Among the many new Parmigiani SIHH timepieces launched this year, the Tonda series watches, which have been the perfect combination of Parmigiani’s unique creativity and excellent craftsmanship, are down-to-earth and inherit the original iconic Beyond the elements, you can make subtle innovations, but you can get a completely different visual experience. There are several advanced complications in the Parmigiani Tonda series. The Tonda 1950 tourbillon is known for its ultra-thin case, tourbillon and unique 7-point tourbillon design. Among the many high-end timepiece brands, the ultra-thin tourbillon is a difficult challenge, and there are not many brands with such watches today.

    The Tonda 1950 ultra-thin tourbillon watch on display this year, the rose gold case bezel is set with diamonds, and the dial is decorated with Aventurine, showing the effect of a quiet starry sky.
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