What Watches Are Worn In China New Rap?

‘China New Rap’ is iQiyi’s self-made Chinese youth rap music show. Its predecessor is ‘Hip Hop in China’, a total of 13 issues, starred by Wu Yifan, Zhang Zhenyue, MC Hotdog, Pan Weibai, and Deng Ziqi. people. With the birth of ‘China New Rap’, this niche music gradually began to enter the public’s attention, and some people began to ‘passers-by-fans’, so that it can be said that hip-hop music ushered in the spring in China. I chose Watchoosy as a watch-talking medium. When watching the show, I naturally took a look at Rapper’s watches, which was very interesting. This article will talk about what watches are worn in ‘China New Rap’? The powerful player ‘Huang Xu’, who was eliminated midway last year, will participate in the competition again this year. In the program, he wore a Ref.116613LN from the Rolex Submariner series. Because it uses a gold case, a black dial, and a black bezel, it is commonly referred to as ‘Jinjinhei’. At present, Rolex sports models are hot all over the world, and a watch is hard to find. Either spend a lot of money on VIPs at the mall, or increase the price in the secondary market. If you want to start at a fair price, you can only look at luck. ‘Kung Fu Fat’ is undoubtedly a strong player in this year’s ‘China New Rap’. What was never expected was that in the second episode of the show, it was eliminated directly in the battle with ‘Yang He Su’, which is a pity. He chose a watch model from the American watch brand Timex, which is a joint model sold with Chinatown Market. The watch model has a highly recognizable yellow smiley face. At that time, the sale price was 600 yuan, and it was sold out after listing. At present, the domestic secondary market is about 1,200 yuan. The typhoon and lyrics of ‘Kung Fu Fat’ are very rivers and lakes, I wear such a smiley watch, there is a ‘contrast cute’! A DW quartz female watch worn by the rare female Rapper ‘Talent’ in the show. Although in the eyes of many ‘professional’ watch friends, this brand of quartz watch is not on the table. But have to admit that it is the most successful emerging watch brand in the past 10 years, none of them. With internet marketing, simple design, and the iconic Nato nylon strap, it quickly became popular at home and abroad. ‘No design is the best design’, and it is one of the best-selling fashion watches at the same price. The MC hot dog is wearing a ‘small gold nugget’ version of the Casio G-Shock series. 2018 is the 35th anniversary of the Casio G-Shock series. In commemoration, the brand launched a series of commemorative versions of metal materials. G-Shock’s own sharp lines and exposed screws are displayed through metal materials, which greatly improves the watch’s texture. In particular, the contrast between surface brushing and mirror polishing has instantly turned it into a ‘face killer’. There are two different versions of the ‘small bullion’, the main difference is the LCD screen. The black text on a white background is called ‘positive display’, and the official price is 4,290 yuan. Because it is scarce and equipped with a commemorative watch box, it currently needs a premium of more than double in the secondary market; the white text on a black background is called ‘reverse display’. The price is 3990 yuan, the price is relatively rational, and the price increase is small. Wu Yifan is the spokesperson for Bulgari, and he did not wear a watch in ‘Hip Hop in China’. Spending huge sums of money to ask him to be the endorsement of Bulgari, it is estimated that there was blood in his heart. In ‘China’s New Rap’ last year, Wu Yifan finally wore a Bulgari watch. But only once, I feel that Wu Yifan prefers to wear jewelry. In this year’s ‘China New Rap’, Wu Yifan wore a valuable Bulgari Daniel Roth in the first issue, with three questions, tourbillon function, limited to 30 pieces worldwide, and the price is about RMB 1.85 million . Daniel Roth himself is a master watchmaker. He founded the watch brand of the same name in 1989. Due to poor management and the Asian financial crisis, the company was sold to Bulgari in 2000. When Bulgari got Daniel Roth, it changed it from a brand into a collection under the previous classic case design. In addition to buying and buying, Bulgari is actually its own design, such as the Octo series that has been promoted in recent years. The highly recognizable cut-line case, coupled with the brand’s own ultra-thin self-winding mechanical movement, is very attractive to buy. Wu Yifan wore this watch in the second issue of the show, and the photographer gave a lot of close-ups to make it easy to identify. Needless to say, star producer Pan Weibo, the famous watch lovers in the entertainment industry, bought a lot of watches. In this year’s ‘China New Rap’, he wore a third generation of Round Table Knights from the watch brand Roger Dubuis. Compared to the previous generation, the design of this generation has changed drastically, and replaced with the ‘Low-Poly’ style. The 12 round table knights on this watch no longer use fine micro carvings, but rely on polygons to shape the figure. With the blue enamel dial and gold reflective section, it brings a full visual impact, no less than one or two generations of watches. Limited to 28 pieces worldwide, priced at approximately RMB 2 million. Of course, as a ‘hipster’, Pan Weibo must be wearing Richard Mille Richard Miller. In ‘China New Rap’, when Deng Ziqi asked Pan Weibai for help, the photographer shot a glance at the camera. Although the pixels are not high and the speed is fast, it can still be identified as a Richard Mille Richard Miller through the barrel-type case and fixing screws. Compared to other stars, Pan Weibai’s selection of watches is very high. In addition to the hottest explosion models on the market, it also wore a classic formal watch in ‘China New Rap’, Patek Philippe’s super complicated function timepiece Ref.5270R, with perpetual calendar, timekeeping, moon phase functions. Interested tablemates can follow Pan Shuai’s Ins @ Willpan23, up to tens of millions of sapphire cases Richard Mille Richard Miller, down to thousands of yuan Casio, Rolex ‘Paul Newman ‘Daytona, the newly arrived Jin Haishi, all of him … very exaggerated! —END —