future.


Montblanc 1858 Watch Series: A Masterpiece Of Traditional Spirit

The Montblanc 1858 series watch unveiled at the 2015 International Horological Fair (SIAR) was launched in tribute to the Montblanc Minerva watch factory. The innovative design of the watch follows the retro lines, inspired by Various chronographs created by the watchmaker over the past 157 years. The single-button chronograph developed by Minerva in the 1930s to meet the needs of precise timing is the inspiration for the limited edition of the new Montblanc 1858 chronograph chronograph. It adopts a round 18K rose gold case with curved lugs, and Equipped with a manual winding mechanical movement made according to strict standards, the newly introduced chronograph not only has a luxurious texture, but also contains the spirit of technological development in the 1930s, and combines the important design heritage of the watch factory, such as equipped with coaxial The beveled crown and black dial with large cold-light Arabic numerals and speed calculation scale ring.
Inspired by the glorious achievements of the Minerva watch factory
   Established in 1858, the prestigious Minerva watch factory is located in Villeret, Saint-Imier valley, Switzerland. Minerva watch factory is now Montblanc’s most important watch factory, and it is also recognized in the industry One of the top professional watch manufacturers that can develop chronographs and sports timers. The timers developed by them can measure very short moments very accurately. The 13.20 movement introduced in the early 1920s was one of Villeret’s most symbolic movements, and it has become one of the early important mechanical chronograph movements developed for watches. Later, in 1936, the watch factory introduced the famous mechanical chronograph that can accurately measure time to one hundredth of a second. The tireless pursuit of accurate time measurement, superb watchmaking technology, and the ability to make balances and hairsprings made Minerva watches The factory has an irreplaceable place in the field of timers with high professional requirements. Montblanc is very proud of this achievement. While continuously developing new high-quality movements, Montblanc has also inherited the original tradition and demonstrated respect for traditional watchmaking techniques.
Design elements and inspiration
   The past brilliant achievements of the Minerva watch factory have enriched the history and heritage of the Montblanc brand and inspired the design of new watches. In order to present the rich heritage value of the watch factory for 157 years and continue to pursue the performance of top watches, Montblanc chose to re-interpret The chronograph introduced by Minerva in the 1930s is also the origin of the Montblanc 1858 watch. Retro design elements can be found in the 18K rose gold case outline of this fashionable watch, combined with the crown of the chronograph push button reminiscent of the grooved facet design of the watch that was launched that year, the shape that is easy to hold is not only Ergonomic and easy to handle, this design allows pilots to wind their watch with gloves even in flight. In order to retain the retro style symbol of the era, the structure, design and color of the dial are very similar to the chronographs designed for pilots, men and explorers at that time. The dial of the Montblanc 1858 series is inlaid with the Montblanc logo of the 1930s, and the design of the numerals and hands is the same as that of the model of the year. The track pattern of the dual auxiliary chronograph dial is slightly different, which can measure the new wrist of the momentary moment The watch has a speed calculation ring beside the delicate pad track pattern. On the whole, the retro-style dial design can clearly read the time even at night, echoing the spirit of adventure contained in the Montblanc 1858 series.

Montblanc 1858 series chronograph limited edition

   The 44 mm diameter case is made of 18K rose gold. The circular design of the case is inspired by the chronograph of the 1930s. It has the same exquisite arc-shaped lugs as the original pilot’s watch. The design of lines and arcs, and the middle part is only 13.15mm, which fully conforms to the natural curvature of the human forearm, and is more comfortable to wear on the wrist. In keeping with the original spirit, the lugs are widened to 20mm to ensure that the overall design follows the proportion of the original watch. In order to further highlight the retro style, a limited number of 100 new watches retain the beveled crown combined with the chronograph push-button components. In addition, the delicate round bezel makes the dial look bigger and clearer.
Clear and legible dial
   The large Arabic hour markers and church-style hands on the dual auxiliary chronograph dial are coated with Super-LumiNova®, which makes the time reading more clear. This non-radioactive luminous material can emit cold light for a long time, making the watch It can be used during the day and night. The overall timing display function is mainly based on two display panels. When the complication function is activated, one of the display panels displays the seconds counter (9 o’clock position) and the other displays the minute counter. The dark black dial is decorated with the Montblanc logo and track pattern used in the year, and the speed calculation scale ring can be used to measure the speed. The minimalist and clear design of the new watch shows the spirit of adventure of the original watch and is even better.

Excellent homemade movement
   The single-press chronograph movement MB M16.29 adopts a manual winding mechanism and has the same dimensions as a pocket watch movement. The movement of this movement can be appreciated from the transparent sapphire crystal case back, which is inspired by The Minerva watch factory originally designed the chronograph movement 17.29 in 1929, so many parts are very similar. The innovative and retro Montblanc 1858 series chronograph limited edition is equipped with a column wheel like the original watch. The chronograph button is built into the crown. The V-shaped chronograph clip can also be seen from the transparent case back. Itabashi, a technology that has been protected by the Minerva watch factory since 1912. All parts including the micro-called large screw balance wheel splint (also called swan neck due to its shape) are treated with Geneva corrugations and edges The hand-chamfering and edging process unique to the top watchmaking tradition is adopted. The horizontal clutch device of this typical structure is connected with the lever supporting the chronograph hammer. At the end, there is a small arrow symbolizing the Minerva watch factory. All assembly, adjustment and surface treatment processes are completed by hand at the Montblanc watch factory. The device complies with the industry’s highest quality standards, contains 252 parts, is 6.3mm deep, and vibrates 18,000 times per hour. The heartbeat-like vibration frequency provides 50 hours of power reserve.

   Montblanc 1858 series chronograph limited edition: product number 112637. Montblanc calibre MB M16.29 manual winding single push-button chronograph movement, equipped with speed calculation scale ring, chronograph table push-button design, equipped with column wheel and horizontal clutch device, diameter = 38.4 mm; height = 6.3 mm, Number of spare parts: 252, number of gems: 22, power reserve: about 50 hours, balance screw screw balance, diameter = 14.5 mm; moment of inertia = 59 mg.cm2, frequency of 18,000 times per hour (2.5 Hz), end of hairspring Philips Curves, main splint German silver, rhodium-plated, double-sided ring pattern grinding, splint bridge German silver, rhodium-plated, Geneva corrugated, gold-plated gears, faceted arms, diamond polished surface, central display The hour and minute hands are located at 9 o’clock, the central chronograph second hand, the 30-minute chronograph display at 3 o’clock, and the rate calculation scale ring. Case 18K rose gold (5N), crystal glass mirror scratch-resistant and anti-glare sapphire crystal glass case back screw-in 18K rose gold case back, embedded sapphire crystal glass lens, diameter = 44 mm; thickness = 13.15 mm, water resistance 30ml, crown 18K rose gold (5N), embossed Montblanc hexagonal white star logo push-button chronograph button and crown design, black dial with Super-LumiNova® luminous coating Arabic numerals. 18K rose gold plated cold-light hour and minute hands, Montblanc’s hexagonal white star logo is at 12 o’clock, the dial is equipped with a rate-calculating scale ring, and the black alligator leather strap with 18K rose gold pin buckle. Limited to 100 pieces.

Montblanc 1858 Small Seconds Limited Edition

   The Montblanc 1858 series of small seconds watches, which were unveiled at the 2015 International Horological Fair (SIAR), are made of stainless steel. The case diameter is 44mm. They are equipped with hour, minute and six-point direct-drive small seconds. Innovative interpretation, re-showing the design specifications of chronographs manufactured by Minerva. In the same way as the original models, the new watch is also equipped with a manual winding movement and beveled crown. The perfect proportion design is suitable for daily use In addition, the exquisite curved lugs of the same design completely conform to the natural curvature of the human forearm, making the new watch exuding pure and strong design more comfortable to wear on the wrist. The Montblanc 1858 series of small seconds is available in a black alligator leather watch with ecru saddle stitching and stainless steel pin buckle. The limited edition of 858 pieces is introduced in tribute to the Minerva watch factory established in 1858.
Retro style dial
   For lovers of traditional watches, this watch’s delicate bezel enhances the dial’s vision, making it easier to read the day or night. Of course, in order for the wearer to read the time clearly at night, large Arabic numerals and church-type hands coated with beige Super-LumiNova® * luminous coating are also important. This non-radioactive luminous material can It emits cold light for a long time. In order to further highlight the chronological and retro design of the cold light coating, the second hand is located in the small dial at 6 o’clock, which is also the design commonly used in this type of watch in the 1930s.
Precise and efficient movement
   The hand-wound movement MB 23.03, designed for the convenience of pilots in the air, is extremely simple and efficient in design. The diameter of this movement is 37.2mm, reminiscent of the beauty of a pocket watch movement, containing 17 Gems and barrels provide 46 hours of power reserve when fully wound, and the balance can vibrate 21,600 times per hour. The operation of these parts can be appreciated from the transparent case back, and the blue steel screws (also visible from the transparent case back) are in line with the spirit of research and innovation in the 1930s.

   Montblanc 1858 series small seconds watch limited edition: product number: 113860. MB M23.03 manual winding movement, number of gems 17, power reserve about 46 hours, flat ring balance, 21,600 vibrations per hour (3 Hz), flat balance spring, central hour and minute hands, small second hand at 6 o’clock . Stainless steel case, crystal glass mirror scratch-resistant and anti-glare sapphire crystal glass, case back stainless steel, embedded sapphire crystal glass lens, size diameter = 44 mm; height = 10.95 mm, water resistance 30ml. Crown steel, embossed Montblanc hexagonal white star logo. Black dial with Super-LumiNova® Arabic numerals, rhodium-plated cold hour and minute hands, Montblanc hexagonal white star at 12 o’clock, black alligator leather strap with stainless steel pin buckle. Limited to 858 pieces.