The good foal that gallops in the greenery is the protagonist in the equestrian sport, and the beautiful women’s hat ornaments are a charming scenery on the side of the field. Longines adheres to the unremitting pursuit of precision, elegance and outstanding performance, and has devoted more than a century to the equestrian sport. In addition to supporting exciting competitions, Longines has also launched cross-border cooperation with designers to carefully present the unique and unique hat accessories at the equestrian court, thus adding a touch of style to Longines’ classic elegance.
  Elegance of hat and equestrian
The talented hat designer Stephen Jones has a unique interpretation of the significance of top hats for horse racing: ‘Putting on a hat is like playing a certain role, or tasting fun from some inspiration. Ladies participate One of the important reasons for Marseille is the opportunity to put on a variety of top hats to experience and highlight the elegance of a lady, which is an extraordinary experience for Marseilles. ‘
观众 In horse racing, the wearing of hats by spectators is a time-honored dress code. The early Marseilles were mainly attended by social elites and wealthy classes, and the audience strictly followed the noble dress code including wearing hats. By the beginning of the twentieth century, although top hats had drifted away from mainstream fashion trends, horse racing audiences always insisted on a beautiful top hat as a symbol of wealth and social status. At the same time, hat accessories have gradually become a unique stage that displays individual charm in public spaces. Many works are fully integrated into the original spirit, relying on unique materials, designs or themes to carefully interpret colorful fashion insights and personal styles.

  Longines and designer Lan Yu interpret cross-border fashion
尚 Chantilly, located in the northern suburbs of France, is an internationally renowned horse racing resort. The majestic castle and the green horse farms together form a picturesque and beautiful scenery. Every summer, the Longines Diana Grand Prix is ​​held here. Ladies will choose to wear delicate top hats and dazzling neon clothes to witness this splendid event that perfectly combines sports and elegance. At the 2014 event, Longines and the famous wedding designer Lan Yu presented the “traces of love” to watch the top hat, elegantly interpreting the moving essence of this traditional dress code.

Lan Yu’s sketch of the ‘traces of love’ hat design for Longines Diana Racing Grand Prix
Qi Lanyu first experimented with the design of the top hat, and presented the fashion horse race with romantic and hazy beauty. Its design inspiration comes from the elegant shape and smart connotation of ‘FrostFlower’. ‘How the wind blows, the ice remembers’. A woman is like crystal clear ice, and the rise and fall of love is like a erratic breeze. Every blow will leave a mark on the ice. This top hat draws on the magical process formed by ‘Frost Flower’, records the graceful moment of slim beauty flowing in the wind, and sets the wind in an elegant manner. On the day of the event, Lan Yu wore a hat and an elegant white dress. A dazzling Longines Jialan series hundred diamond women’s watch shines on the wrist, the white pearly pearl dial is surrounded by 100 top diamonds, just like the pure snowflakes dancing in the wind, and the well-designed top hat shines brightly and reveals The noble and light and smart beauty like the goddess of ice and snow.

The elegance of Longines watch and hat designer Stefan Jones

The cross-border combination of watches, equestrian and hat accessories gives equestrian events a fresh and fashionable color. Back in the past, the elegant connection between Longines and designers began in 2013 at the Longines Beijing International Equestrian Masters. One of the world’s few talented hat designers, Stephan Jones, specially designed an elegant hat for this event, which was performed by the famous movie star Qin Lan.

The elegant top hat crafted by Mr. Stephan Jones is inspired by Laguna Beach, a favorite of Impressionist painters: the hard chiffon on the hat is like the waves on the beach at sunset, romantic and peaceful; unique pink The color is full of spring atmosphere, showing a faint dreamlike atmosphere; the agile shape and light texture make people instantly associate with the warm and elegant horse. The famous movie star Qin Lan wore this unique work to stunning the audience. The neon costumes and elegant top hats shined brightly. A Longines Compain stainless steel rose gold female watch was decorated with gentle and charming colors on the wrist, perfectly interpreting it. The grace in the eyes of a fashion master.

激情 The passion and miracle racecourse is a creative space with unlimited possibilities, and the gorgeous hats carefully created are the epitome of the trend of the wind. Longines joins hands with well-known designers to cross-border, carefully present the rapport between hats and equestrianism, and write a novel and beautiful fashion interpretation for the timeless classic elegance.
 [Watch description]
  Longines Companion Series Rose Gold Diamond Women’s Watch Watch Number: L2. Price: RMB44,000
  As a partner of many of the world’s most prestigious flat horse racing, Longines has always been committed to launching a watch that can be worn at the moment of the most exciting horse racing on the racetrack. This women’s watch is 29.5 mm in diameter, stainless steel and rose gold case and bracelet, set with 30 diamonds (0.501 carats) on the outer ring, built-in mechanical movement L595, and the white mother-of-pearl dial is embossed with 12 diamond indexes. Minutes, seconds, date display window at 3 o’clock. Like all models in the Compaq series, this watch is water-resistant to 5 atmospheres and has a spiral back with sapphire crystal.

  Longines Jialan Series One Hundred Diamond Women’s Watch Watch Number: L4.308.0.87.2 Price: Not priced
  The Longines LaGrande Classique de Longines100Diamonds inherits the classic elegance of the Longines Jialan series. The slim and smooth ultra-thin streamlined design relies on the light of 100 diamonds, exuding extreme elegance. This stainless steel watch is 29 mm in diameter and features a quartz movement L209. The white mother-of-pearl dial is set with 12 diamond hour markers and the silver rod-shaped hands add to the beauty of this stainless steel bracelet timepiece.