As one of TAG Heuer’s most classic models, Link Lincoln has swept the world for more than two decades. Now the new Link Lincoln has landed in China, marrying a modern, vibrant city spirit.
The moral of Link is to connect, connect the city, connect art, and connect you and me. It represents the spirit of courage to try, confident and decisive, and the courage to achieve self, and this spirit is exactly the driving force for the continuous development of the city. When the interpersonal networks between cities are interconnected, the architectural landscape has become a milestone in the evolution of the city; the development of science and technology and the increasing emphasis on environmental protection have pushed the modernization process of cities to unprecedented heights. Link Lincoln expects people to share urban achievements and use their senses and soul Experience a more modern and pure city life. In order to interpret the spirit of the city vividly, TAG Heuer invited the music poet Li Jian to take the theme of ‘Urban Art Impression Tour’ to Zurich, Berlin, Shanghai, and Beijing to focus on the environment, technology and humanities, and dig deeper into urban life. It examines the meaning of the city to modern people from different angles, inspires people with art forms other than music, and records the moments of pioneering, innovative, and enterprising moments displayed by the city during its development.

As the theme photographer of this event, the guests at the scene of Li Jian shared the feelings during the shooting and his philosophy of urban life. He believes that the city has built a dense network of people. This network is not just a place to live, study and work. At the same time it also gathers energy, courage and vitality. It records the sweetness and bitterness of life and witnesses the growth of the city. More importantly, it holds our infinite hope for the future. In the process of cities, smart technology is gradually affecting our way of life. It is creating infinite possibilities and turning dreams into reality, but this is definitely not at the expense of the ecological environment. It is only to create a pure and natural ecological environment. In order to allow us to feel the life of the city with our heart, to understand the beauty of it, and to reflect the true meaning of life.
Later, TAG Heuer’s global spokesman Chen Daoming appeared in the crowd’s high hopes. Time is running out, the style is still the same, the new Link Lincoln advertisement also unveiled the mysterious veil. In the film, Chen Daoming wore a Lincoln Calibre 6 watch and made a wonderful appearance. The classic heritage and the modern elegance of the new Link Lincoln today, he hopes that this interpretation can explain the elegant charm of Link Lincoln watches, and also hopes that he can pass Link Lincoln’s progressive and progressive urban spirit to more people.