Month: January 2016

Time Is Flowing, Snowflakes Are Flying, Swiss Beauty Watches Winter Watches Recommended

Seasons and seasons recur throughout the year, with the years flowing and the moon pouring down, the pace of time slowly enters winter. On the winter path, listen to the sound of the first snowflake falling, and appreciate the quietness of Yunshui Zen, and Ren Guangyin reciprocates between the wrists. The white snowflakes are falling down, a ray of sunlight in the winter emits a faint halo between heaven and earth, the golden light spreads on the white snowflakes, and the golden snowflakes dance in the sky. In this quiet season of all things, Swiss Mido has selected the new BELLUNA Bruna II series and DONNA Donna series two watches, for you to decorate an exclusive dazzling color, with delicate wrist treasures, bring A touch of agitation came.
Mido new BELLUNA Bruna II series ‘Time Division Eccentric’ Men’s Watch
   Crystal snowflakes rushed towards the face, such as magnolia blooming on the branches, such as white porcelain lacquer rendering layers of eaves, the beauty of nature makes it hard to press the chest. Mido selected the brand-new BELLUNA Bruna II series ‘Time Division and Core’ men’s watch with a simple and elegant atmosphere, which conveys a sense of confusion born from the wrist, bringing a solid and reliable winter experience for men.
   Inspired by the amphitheatre elements of the Royal Albert Hall in London, UK, Mido’s new BELLUNA Bruna II series ‘Time Division and Eccentric’ men’s watch fully uses its round shape. The 316L stainless steel case with a diameter of 40 mm shimmers in elegant elegance. The white dial is spotless, like the clear sky against the white snow, and the black calfskin and crocodile-patterned strap show men’s understated luxury. 10 o’clock position is a thick bar dark gray background with silver hands scale hour hand minute dial, 4 o’clock position is a thin bar dark gray background with silver hands scale second dial, date with silver date dial The window is placed in the middle of the two dials. The two dials are stacked on top of each other. The unique and intriguing design allows the wearer to easily catch the eye in the tedious winter with the help of the wrist. The hour, minute, and stopwatch dials are located in the center of the entire dial, like the slowly turning era wheel, and like the interlocking mechanical gears, under the connection of the date window, it is like a jagged, men’s fortitude and boldness, The winter allows the wearer to take full control of his wrist, one minute and one second.
Mido DONNA Caliber 80 Automatic Mechanical Ladies Watch
   Winter is wrapped in a veil of solemnity, if it was not for that ray of sunlight pouring down, the whole winter would be shrouded in silence. Mido DONNA Caliber 80 fully automatic movement ladies watch with a simple and classic shape and warm rose gold like the sun to create a unique companionship, cleanliness, gentleness, as time passes. In the golden halo, it is as warm and harmonious as bathing in the winter sun, and composes the most beautiful scenery in winter.
   The Rennes Opera House, built in a serious classic style of the 18th century, is a classic in the history of architecture. The designer abandoned the complicated and gorgeous decoration that prevailed at the time and reinterpreted the beauty with a simple but classic ancient style. Mido designers took this as the source of inspiration, infused the essence of this design into the wrist, and carefully created the DONNA women’s watch. It inherits the gentle and smooth silhouette of the Rennes Opera House, like a warm current in Ling Dong’s winter, like a gentle hand, gently smoothing your restless heart. The rose gold case and 28 diamonds complement each other, and the rounded outline and the sun-like golden scale make the wearer dazzle from the wrist during the dull winter, exuding elegance in simplicity. Diamond-cut rose gold hands and clear mother-of-pearl dials embellish the fascinating halo of the setting sun in winter, and add a touch of bright color, like the dazzling stars against the white snow. The unique design of the central lugs and the smooth lines complement each other, demonstrating the feminine temperament in the dull winter, the leather strap and the dial are integrated into one, bringing excellent comfort to the wearer in winter.
Technical Information
Mido new BELLUNA Bruna II series ‘Time Division Eccentric’ Men’s Watch
Movement ETA2825 fully automatic mechanical movement, diameter 25.6 mm, thickness 6.6 mm. Hours, minutes, seconds, date display.
Case 316L stainless steel case, diameter 40.0 mm; double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror; transparent back, water-resistant to 50 meters.
Strap Black calfskin rolled alligator strap.
Dial White dial. 10 o’clock is the hour and minute dial, 4 o’clock is the second dial, the date window is located between the two dials, and it is equipped with a silver date display.
Hands Diamond Bevel Cut
Mido Donna Caliber 80 Automatic Mechanical Ladies Watch
Caliber 80 fully automatic mechanical movement (based on ETA C07.611), diameter 25.60 mm, thickness 4.74 mm, 25 diamonds. The carefully crafted movement is decorated with blue screws, the automatic oscillating weight carefully sculpts the Geneva ripples and the MIDO logo, and the hours, minutes and dates are displayed. Adjust the travel time accuracy in 3 directions.
Case Mercerized polished 316L stainless steel PVD rose gold-plated case, 33 mm in diameter; 3 parts, double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror; transparent back can observe the carved and engraved movement, engraved serial number, waterproof depth 50 meters .
Strap Brown calfskin strap with rolled crocodile pattern and stainless steel PVD rose gold-plated folding buckle. The lugs are set with 20 natural diamonds for a total of 0.118 carats.
Dial The white mother-of-pearl dial is decorated with 8 natural diamonds for a total of 0.04 carats. The date window is at 6 o’clock.
Hands Diamond Bevel Cut


Machine Upside-down Watch China Limited Edition — A Tribute To The Glorious Tenth Anniversary Of The Upside-down Watch

The Glashütte Original Boutique officially landed in the ancient city of Xi’an, injecting original power into the charming capital, and radiating the German watchmaking art style from 1845. On July 16, 2018, Glashütte Original held a grand opening ceremony at the SKP mall in Xi’an, heralding the beginning of this extraordinary time journey. In addition, the brand’s new limited-edition watch specially launched for the Chinese market also made a stunning debut at Xi’an SKP, leading everyone to experience the charm of original timepieces full of unique craftsmanship.

Ten years of upside-down glory
 With the opening of the boutique, the new limited-edition movement watch for the Chinese market also appeared as the protagonist. Back in the journey, the inverted watch with calibre was launched in 2008. It is equipped with the brand’s self-developed manual winding movement 66, which turns the proud double gooseneck fine-tuning device on the dial. The inherent beauty of the mechanical watch is thus Show off. The movement of a fine watch is complex and meticulous. The overall structure of the movement needs to be redesigned and remodeled with the main plywood, three-quarters plywood and gear train rebuilt. The layout of the panel must also be re-conceived to ensure the harmony of the display proportions while giving the visual focus of the double gooseneck fine-tuning device. The watch with upside-down movement inherits the brand’s original essence. It combines rigorous and exquisite German craftsmanship and original design into the details of the watch. It is a masterpiece of the brand. In the past 10 years, it has been widely recognized by the market and has received rave reviews from collectors.

Ingenuity only for China
 The new limited-edition movement inverted watch released this time inherits the iconic movement inversion process, and condenses the precious expectations of the tenth anniversary in the dial design. Three-quarters of the splint as the background is decorated with traditional Glashütte watchmaking elements, gold sleeves, blue steel screws and so on are more outstanding against the column-shaped silver splint. On the other hand, the specially designed sapphire blue scale circle, which surrounds the hour, minute display and small seconds display, is placed on the left side of the surface in accordance with the golden ratio, and the two circles overlap to show a gourd shape. ‘Lu’, harmony is a blessing, wealth is a lu, which contains longing for a bright future. The delicately polished blue-steel pointer at the top right slides past the power reserve display, making it clear at a glance. The double gooseneck trimmer called ‘butterfly’ on the lower right of the dial is inlaid on the hand-carved balance wheel splint, and the balance spring swings regularly underneath. The beauty of movement is present in front of her, indicating that the power is endless and the original is endless.
 This limited edition watch with an inverted movement is specially made for the Chinese market, and the 38-piece limited release plan also contains the brand’s ingenuity and good expectations for the Chinese market: not only because of the 66 on the watch. The diameter of the movement is 38 millimeters, which is also the third and eighth place in the alphabet corresponding to the letters ‘C’ and ‘H’ in ‘CHINA’.

Model 1-66-07-01-05-30
Movement name Manually wound movement 66-07
Function Power reserve display Small seconds (off-centre) stop seconds and minutes (off-centre)
Case shape red 18K gold, crown with double G designation, screw-down case back, waterproof to 5 bar
Size diameter: 42.00 mm, overall thickness: 12.00 mm
Dial rhodium plated, hands embedded with white Super-LumiNova
Strap Louisiana Alligator Leather Strap Blue, Red 18k Gold Folding Buckle, Polished / Satin Finish
Movement 66-07
Movement Glashütte Original Watchmaking Movement
Size diameter: 38.3 mm, overall thickness: 5.95 mm
Gem 31
Power reserve 41 hours ± 5%
28,800 oscillations per hour, equivalent to 4 Hz
Exquisitely decorated movement Glashütte three-quarter splint, with Glashütte rib decorative screw balance Double gooseneck trimming mechanism Beveled polished steel parts with pearl decoration