Month: March 2015

Bell & Ross Heritage New Retro Classic Aviation Watch

The emphasis on precision and reliability of the aircraft cockpit is the source of Bell & Ross’s watchmaking inspiration. Many ell & Ross watch masterpieces are inspired by aviation instruments. Manufactured with the most advanced technology, it traces the design roots of classic aviation watches in the past, which prompted the birth of the Heritage series.

New Heritage Collection: BR 03 Golden Heritage
Looking up the dictionary, the word ‘Heritage’ is interpreted as ‘traditional heritage’. Bell & Ross’s new Heritage watch is exactly the expression of ‘Heritage’. This year Bell & Ross launched two new BR 03 Golden Heritage works, writing a new movement for the Heritage series, which debuted in 2009.

Instrument BR Heritage launched
Instrument BR Heritage was launched in 2009. The brand takes inspiration from history and complements it with modern watchmaking techniques to create a classic model that reinterprets antique clocks. Gold hour markers, scales and hands, distressed dial, and natural leather strap that will show luster over time. The overall structure is reminiscent of an old watch, just like a WWII fighter cockpit The instruments obtained in the instrument make Instrument BR Heritage’s retro style perfect. As the annual new work of Instrument BR Heritage series, BR 03 Goden Heritage will continue the nostalgic style of classic military watches, and enhance the luxury and mature taste of watches.

BR03 Golden Heritage junior or chronograph
The BR 03 Goden Heritage watch is available in two styles. The BR 03-92 three-hand model displays hours and minutes with a central seconds and date display. The BR 03-94 chronograph, in addition to the hour, minute, second and date display, also includes two chronograph dials with a total of 60 seconds and 30 minutes. Protected by an anti-glare sapphire crystal, both BR 03-92 and BR 03-94 are water-resistant to 100 meters. The brand’s classic square frosted stainless steel case with distressed dial, BR 03 Goden Heritage inherits the most precious traditional features of the old style.

Inheriting the spirit of the Heritage watch series, BR 03 Goden Heritage presents the hour markers, scales and hands, and vintage straps. In addition to reminiscent of the classic watches of the past, these are the Instrument BR that appeared in 2009 The heritage of the Heritage watch. Today, Bell & Ross goes one step further. The first timepieces, scales, and hour hands are coated with gold material, adding a luxurious and elegant feel to the watch, and the meticulous treatment of details. The satin-finished steel case with a diameter of 42 mm is warped, and the dark coffee black dial is finished with distressed finish. The brand uses modern watchmaking techniques and special materials to create a retro-style watch.


Sport Watches Can Also Have A Big ‘connotation’

The Blancpain Fifty Fathoms watch has been widely watched by watch enthusiasts at home and abroad for its excellent quality and unique aesthetics. At the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Expo 2018, as the mainstay of the Fifty Fathoms series, the deep dive Bathyscaphe watch combines for the first time a pleasing sporty style with practical and complicated functions into a new annual calendar watch. Let’s take a look at this masterpiece. (Watch model: 5071-1110-B52A)

  Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms series, which was launched in 1956 as a civilian watch submersible suitable for everyday wear, combines sports elements with complex processes to create a more perfect diving watch that is easy to read. The dial design, solid movement and unidirectional rotating bezel are all presented. In addition, this watch has added more practical functions. For the first time, the day, date and month display functions are arranged on the dial in a logical sequence that people are accustomed to. The internal calendar mechanism, except February, can automatically adjust the arrangement of all other large and small months. The wearer only needs to adjust it once at the end of February every year, which does not need the complexity of the perpetual calendar model and gives the watch more vividness.
Watch real shot

  The stainless steel case is solid and durable, polished and satin-finished to improve wear resistance. The 43 mm diameter design is very suitable for men with thick wrists. The bezel uses the classic black ceramic unidirectional rotating bezel and Liquidmetal hour markers are clearly identifiable even in deep water.

  The crown on the right is also made of stainless steel. The top is decorated with a unique Blancpain ‘JB’ LOGO pattern. The details show the brand’s sincere watchmaking attitude. The non-slip texture design is used throughout the body to allow the wearer to accurately time it. .

  The round meteor gray dial is decorated with solar radiation pattern retouching. It can produce a gradual effect under different angles of light. It adds more Ambilight to deep colors and continues the classic design. The central three hands and the hour scale are overlaid. There is a luminous part, which can observe the time even in a dark environment, which is convenient for the wearer to watch at night or underwater. The 2, 3, and 4 o’clock positions have week, date, and month display windows, which are clear and easy to read, adding practical functions to the watch.

  With a nautical canvas strap, it gives sports watches more vitality. At the same time, there are three choices of NATO military strap and metal bracelet.

  The bottom of the table is designed with a transparent back, which can clearly observe the movement of the movement. Equipped with a new 6054.P self-winding movement, which is based on the 1150 self-produced movement with two barrels in series. Its performance is improved by the use of extension splints, thereby creating a more spacious and open machine. The core device guarantees the excellent performance of the movement. The watch can provide a power reserve of up to 73 hours and a water resistance rating of 300 meters.

  Summary: Such a luxurious and unique sports watch, when worn on the wrist, you can feel the infinite charm brought by precision machinery. On the basis of continuing the classic, it combines practicality and innovation to create The perfect Blancpain calendar for the Blancpain Fifty Fathom Submersible. Friends who like it can learn more about it.


Casio G-shock 3v3 Basketball Contest Chengdu Station Perfect Ending

When you put on your shoes and step on the basketball court, there will be a stage for every basketball enthusiast. No matter if you are professional or no matter where you come from, at this moment, you are the most tough hero in the middle of the field!
 G-SHOCK, which created a unique shock-resistant structure, held the first G-SHOCK [hard-to-hard] 3-on-3 basketball match, and has sent heroic posts to basketball enthusiasts in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu. ] 3 to 3 basketball matchup, compete against each other!
First battle in Chengdu, fierce war
 From September 13th to September 15th, the opening match of the 3 to 3 basketball match officially started in Chengdu. 128 teams competed fiercely in the 3 days of the game, with the ball, layups, jumpers, rebounds … Power and Passion, competition and friendship are all burning at the moment.
 After the brutal elimination, the eight teams that finally entered the Chengdu finals are: Absolute Partner, Guanghua Village, 8202, War Wolf, Too Exaggerated, Player, Ironmen, You.
 Eight teams into four, Player, Guanghuacun, You and Warwolves won the four teams. Among them, Player lags behind Ironmen, the defender Liu Xing steals at key moments, and the final breakthrough shot kills for the team to win. A reversible victory. In the semi-finals, Players faced Guanghua Village and Wolves against You. After a head-to-head competition, the You team and the Player team reached the final and were qualified to represent Chengdu to Shanghai. Liu Xing, who shined in the eighth round of the four, and Ji Buwu of the You team, performed particularly well in the game. In the end, You team Jibu five each assists, three-pointers, seven-pointers, three-pointers, two-pointers four-for-two, plus two free throws to get the first 15 points, You won the championship.
 You team won the top spot and won the Chengdu Division Championship. Djibous five each won the MVP of the Chengdu competition, and Player team followed closely with the runner-up. They will embark on the journey to Shanghai to compete for the national championship with the hottest spirit of Tough in the Chengdu Division.

Fierce competition in the Chengdu finals

Fierce competition in the Chengdu finals

Fierce competition in the Chengdu finals

You team won the top spot and won the Chengdu Division Championship

The five members of the Jibu team (Yi), who performed particularly well in the game, won the MVP in Chengdu.

TOUGHNESS on-site layout in Chengdu
Tough spirit, perfect interaction
In the finals of the September 15th race, in addition to the exciting events, the dynamic Dreamhigh cheerleading team, the dynamic new space hip-hop team, and the hot DJ discs all pushed the atmosphere to the point. . This basketball game, G-SHOCK also launched a hard-to-hard watch set, accompanied by a watch Marbury YOKA doll, is now on sale in Casio stores nationwide.

Cheering Dreamhigh Cheerleading Performance

Dynamic new space hip-hop team performance

Hot DJ playing at the scene

GPS Fancy Street Team Live Show

G-SHOCK Hard-to-Hard Watch Set Hot Released With Marbury YOKA Set
Following the Chengdu race, the G-SHOCK will also start in the three cities of September 19-September 21 in Beijing, September 26-September 28 in Guangzhou, and October 2-October 4 in Shanghai. Hard to beat] 3 to 3 basketball match drums. The promotion teams of each division will participate in the Shanghai Finals on October 5. On the day of the finals, the famous star Steven Marbury, the Chinese ‘streetball first man’ Wu You brought the CLSMOOTHCREW team, Shanghai streetball new force X-BATTLE and many other guests came to the scene to help out. Who will win the championship title in Shanghai? Let us look forward to the day of the finals together and witness the birth of the first G-SHOCK 3D 3 Basketball Challenge.