Month: February 2016

The Ultimate Challenge To Gravity Roger Dubuis’s New Excalibur Quatuor Limited Watch

Excalibur Quatuor, as the name suggests, is Roger Dubuis’ first watch with four balance springs, which has extraordinary significance in the history of fine watchmaking. The whole mechanism is like four musicians, and a movement performed in conjunction with five differentiators at the same time is a supreme challenge to gravity. As one of the most innovative watch factories in the 21st century-Roger Dubuis’s model of precision machinery, Excalibur Quatuor has once again surpassed the limit of precision, which is a breakthrough in modern watchmaking.

 Excalibur Quatuor rose gold watch

 Balance spring, the soul of mechanical watches As the core component of mechanical watches, it has always attracted much attention. This part controls the timing operation, which determines the precise performance. At present, there are only a few watch factories capable of manufacturing other parts of the movement themselves, and the self-made balance spring is even more valuable in the field of fine watchmaking. Roger Dubuis is one of the very few integrated watch factories capable of producing this key component completely autonomously. With this outstanding technology, the Geneva watchmaker ingeniously integrated four balance springs into the same movement, creating the RD101 movement, which overcomes the technical difficulties that have so far been considered insurmountable.

 Two major innovations to improve timing accuracy
 As a star product of the SIHH 2013 series, the limited edition of 88 Excalibur Quatuor watches is released, expressing Roger Dubuis’ passion, boldness and creativity. Adhering to the tradition of watchmaking, this unparalleled watch condenses many technological innovations. Not only is it equipped with four balance springs, the power reserve display mechanism is also refreshing. These two outstanding technologies (patent pending) are not developed for research and development, but a testament to the relentless pursuit of precision in watchmaking.
 Due to the effect of gravity, as the wrist swings, the position of the watch changes continuously, which results in running errors. Although the tourbillon can partially solve this problem, Excalibur Quatuor offers a new solution. Excalibur Quatuor’s four balance springs work in pairs and are carefully laid out to instantly offset running errors caused by position changes. In other words, the one-minute offset of the gravity of the tourbillon, the Excalibur Quatuor can be offset instantly.

   Stunning 16 Hz frequency
 A traditional watch with a balance wheel with a frequency of 4 Hz can be regarded as a high-precision watch. The Excalibur Quatuor goes beyond the limit of high-frequency vibration of this watch. This watch with four balance springs has a vibration frequency of 16 hertz. 16 Hertz is about the basic movement, not just a function of the movement. It is a remarkable technical achievement.
 The four sets of balance springs vibrate 4 times per second, which quadruples the frequency of the Excalibur Quatuor, because all balances do not oscillate at the same time. This design provides a new guarantee for precise timekeeping, replacing the ‘tick’ sound of traditional watches with a harmonious and gentle high-precision timing sound.

   Novel and chic power reserve display
 Excalibur Quatuor watches not only challenge the laws of gravity and high vibration frequencies, but also read the power reserve in a unique way. The crescent-shaped dual display runs in synchronism with the barrel, that is, 4 cycles per day, and the hands rotate at a relatively slower speed. As the power reserve is consumed, the hands move with the barrel, so that the power reserve is accurately displayed on the two crescent arcs. This innovative mechanism is full of creativity, precise and reliable, beautiful and intuitive. Patent pending, it is the perfect symbol of Roger Dubuis brand values.
 3 + 2 = 5 groups of differentials = 7 years of research and development = double innovation
 In 2005, Roger Dubuis shocked the industry with a floating tourbillon watch with a differential. Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis has developed this Excalibur Quatuor with seven years of research and development. This masterpiece of timepieces brings together many extraordinary craftsmanship, not only integrating four balance wheels and novel power reserve display, but also equipped with five differentials. Three of them are connected to the balance wheel in the watch gear train, one on the central gear and the other two on the triple wheel, ensuring balance and achieving impeccable accuracy. The fourth differential guarantees the power reserve display, and the fifth connects the winding rod and two parallel barrels.

 Extraordinary mechanical mechanism combined with powerful design
 The Excalibur Quatuor watch is the creative work of Roger Dubuis, which transcends the classic qualities that have established the brand’s legend. From the first draft of the design to the attention of the 2013 SIHH Geneva Watch Fair, this watch masterpiece embodies all the craftsmanship of the watch factory. Watchmakers, engineers, and designers work hard at every design stage to achieve the perfect fusion of technology and design. Even trivial improvements are the result of careful and thorough consideration.
 The production of 509 parts of RD101 movement also adheres to this criterion. The rigorous grasp of the design, production, adjustment and manual decoration of each component reflects the perfect combination of machinery and aesthetics.
 The beautifully laid-out dial elegantly presents four balances with hairsprings, which make people fascinated by cutting-edge watchmaking technology. The bridges and splints are extremely streamlined, giving a modern interpretation of the ancient hollow-out process. Excalibur Quatuor’s exquisitely crafted finishes exude unique beauty and charm.
 Chic in layout, bold in design, and powerful, this modern haute jewellery perfectly conveys Roger Dubuis’ freedom and avant-garde spirit. To highlight the stunning mechanical construction of the watch, the case design incorporates the classic elements of the Excalibur series: rounded arcs, grooved bezels, crown protection and a three-pointer lug-fixed strap.
 Extreme quality is Roger Dubuis’s unswerving pursuit. The Excalibur Quatuor watch’s movement and the entire watch are engraved with the Geneva Seal, like all Roger Dubuis timepieces, which is unique in the fine watchmaking world.

Technical characteristics
Case: 48 mm, rose gold
Dial: Dark gray inner ring / transfer white minute dial / engraved Roger Dubuis mark and dark gray Geneva premium mark / rose gold power reserve display window / dark gray outer ring, round frosted / rose gold three-dimensional scale
Water resistance: 3 bar (30 m)
Strap: Hand-stitched brown alligator leather
Buckle: Rose gold adjustable folding buckle
Movement: manual winding mechanical movement, RD101
Limited edition: 88 pieces
RD101 movement
Features: Manual-winding mechanical movement, 16¾ French cents, 113 gems, adjusted in five positions, rhodium-plated, beaded grain decoration / Geneva premium mark
Features: hours, minutes, power reserve display, 4 balance wheels, 5 differentials
Number of parts: 590
Thickness: 10.60 mm
Vibration frequency: 4 x 4 Hz (28,800 times / hour)
Power reserve: 40 hours


Omega Released The ‘strongest’ Watch Within 40,000 …

It is not too late to get to the topic. The watch I want to tell my brothers today is Omega’s new iron tyrant (Omega’s official name is: Omega Seamaster Series iron tyrant). Some brothers may say, haven’t you written about Iron Bully before? Yes, that was last year. Tieba just showed up at the watch exhibition. At that time, because the watch was not listed, the specific situation was unknown. Now, Omega’s new Iron Bully is on the market, and it can be bought in Omega’s direct stores. The price is also stated. The price is not expensive. Interested brothers can buy it, so I will tell the brothers some details of the Iron Bully and Details.

Omega new iron bully
Iron Bull features a benchmark of the ‘Lightning Pin’, but the price is only 2/3 of the ‘Lightning Pin’.

   Omega exhibited the new Ironmaster at last year’s watch fair. As soon as the new Iron Bully came out, a ‘question’ appeared among the players. Some people think that the 3, 6, and 9 plates of Omega’s new Iron Bully are similar to Rolex’s probe, and they feel that Omega Iron Bull’s benchmark is Rolex’s Probe. This problem is actually not the case. The Omega Iron Bully is functionally benchmarked, but it is actually the Rolex “Lightning Pin” (MILGAUSS).
   The Omega Ironmaster is a watch that has always existed in history. Omega launched the Ironmaster in 1957. The function direction of the hippocampus is diving, the speedmaster is a luxurious formal dress for timing, and the constellation. The function direction of the ironmaster is ‘anti-magnetic’, which is the same as Rolex’s ‘lightning needle MILGAUSS’. Iron tyrants and lightning needles use ‘anti-magnetic inner case’, so that the watch has high anti-magnetic ability, both can reach 1000 Gauss anti-magnetic ability. Iron tyrants and lightning needles were watches made for scientists and scientific workers at the time.

In the 1950s, Rolex MILGAUSS (top) and Omega iron tyrant (bottom), met each other in that year.
   Now, because of the different pricing and positioning of Omega and Rolex for Ironmaster and Lightning Needle, the situation has changed. Omega Ironmaster and Rolex Lightning Needle are not a price list. The official price of Omega’s new iron bully is 37200, and the price of the lightning pin is about 60,000 (63200 for green glass and 58900 for white glass). Omega puts the positioning and price of the new Iron Bull under the Omega Seahorse AT. Now the new iron tyrants have become, the lowest price of the Omega watches using the Co-Axial movement. With the new Ironmaster, Omega has lowered the barrier to entry for the Co-Axial movement.
The new Iron Bull is a very ‘unique’ Omega.

Omega new iron bully, steel chain and belt version.
   This new iron tyre watch is different from ordinary Omega, it is very ‘unique’. Omega’s handling of the watch case is ‘smart’. Such as the most common hippocampus AT. When you take the watch in your hand, you will find that the case is very bright and notable. This is because the Omega is polished and brushed on the case, bezel and lugs. The hippocampus AT bezel and lugs are polished on the outside, and the lugs and the case are brushed on the outside. Drawing and polishing are interspersed together, and the reflective effect is very good (Omega’s lugs are actually a very omega design. The lugs are curved and rotated, which is the Omega logo. Brothers can pay attention to this detail)

Omega’s new iron tyre full brushed, not polished, very unique.

   But the new iron tyrant, Omega changed the road. The size of the new iron tyrant is 40mm. It is a full-brushed watch. From the head to the bracelet, all are brushed. The entire watch is not polished. This method of processing, not to mention being placed in Omega, is similar to all luxury watches that do not have similar watches, unique. The dial and case of the new iron tyrant are a number of ways, the surface of the dial is brushed vertically. There are 12 luminous triangle time scales on the dial, plus 3, 6, 9, and 12 numbers. There is a crosshair in the middle of the dial. Fully brushed makes the new Iron Pa’s tool feel very strong.

Omega’s new iron bull’s disk is also brushed.
   The second feature of the new iron tyrant is the dense bottom. We can see that the Omega (8900/8800, timing 9300, etc.) that uses the Co-Axial movement are all transparent. Right now the Iron Ba is using a solid bottom cover. The main reason for using the solid bottom cover for the iron tyrant is to continue the traditional design of the iron tyrant. Because the earliest iron tyrant had an antimagnetic inner shell, it must be a solid bottom cover. The new iron tyrant uses a coaxial coaxial movement, the movement itself is 15,000 Gauss antimagnetic, and no antimagnetic bottom cover is needed, but this design continues. Omega’s new watch, the hippocampus, there is a detail change, is the use of a new lock bottom cover. One advantage of this new locking bottom cover on Ironmaster is that the decorative pattern on the back cover is always ‘positive’ and will not be distorted. Mainly beautiful.

Omega’s new iron fighter is a solid bottom cover, the bottom cover pattern is very positive, and will not appear crooked.
Note that the new Ironmaster uses the 8800 movement instead of the 8900.

   Omega’s latest generation of Co-Axial movements are 8900 and 8800. Larger watches use 8900 and smaller ones use 8800. For example, the 41mm Hippocampus AT uses 8900, and the 38mm uses 8800. The new iron bully uses 8800 (specifically 8806). The Omega 8900 and 8800 look different in size on the surface. In fact, the technical configuration of the two movements is different. 8900 is a dual spring with 60 hours power; 8800 is a single spring with 55 hours power. 8900 is a pin-type automatic top; 8800 is a ball bearing automatic top. 8900 has independent time zone adjustment function; 8800 does not have time zone function.

Omega 8800 movement (top) and 8900 (bottom), the automatic top fixing method is significantly different.

   Some brothers may ask, are these two movements better than 8900? In fact, although the two movements are configured differently, the core technology is the same. All are the same coaxial escapement, the ultimate coaxial standard, 15000 Gaussian antimagnetic, error 0 / + 5 seconds per day. Although the 8900 has an independent time zone adjustment function, because of the time zone adjustment function, the 8900 does not have a calendar quick adjustment, so some people like it, and some people don’t like it. The 8800 does not have a time zone quick adjustment function, but some people think that in this way, the 8800 will not have the problem of misaligned pointers. At the same time, the 8800 ball bearing automatic tourbillon is more wear-resistant than the 8900 pin automatic tourbillon. , 8800 is the best and most durable coaxial movement, better than 8900. Therefore, the 8900 and 8800 brothers do not have to worry about who is high or who is low, but in fact they are similar and different. The main difference is in the size of the movement.
The new iron bully has an overwhelming technical advantage in a watch with a public price of 30,000 to 40,000.

   To be honest, in fact, Omega Iron Bully now has no meaning in the function of anti-magnetic. Because all Omega Co-Axial watches are 15,000 Gaussian antimagnetic. However, the new iron bully has an advantage in this price. The official price of the new Omega Iron Ba steel chain version is 37200, and the belt version is 36500. The public price itself is not expensive, so the price will be good under the factors of discounts, exchange rates, and the secondary market. The new iron tyrant is an Omega coaxial coaxial watch with a public price of less than 40,000. In the price of 30,000 to 40,000 yuan, let’s not talk about aesthetic issues (because one person has one aesthetic). Configuration, no other table can be compared with Tieba, this should not be any dispute. After all, like the hippocampus 300-meter diving watch of the same price, it still uses the 2500 movement, and Mark uses the universal movement, which is not a level with the 8900/8800.

At a public price of 30,000 to 40,000 yuan, the new Ironmaster has an advantage over the 300-meter diving watch and mark of the hippocampus.

   Of course, the brothers can also see that the new Ironmaster uses a solid bottom cover and a full-brushed drawing. It is also to control the price of the watch and lower the entry threshold for the 8900/8800 movement. ). These choices of Omega are in line with the positioning and historical continuity of Iron Bull (for example, the antimagnetic watch should be a solid bottom cover), which ultimately reduces the difficulty for players to get started. I think this is a good thing.