The bezel of this watch is perhaps the most scratch-resistant ever. At present, only diamonds can leave traces on it. Pure Hublot genes, this revolutionary innovative material-completely The scratch-resistant 18k gold is applied to the production of the brand’s classic BIG BANG UNICO series watch, achieving a perfect fusion of respect for tradition and 20th century creativity.

   Magic gold is a material patented by Hublot, which shocked the entire table as soon as it was launched. Three years have passed and it is still the industry’s only scratch-resistant gold material. This material was jointly developed by Hublot and the Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology). It takes months of repeated fine-tuning experiments to produce this alloy. The 18K material has also been obtained by the Central Office for Precious Metals Control. Official certification.

   This magic gold is arguably the hardest material in the world and can only be processed by diamonds. Traditional gold and its alloy materials are easy to scratch, and the magic Vickers hardness of 1000 can make up for this flaw. It should be known that the Vickers hardness number of ordinary 18K gold is only 400, and even the Vickers hardness number of the highest hardness steel material is only about 600.

   Magic Gold debuted in front of the world in November 2011. Hublot’s watch factory in Nyon is a brand ceramic sintering and high-pressure metal forging base. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology and perfect facilities of the watch factory, Hublot has the ability to produce magic gold completely independently.

   This revolutionary material is a product of the perfect combination of noble 24K gold and the latest cutting-edge material technology. The entire manufacturing process is very complicated: First, the boron carbide ceramic powder prepared in advance is introduced into the mold, and the ceramic powder is made by cold pressing. Ceramic cylinder; then put the ceramic cylinder in the machine, and connect the ceramic particles into a hard and porous whole after high temperature treatment; Third, 24K pure gold is melted into a liquid at 1100 ° C and then poured into the embryo body at high temperature Under the pressure of an inert gas, gold molecules and ceramic molecules fuse with each other, eventually producing magic gold.

   The sincere cooperation and unremitting research and development that have lasted for nearly three years finally bear fruit-a new type of gold, which retains its original characteristics and has a stable and permanent quality. This is an exciting achievement. At the Baselworld 2012, Hublot launched the first limited edition Hublot Big Bang Ferrari equipped with magic gold material, which perfectly explained the brand’s original spirit and the pursuit of technological innovation.

   The case is undoubtedly the most scratch-resistant part of a watch. Today, Hublot has decided to apply Magic Gold to the production of the Big Bang Unico series. This watch is distinguished by its unique bright colors and excellent The mechanical properties will definitely attract the interest of the majority of watch lovers.