2013 Girard-perregaux Watch Collection Basel

Responsible editor of Girard Perregaux booth: This year, Girard Perregaux not only joined the strong Kering Group, but also returned to the first year of Basel. Because this year is so important, Girard Perregaux naturally Don’t dare to neglect, there are countless new watches. In summary, the characteristics of Girard Perregaux’s booth this year are:
1. Girard Perregaux has been committed to the cultivation of young watchmakers, and the booth layout has not forgotten to let young watchmakers show themselves.
2. The focus of this year must be this constant power. This watch can be said to have made a very good foundation for the development of the permanent motion system.
3. The biggest change this year is the Seahawk series, which obviously has more affinity with the old models.
[Watch House Special Report] On April 25, 2013, the annual watch industry event Basel International Watch Fair kicked off. The Watch House team went to Switzerland to give everyone the first time in front Bring exhibition coverage.

 The principle of the constant power escapement system is that it can output stable and constant power to the balance wheel no matter how much power is transmitted from the barrel. GP Girard-Perregaux’s revolutionary technology is to add a very small elastic silicon hairspring to the escapement system. It can store energy within a certain limit. When it approaches a stable threshold, the hairspring appears. The unstable state, and the energy is sent out in real time in the form of wave vibration, and it repeatedly provides stable and average power to the balance wheel.
For details of the watch, please click: Notice Modern chronograph with second hand and start / stop / reset function. Its ancestral model was invented in 1862 by Swiss watchmaker Adolphe Nicole, who settled in London. Constant Girard-Perregaux quickly became interested in these watches and improved or added complications, such as the chronograph with retrograde seconds and jump seconds introduced in 1880 and the retrospective chronographs introduced 9 years later. Chronograph with seconds hand, minute repeater and perpetual calendar function. In the history of GP Girard-Perregaux watches, there are various ‘doctor’s watches’ equipped with pulse meters, including pocket watches and watches. In addition to the medical profession, scientists and industrialists are also keen to use GP chronographs. For example, Count Zeppelin used these chronographs for time measurement in aviation flight tests in the early twentieth century. The brand and the chronograph have a long history: the latest masterpiece of this great tradition is here.
For details of the watch, please click: If time is tangible, it must be round. Roundness and roundness are the distinctive features of the new Girard-Perregaux 1966 watch, either interactive or independent, from the case to the dial, from the round diamond decoration on the mother-of-pearl, to the automatic tourbillon through the sapphire crystal case back, no The ubiquitous circle dances time into a beautiful round dance.
Please click on watch details: two new models, a chronograph and a diving watch. The functions it focuses on are reminiscent of the brand’s long-established sports watch heritage. As early as 1880, Girard Perregaux produced the first military watches. In the 1940s, the first generation of Sea Hawk diving watches came out. The new model highlights the outstanding performance of the watch with a contemporary design. The black ceramic case challenges time with a pioneering attitude.
For details of the watch, please click: The Traveler series watch as its name shows the traveler’s travel time zone, traveling life style and cherish the attitude of life in seconds; The Traveller series includes WW.TC world time chronograph and big calendar moon phase two Each model covers the mystery of time advancement in all directions; it captures the exquisite timepiece technology of the past, accurately displays the minutes and seconds, and accompanies the watch owner to venture into the world, truly experiencing the meaning and value of nothingness.
Watch details please click: The new GP Girard Perregaux Vintage 1945 Lady women’s watch brings together the logo elements of this series, deducting elegant and beautiful style. The stainless steel case is inlaid with two fine diamond bands, and the design of harmonious blending of straight lines and curves originates from the brand’s aesthetic heritage in the early 20th century. On closer inspection, every detail of the watch seems to draw from the Art Deco style, but the whole shows an undoubtedly modern temperament.
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