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Tuduo Qicheng Biwan Bronze Model No. 1 At 2017 Only Watch Charity Auction Transaction At A Price Of 350,000 Swiss Francs

Geneva, November 11, 2017-Tudor is the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze One launched by the 2017 Only Watch Charity Auction. The public auction price of 50,000 Swiss francs was valued at seventy times its estimated value. The proceeds from the auction will be used to support research on Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

   As a well-known supplier of the world’s major navies, Tudor has always been the best choice for many adventure missions around the world. Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze, based on the classic aesthetics of the Tudor watch, combines unique design, color and materials in one body, ingenious, and echoes the era of adventure. This Tudor watch, which is customized for the Only Watch charity auction, has a special design with a winding crown on the left side of the case, a khaki green dial and an outer ring. Due to its special ergonomic design, it can be worn on the right wrist and is a watch for left-handed people. As the name suggests, the case of Tudor Kai Cheng Biwan Bronze Type 1 is made of bronze. Bronze is an aluminum bronze alloy used in naval engineering. The appearance will change over time, and usually the color will become darker, forming a rich and noble gloss. Tudor Kai Cheng Biwan Bronze No. 1 is equipped with an original movement of the Tudor-certified COSC. This unique watch embodies many of the brand’s unique features.

   In addition, the new watch owner of Tudor Kaicheng Biwan Bronze One will also get a rare opportunity to visit Tudor’s Geneva headquarters in Switzerland. Prior to this, Tudor had never held such a visit plan, and this special invitation was the first time for Tudor.


Blue Keynote Tudor Heritage Black Bay New Watch Real Shot

For decades, Tudor Heritage Black Bay has been exploring the deep sea. It is permeated with the mysterious atmosphere of the hidden bay, as if it gradually reveals the mystery to the explorer. This hidden treasure of the deep sea finally returns to the sky and jumps. Right now. The optional black Tudor Heritage Black Bay was first introduced in 2012 and won the ‘Revival’ at the 2013 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève. This watch was re-launched in 2014 in a cool and distinctive style. Compared with the original Tudor Submariner professional watch, the functions of this new model have been further improved and fully meet the requirements of the world’s top navy divers.

   The uniqueness of the Tudor Heritage series lies in its meticulous design and the unique creative process that is managed by the brand style workshop. The Heritage watch is not only a re-engraved design, but also a new interpretation of the past, present and future, fully showing the integration of time and original style. On the one hand, it retains the aesthetic features that have made the prestigious models famous, and on the other hand it injects modernity. Continue the watch legend. Tudor Heritage Black Bay is the ultimate interpretation of this innovative approach, and its design inspiration is not only from a single legendary watch, but from the classic diving watches launched by the brand in the past 60 years.

   Tudor Heritage Black Bay’s overall lines and domed crystal mirrors are taken from the brand’s first diving watch, the Tudor Submariner (model 7922) introduced in 1954. Tudor Heritage Black Bay is also equipped with a domed dial, this feature is also derived from the first Tudor Submariner, and is now gone. Its unique winding crown originates from the model introduced by collectors in 1958 (collection 7924). As for the unique angular hands called ‘Snowflakes’ by connoisseurs, they can be found in the models from 1969 to the early 1980s. Today, these brand aesthetic traditional features are combined with modern design elements, including a sturdy 41 mm stainless steel case, complemented by a magnificently decorated and colorful anodized aluminum crown shaft; and a meticulously replaceable strap Demonstrate the extraordinary status of Tudor Heritage Black Bay and witness the evolution of the brand.

   The Tudor Heritage Black Bay, launched in 2012, is equipped with a dark chocolate dial, pink gold hands and hour markers, and uses off-white luminous materials and a burgundy outer ring to exude the faint soft luster of antique watches. This seems to tell the story of the old treasures, the charm in which often sublimes with the passage of time, while showing a charming charm.

   When designing a new watch, the Tudor Style Workshop takes materials from the brand’s first diving watch and selects some of the design elements to create a professional and reliable diver’s watch. In the end, the workshop created a completely different effect, but there was no lack of elements of the Tudor Heritage Black Bay. Its icy tones underline the inherent advantages of fine craftsmanship, exquisite decoration and precise timekeeping. The first version has a soft and warm hue, while the second version has a cool side, with icy sharp lines and high-tech design. Its dark black dial contrasts with the white luminous material marked by the silver hour markers, which is glamorous and charming. The same silver luminous hands across the dial accurately show the same contrast effect. Finally, the night blue outer ring and the matching crown shaft slightly weakened the brightness of the stainless steel case, but at the same time injected the atmosphere of the ocean, giving people a sense of function and practicality, echoing the brand’s old military watches. In the second half of the 20th century, the French navy (Marine nationale française) chose to wear a blue Tudor diving watch. Like other models in the Heritage series, Tudor Heritage Black Bay has two straps or leather straps. One is an adjustable black and blue fabric strap decorated with delicate texture, and the other is one of two designs: The dark blue vintage leather strap that matches the outer ring, or the frosted and polished stainless steel strap, also comes with a discount.
Tudor Heritage Black Bay
Model 79220B
Polished and frosted stainless steel case, 41 mm diameter
Outer ring:
Stainless steel unidirectional rotating outer ring with matte night blue word ring
Tudor Model 2824 Automatic Mechanical Movement
Power reserve:
Power reserve about 38 hours
Winding crown:
Stainless steel screw-in crown with Tudor Rose logo and blue anodized aluminum crown shaft
Domed sapphire crystal
Waterproof performance:
Water-resistant to 200 meters (660 feet)
Stainless steel strap or vintage strap with discount and safety buckle; textured strap with buckle is also available

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