Month: December 2014

Be The First To Watch The New Basel 2013 Watch

The annual watch industry event-the Basel exhibition has been grandly opened. Next, let the editor continue to introduce the new watches on display at this exhibition.
Athens presented a number of self-made movement watches at Basel this year, exuding exquisiteness and exquisiteness that are different from the traditional nautical style.


Rolex dazzling DAY DATE
BALMAIN latest preview
The 81-year-old TAG Heuer’s fourth-generation heir, the Carrera series, launched this year’s 50th anniversary limited edition. The innovation lies in moving the start and zero buttons from the right side of the watch to 12 o’clock. A model from the Geneva Watch Awards for Best Design
A heavyweight new product to commemorate the 100th anniversary of SEIKO watchmaking heritage: brand founder Hattori Kintaro Limited Edition Astron
 More details of Basel 2013:


Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin Shanghai International Gold Opening Ceremony Celebrates The First Time In Pudong

December 10, 2013, Shanghai—— A new chapter in classic heritage, Vacheron Constantin, the top Swiss watchmaker with more than 250 years of history, held a grand opening ceremony for its new Shanghai IFC Centre store. Many distinguished guests are invited to celebrate the brand’s first donation in Pudong. Mr. Julien Tornare, Chief Executive Officer of Vacheron Constantin Asia Pacific, Mr. Li Siqiang, Chief Executive Officer of Vacheron Constantin China and Hong Kong Region, Mr. Heinrich Schellenberg, Consul General of the Swiss Consulate in Shanghai, and Ms. Feng Xiuying, General Manager of Sun Hung Kai Properties Leasing Department attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony to witness the world’s oldest timepiece Another brilliant achievement for manufacturers in the Chinese market.

 To celebrate the opening of the new store, Vacheron Constantin brings a number of new products to domestic watch lovers, including the long-awaited Métiers d’Art Chinese Zodiac Legend Series of the Year of the Horse, Patrimony Traditionnelle self-winding calendar watch exclusively created by Chinese watch enthusiasts, Malte tourbillon three-pin first-line high-end jewellery watch debuted domestically, and Patrimony Traditionnelle 14 days of world premiere at this year’s ‘Clocks and Miracles’ watch exhibition Power reserve tourbillon watch limited platinum collection.

 As night fell, Vacheron Constantin carefully created a multi-sensory feast inspired by the Paris Michelin star chef Alain Passard, inspired by the Vacheron Constantin brand concept and product style. Mr. Huang Mengla, a famous violin performance artist in China, performed in Shanghai. Celebrities from all walks of life gathered together for a grand event.
Pudong’s first tribute shines on the Huangpu River
 The new boutique is located on the first floor of Shanghai International Finance Center. With its exquisite and elegant design style, it blends modern and traditional aesthetic requirements, comfortable and soft color contrast, noble and meticulous material facilities, warm and quiet environment, and careful and intimate. Attentive service adds another exclusive and private space for watch lovers and collectors, which makes people linger. The new store not only provides a complete collection of classic models from the Geneva headquarters, but the latest models displayed in the center of the store have also attracted many guests to stop and watch, and experience Vacheron Constantin’s unique and exquisite watchmaking skills and a long history.

 Mr. Julien Tornare, Chief Executive Officer of Vacheron Constantin Asia Pacific, said: ‘Since 1845, Vacheron Constantin has established a deep relationship with China. The opening of the IFC Centre store further demonstrates our firm confidence in the high-end watch market in China. We Upholding the watchmaking philosophy of the brand’s founder, Mr. François Constantin, ‘Go all out, keep improving’, so that more Chinese watch enthusiasts and collectors can experience Vacheron Constantin’s superb technology and extraordinary craftsmanship. ‘
Distinguished new products, add new stores Huacai
 As a distinguished gift for the grand opening of the Shanghai IFC, Vacheron Constantin’s legendary masterpiece Métiers d’Art continues to focus on traditional eastern culture and launches the Chinese New Year of the Zodiac Legend Series of Horse Watches. The masterpiece of watch technology and decorative arts is a masterpiece of exquisite and charming watches. Inlaid in the center of the dial, a horse pattern, against the backdrop of sapphire crystal, as if ready to break out of the case at any time.

 Another new creation exclusively for Chinese watch enthusiasts, the new Patrimony Traditionnelle self-winding calendar watch, which is only available in mainland China, follows Vacheron Constantin’s classic pure watchmaking tradition. The Malte tourbillon three-pin first-line high-end jewellery watch, which debuted in China, not only brings the hidden inlay technology that only a few jewellery masters mastered to the highest level, but also carries the 1795R movement designed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin, bringing top jewelry A perfect blend of art, watchmaking and creative talent. In addition, the world-first Patrimony Traditionnelle 14-day Power Reserve Tourbillon Watch Limited Edition Platinum Collection series, which debuted this year at the “Clocks and Miracles” watch exhibition, also debuted in China for the first time, bringing the complex functions represented by tourbillon to the extreme.

A Collection of Chinese and Western Cultures
 Vacheron Constantin believes that it is not just one art, but various arts that can inspire everyone’s emotions, contemplation, and reflection. For many years, this Geneva-based watchmaker has dedicated itself to respecting traditions, sharing passion, transferring knowledge, and showing an open attitude towards world culture by unconditionally supporting different artistic expressions at home and abroad.

 As we all know, the art of paper-cutting, which is the inspiration for Métiers d’ Art’s Chinese Zodiac Legend series watches, is one of the ancient traditional handicrafts in China, and is listed as ‘intangible cultural heritage’ by UNESCO. And this traditional Chinese art is similar to the silhouette art (Scherenschnitt) from Switzerland’s Pays d’ Enhaut region. At the event, Vacheron Constantin specially invited Chinese paper-cut art masters to impromptu silhouettes for guests, either noble and elegant, or extraordinary, with a variety of postures appearing on the paper, lifelike.
 As night fell, by the Huangpu River, Vacheron Constantin carefully created a multi-sensory feast and invited celebrities and social elites from Shanghai to gather together. The gala dinner was carefully designed by chef Alain Passard of a Michelin Samsung restaurant from afar in Paris, and took inspiration from Vacheron Constantin brand concepts and product styles. It was inspired by rhythmic machine-engraved carvings, pleasing jewellery inlaid and colorful enamel decoration The muse perfectly illustrates the essence of Vacheron Constantin’s horology.

 The passionate performance of world-renowned Chinese violinist Mr. Huang Mengla brought the dinner atmosphere to a climax. The violin is played slowly, sometimes cheerfully, sometimes softly and melodiously. The tradition is full of change, but it is solemn but lively. Huang Mengla’s perfect interpretation of classical music caused the guests present to listen with breathless breath, indulged in the infinite charm of music, and moved the artistic heritage. Music is known as the art of time, and no art likes the delicate coordination of time as much as music. In the passage of time, continue the tradition and breakthrough innovation. As a time measurer, Vacheron Constantin has shared the same artistic concept for more than 250 years, deeply comprehending and perfectly interpreting the heritage and innovation of watchmaking philosophy.
Vacheron Constantin IFC Centre Store
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