Month: September 2016

Interpretation Of Women’s Fashion Chanel H2560 Ladies Watch

Chanel is a very famous fashion brand. Perfume and clothing are typical representatives of the luxury empire. Chanel watches are also quite famous, especially the J12 series, which has formed a typical watch with unique characteristics, which is a model for many brands vying to imitate. Today I bring this watch to you, its model is H2560.
 The Chanel H2560 watch belongs to the brand J12 white watch series. The entire series uses white as the main color, pure and beautiful. The case is made of white polished high-tech precision ceramics, which is highly resistant to abrasion and scratches, and at the same time resistant to oxidation, so its color can last for a long time, maintain a distinctive personality, and show the elegant elegance of women. The bezel is a chronograph bezel for diving. It is made of stainless steel and ceramic to resist the high corrosiveness of seawater. The 12-point dot on the bezel has a fluorescent effect and can help read the time in a dim environment. The sapphire crystal ring is set in the groove of the bezel, and the mirror surface is also made of sapphire, with a colorless double-sided anti-reflection coating. The crown is a screw-in design, made of stainless steel and inlaid with high-tech precision ceramics with convex cuts. The crown has shoulders on both sides of the crown to give the crown excellent protection. In order to highlight the personality, the strap adopts a matte rubber strap, and is equipped with a polished and frosted stainless steel pin buckle. The overall design is harmonious and beautiful.

The design on the dial highlights the brand’s personality, fashion, quality, and personality. The hour markers full of modern aesthetic design concepts are round and delicate. Some people say that it is almost the same as Rolex’s, yes, it is indeed similar. For aesthetics, it is all the same A kind of realm, the J12 series logo under the ‘CHANEL’ logo on the plate shows the brand’s attention to the series. The hands are a highlight and a finishing touch of the watch. The blue stick-shaped minute hand indicates the time and adds a lot of natural beauty to the white main color. The slender blue second hand is like a sharp sword that shocks the soul.
As a functional watch of the J12 series of white watches under the Chanel brand, H2560 is the embodiment of the brand in order to meet the needs of the sports market. H2560 has simple sports elements: diving bezel, waterproof 300 meters and calendar display. Diving is a kind of human exploration of the ocean, and it is also the fun of adventure-loving people in daily life. Enjoying the underwater world and intimate contact with marine life are the ultimate experience brought by leisure diving. In order to be more To help dive, diving watches have become a need. Like ordinary diving watches, the H2560 is equipped with a unidirectional rotating graduated ring to record the diving time. The scale on the graduated ring draws design inspiration from the ocean and embellishes the blue with a touch of embellishment, highlighting the beauty, depth and charm of the ocean. With diving, it is fluorescent. Reading time becomes very difficult under the sea and in a weak light environment. Therefore, fluorescence is essential. The Chanel H2560 watch is covered with fluorescence from the hour scale, hands to the rotating outer ring. Substance can emit a soft and bright light on the sea floor to help read time. At the same time, the waterproof function is particularly important. The waterproof performance of 300 meters requires strict sealing technology. The screw-in crown and sealed bottom cover are designed to improve the waterproof performance. Of course, for daily wear, the calendar function is also indispensable. The simple window-type date display reflects the meaning of time.

 The Chanel J12 white watch series functional watch H2560 has a novel and unique overall design, demonstrating unique taste, pure temperament and fashionable sports style. The simple and beautiful design, combined with high-tech precision ceramics and stainless steel, not only meets women’s needs for romance and charm, but also meets the needs of daily wear as a timepiece. In terms of function, although the unidirectional rotating outer ring is designed for diving, it can be applied to different places according to hobbies. The essence of it is designed for timing. To meet the characteristics of diving, H2560 uses a rigorous shell design and waterproof depth. Up to 300 meters, in addition, to serve daily wear, the watch has added a calendar function. All the precise travel time and functional performance, in addition to the unique design of the appearance, but also the support of the inner core is more important. The H2560 is equipped with an automatic movement imported from Switzerland with a 42-hour power reserve, which caters to most women who do n’t like it. Psychological needs on the chain.
The official price of Chanel H2560 is 41800 yuan. Compared with professional watch brands with the same functional watches, this price is somewhat unacceptable as a fashion brand, but it is undeniable that the design of the watch itself interprets the brand for women’s fashion. Unique understanding of the movement.
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What Does Rolex Think About Apple Watch?

Maksud Agadjani, owner of TraxNYC in New York, USA, said in an interview with NBC in the United States recently that although the upcoming Apple Watch will set off a huge wave in the market, it does not affect top traditional watch brands like Rolex threatening.

   ‘Nothing reflects a person’s style better than a watch,’ Maksud Agadjani said. He said he will wear it when the Apple Watch goes on sale in 2015.

   Industry sources said that Apple Watch may be available next spring. The Apple Watch will have a platform system, a powerful integrated circuit capable of driving a miniature multi-purpose computer. Apple Watch’s semiconductors may be packaged in ceramics so that users can move the entire electronics package and replace it with processor updates. Wall Street semiconductor analyst Richard Whittington said a replaceable chip package could give Apple Watches a longer life, which is important for buyers.

Three levels of the Apple Watch

   Apple said that Apple Watch will be divided into three levels: Apple Sport is an entry-level product, Apple Watch is an intermediate level, and Apple Edition is a high-end product. Apple Sport is priced at $ 350, as Apple announced earlier this month.

   ‘The Apple Sport, which costs $ 350, could set off a huge wave in the market. I can imagine people lining up to buy Apple Sport everywhere, just as they line up to buy an iPhone. People feel for the new experience that Apple Sport brings Excited. The iPhone’s magic touch screen once made them feel they would love the new features of the Apple Sport watch. They will do the same. It can remind you of various things, it can calculate the calories you burn, it can check your blood sugar level. Maybe there is One day you will get tired of its reminders, but at first you will think it is great. ‘Maksud Agadjani said.

   The mid-range Apple Watch can compete with mid- to high-end mechanical watches like Gucci. The Gucci watch has a wholesale price of only about $ 65, but the manufacturer assembles them in a gold or stainless steel case and sells it for $ 1200. Gucci watches sell brands. Apple’s Apple Watch can also compete with brands such as Movado and Omega.

   The high-end Apple Watch Apple Edition will contain 18 carats of gold and retail for approximately $ 5,000 to $ 10,000. It can compete with watches such as Rolex, Cartier, Piaget, and Tag Heurer.

No threat to Rolex

   Although Apple’s senior vice president Jony Ive hinted that Apple Watch might replace Rolex, retailers did not believe it. Agadjani said Rolex has precision parts and more than a hundred years of manufacturing experience, and its components are expensive and second to none. Apple is a newcomer and has no direct experience in the manufacture of watches and poses no threat to Rolex.

   As for rumors that Apple tried to cooperate with Rolex and was rejected, Agadjani said: ‘Rolex will never cooperate with other companies to produce. Rolex’s partners are kings, presidents and dignitaries. Rolex wants to maintain complete control over its own business, and It doesn’t want to dilute its brand value through mass production. It likes 0.1%, not the mass market, even the upper layers of the mass market. ‘

Watch consumer

   Most consumers own a watch that they wear every day, and there are more than five fashionable watches for different occasions. Apple needs to win the mass market at the right price. The Apple Watch could be a second watch for buyers.

   The launch of the Apple Watch will stir up a thousand waves and be welcomed by watch retailers and manufacturers. Perhaps, Apple Watch can also accelerate the growth of the watch industry. The celebrity’s welcome to the Apple Watch will excite the manufacturing market, but it will be a question of whether it will only be popular or stay in the market for a long time. Will Apple Watches exist longer than Rolex watches with a long history? Probably not, but in the short term many people will be able to enjoy the novelty it brings.