Month: May 2015

Gentleman Adventurer Chen Bailin, A Close Friend Of Iwc Brand, Is A Guest Pilot Bar

Never forget your original heart,
Never stop risking,
This is Chen Bolin’s calm attitude in driving time.

    Brand friend Chen Bailin is a guest at the IWC Les Aviateurs pilot bar. It transcends time and space and tastes the pioneering spirit of the last century gentleman.

Chen Bailin wears IWC IWC Large Pilots Perpetual Calendar Watch “Anthony Saint Exupery” Special Edition (Model: IW503801)
   The newly opened Les Aviateurs pilot bar is undoubtedly another unique initiative of IWC, which has just begun to celebrate its 150th birthday. Extending the gentleman atmosphere of boutique shops with well-designed bars is the first attempt in the field of luxury watches.
   The metal wall design echoes the aluminum shell of the flying fighter, and the interior is decorated with dark wood and leather. The IWC pilot series watch elements and cockpit design are like the legendary gentleman club of the early last century. Being in it, the emotional atmosphere will bring guests back to the era of loyalty of flying pioneer Lingyun.

Chen Bailin wears IWC Portuguese automatic watch (model: IW500701)
    The bar is adjacent to the IWC Geneva flagship store and seamlessly connects with the brand’s watch world. Here, get a drink inspired by the ‘Rose’ of Anthony Saint Exupery’s immortal ‘Little Prince’, or ‘RJ Mitchell’ named after the designer of the legendary Spitfire fighter of World War II. Lead the way in innovation and appreciate the beautiful connection between time and space.

IWC Large Pilot’s Perpetual Calendar Watch

‘Anthony Saint Exupery’ Special Edition
Model: IW503801
Stainless steel case, 46 mm diameter
Pellerton Automatic Winding System
Full chain can provide 7 days power reserve
Brown calfskin strap
Limited to 750 pieces
Price: 204,000 RMB

IWC Portuguese Automatic Watch

Model: IW500701
Red gold case, 42.3 mm diameter
Pellerton Automatic Winding System
Full chain can provide 7 days power reserve
Dark brown alligator strap
Price: 175,000 RMB


At This Moment Embrace Happiness Tissot Congratulates Huang Xiaoming On Having 1 + 1 = 3 Happiness

‘From now on 1 + 1 = 3, this is probably what happiness looks like.’ —— Huang Xiaoming
 Love is the happiness of two people towards three people. From inspirational young people to dream masters, from happy husbands to newly born dads, Huang Xiaoming has been welcoming every moment of his life with a smile. He can withstand challenges and live up to his happiness. As a friend and a witness of happiness of Xiaoming, the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot wishes sincerely: Congratulations to Xiaoming on having 1 + 1 = 3 happiness, and also wishes Xiaoming to continue to be exciting in the new stage of life!

Tissot congratulates Xiaoming on having 1 + 1 = 3 happiness
 In the early morning of January 17, 2017, Xiaoming announced the good news through the studio. Finally upgraded in the year of no doubt, his father succeeded in his career, a happy family, and close friends, which can be called a life winner. As the global spokesperson for the Tissot brand, Huang Xiaoming has received a special gift from Tissot watches-Tissot nostalgic classic series 1936 replica watch, and engraved ‘1 + 1 = 3’ on the side of the watch. Tissot watches wishes to bless Huang Xiaohe’s family, and presents the 1936 replica watch with a heritage meaning to Xiaoming. He hopes to pass on his unforgettable spirit to the next generation on the road to dream. It is the essence of the 1936 replica watch.

Tissot watch is a special gift from Huang Xiaoming
 At the same time, as the Tissot watch ambassador, Huang Xiaoming also ushered in his eighth year of cooperation with Tissot watches. In these eight years, he has witnessed the glorious moments of Tissot watches, and his brave spirit of ‘Gentleman, Perseverance, Diversity, and Fearless Challenge’ also inspired the majority of dream seekers.
 What is worth remembering in 2009? Was it the first African-American President Barack Obama to take over the White House or was it an unavoidable one? To Xiaoming, neither is. This year, he met his destined true love, and made close friends who have been with him so far. ‘AH’ at this time, met and knew each other, and Xiaoming also started tacit cooperation with Tissot watches.

Huang Xiaoming begins cooperation with Tissot
 In 2014, after 5 years of incubation, Xiao Ming finally spread his love in front of the public. Five years is not short, it is a long time for ordinary people, and for Xiaoming, it is his insistence on constantly sharpening his love to hold on to love. ‘Gentleman, perseverance, diversity, and fearless challenge.’ This is Xiaoming portraying himself for love, and also undergoing transformation under the bath of love.

Huang Xiaoming’s Transformation
 In 2015, milestones in life happened in these 365 days. This year, Xiaoming became a ‘husband’. From receiving the certificate to holding the ‘century wedding’, he gave his lover a eternal promise in his own way. Tissot watches also send sincere blessings at an important moment in Xiaoming’s life.

Tissot watch congratulations to Huang Xiaoming for the new jubilee, gift lettering pairing watch: the hand of Yingying and the old Ming Ming
 In 2017, the cooperation between Xiaoming and Tissot is still continuing, from a masculine male god to an all-round dad who loves home and family. Tissot will continue to accompany Xiaoming to continue to be grateful in time and witness every one of him Wonderful moment. On this New Year, Xiaoming presents his sincere New Year wishes with classic timepieces. He holds the couple in mind and thinks of things, which means good luck and a happy life in the coming year.

Tissot watch global ambassador Huang Xiaoming sends New Year wishes


The Ordinary Transformation Of The Noble Ruby ​​in The Watch

Use of Ruby
Before the ruby ​​was discovered and applied in mechanical clocks to improve the anti-wear performance of various running components, the rotating shafts of the movement escapement, the oscillating weight and the gears in the line train were all directly connected to the brass main plate or The splints are connected. During the movement of the movement, because of the high speed and the high coefficient of friction, the pressure exerted on the splint by each rotating shaft is very high, and it is easy to cause wear. At the same time, without any protective measures, dust in the air can easily invade the inside of the movement. The tiny quartz particles contained in the dust will cause severe wear on the gear shaft and the transmission system, and even seriously affect the life of the movement.

后来 In later research, manufacturing craftsmen also tried to protect the movement with some additional components, such as adding a replaceable sleeve between the bearing and the plywood, which can reduce the wear to a certain extent. However, new problems quickly appeared: Although the damage of the movement components began to decrease under the protection of the sleeve, the sleeve made of ordinary materials was worn quickly and needed to be replaced frequently. This was not only troublesome, but also Significantly increased the maintenance costs of watches.
Ruby composition
This problem was resolved in the early 18th century. Some mathematicians and astronomers have found a material that is harder than quartz particles and used it to make bearings for watches and clocks, which can reduce the friction and damage caused by various parts during operation. This substance is ruby, which belongs to a type of corundum. Its hardness is slightly inferior to that of diamond.

However, natural rubies contain a lot of impurities and are expensive. To reduce costs, watchmakers can only use poor-quality rubies to make shaft eyes.

In 1885, three scientists made a “Geneva Ruby” by synthesizing molten natural ruby ​​powder with potassium dichromate. In 1892, the assistant of one of the scientists, the French chemist Auguste Verneuil, invented the flame melting method, making artificial ruby ​​possible. After more than ten years of hard work, Auguste Verneuil finally produced artificial ruby ​​in 1904, which can be produced in large quantities. Artificial ruby ​​is the same in appearance, composition and hardness as natural ruby. Even without containing any impurities, artificial ruby ​​is more wear-resistant than ordinary natural ruby. From 1940, artificial rubies began to spread throughout the watchmaking industry.

In addition to compression and abrasion resistance, the role of ruby ​​in the movement, but also in decoration and other aspects. For example, in order to pursue the gorgeous appearance of the movement, watchmakers assembled ‘golden sleeves’ around the ruby.

数量 Number of rubies
In daily life, many people think that the amount of rubies contained in the movement is an important measure of the quality of this watch, which is actually very one-sided. So how many rubies are needed in the movement? The number of rubies is not ‘the more the better,’ as many people think; of course, the less the better. The number of rubies in an ordinary basic movement has its ‘standard configuration’ that adapts to mechanical indicators, visual effects and other indicators.

Among the modern movements, the minimum ‘standard configuration’ of rubies in the movements that everyone agrees on is 15. Their locations are:
There are a total of 2 ruby ​​shaft eyes, 2 ruby ​​brackets and 1 ruby ​​disc nail on the balance wheel, a total of 2 ruby ​​shaft eyes and 2 ruby ​​fork shoes on the escapement fork, and a total of 2 ruby ​​shaft eyes on the escapement wheel There are a total of 2 ruby ​​axles on the four wheels (second wheel), and a total of 2 ruby ​​axes on the upper and lower wheels. For the 17 ruby ​​movements that are more common today, the two additional rubies are located at the upper and lower ends of the center wheel (two wheels). Due to the slower rotation speed of the center wheel and the relatively small pressure and friction of the gear arbor on the splint, many watchmakers in the past have chosen to omit these two rubies.

It is not difficult to see that the number of rubies in most movements is generally singular, because the disc nails in the escapement system are single, and other rubies are basically in pairs. However, in some other movements, there are many cases in which rubies are evenly distributed, which is because the escapement wheel adds a ruby ​​supporting stone to the movement assembly surface. The reason why the ruby ​​support stone is added to only one end of the escapement wheel shaft is mainly to consider the ‘normal state’ of the watch or pocket watch in use. The lower end (ie the assembly surface) of the shaft end bears a lot of pressure, so it is often added here. Support stone. This method is more common in high-end top watch series, and some brands directly use diamonds instead of rubies.

Of course, 15 rubies are not absolutely the ‘bottom limit’ of the number of rubies in a mechanical watch movement, but only relatively speaking. At the end of the 19th century, 11 rubies, or even fewer 9 rubies, appeared in the movement. They also occupied a place in the history of clock development.

D1 Ruby diameter 1 Ruby outer corner
D2 Ruby axis eye diameter 2 axis eye angle
D3 reference frame diameter 3 axis eye corner
E thickness 4 convex
H1 Arc height (radian height) 5 Oil tank
H2 Effective height 6 square mesh lace
轴 Axle Length 7 Disc
T Axial eye hole 8 rounded corners
Note: The letters indicate the specifications and tolerances of the components, and the numbers indicate other basic data