Month: April 2017

Bulgari Octo Four Retrograde Chronograph: Only More Complicated

2010 was a year of take-off for Bulgari, so even with such highly sophisticated watches, it would not be too surprising. Anyone who sees a watch for the first time is bound to get a cloud-like fog cover like the dials and dials of an aircraft, but when you understand the purpose of each dial, you will be impressed by the designer’s exquisiteness.
    This watch has four retrograde functions: a minute indicator at the top of the dial, a 30-minute counter at three o’clock, a calendar display at six o’clock, and a 12-hour counter at nine o’clock. Presumably when all the functions of the watch are activated and the hands on the dial start to fully operate, the scene is really spectacular.


Christmas Countdown, Send You A ‘confession’ Balloon

Choosing a table for a woman, or choosing a table for a woman, has never been easy. This watch must meet women’s high aesthetic requirements and stand the test of daily watch performance. It is a difficult problem for both the man who gave the woman’s watch and the woman himself. Seeing that a series of festivals dominated by Christmas at the end of the year are coming, and a Christmas gift for women, I chose Cartier.

Cartier Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch

 When it comes to Cartier watches, one of the most popular collections for women is the blue balloon. In fact, its full name is Cartier Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch. Since the birth of this series, it has been loved by many celebrities. Among them is Princess Kate, who is very popular in Britain. She wore this watch on many occasions, including private occasions such as diplomatic moments and daily life. She had worn the same blue balloon watch.

 Princess Kate wore a Cartier Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch while attending a diplomatic occasion

Princess Kate wore a Cartier Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch in a public place some time ago

 Princess Kate has always appeared to the public in an elegant image, and her actions are very decent. In the UK, the dress of Princess Kate has always been the vane of domestic women. When choosing clothing, she prefers the local civilian brand to the big names. Different dresses and professional suits are used on different occasions, but the same thing is that she wears this blue balloon on her wrist. Like her, there are many other well-known stars who choose Blue Balloons, including the actors we know and love, such as Xin Zhelei, Tong Liya, Ma Sichun, and so on.

The new Ballon Blanc de Cartier ‘white balloon’ watch
 We know that Cartier Ballon Bleu de
The Cartier ‘Blue Balloon’ watch is a series that cannot be ignored in Cartier’s many works. Since the launch of this series in 2007, the design of the first sapphire crown and outer protective bow has diverted another wave of the watch industry. A sapphire crown, bow guard, lenticular round face, Roman numerals, and arrow-shaped hands complete the Cartier blue balloon. In 2014, Cartier launched Ballon
 Blanc de Cartier’s ‘white balloon’ watch, ‘the same teacher’ is very different.

Left is the Cartier Ballon Bleu de Cartier ‘blue balloon’ watch, right is the new Ballon Blanc de Cartier ‘white balloon’ watch

Left is the Ballon Blanc de Cartier watch launched by Cartier in 2014, and the right is the new Ballon Blanc de Cartier watch

Cartier Ballon Blanc de Cartier ‘White Balloon’ Watch

Four new ‘white balloons’ are available in bezel-set diamond and rose gold bezels, with a total of 26 and 30 mm diameters to choose from

 This year, the White Balloon family has joined new members, and four newly designed ‘white balloons’ have appeared. How is it different from the blue balloon before?

Crown very different

 Crown detail real shot

 The position and material of the crown have changed. Unlike the blue balloon, the crown of the white balloon has been moved from 3 o’clock to 4 o’clock, which makes this watch more recognizable and imaginative. In addition, the material of the crown has also changed from sapphire to diamond.

2. The dial is very different


Dial detail real shot

 Although both are interpreted as circles, the Roman numeral hour markers on the white balloon dial are more rounded, and the color is also distinguished from the blue of the blue balloon, using silver that echoes the gray strap. In the selection of the pointer, the white balloon is a two-pin design, which is different from the blue three-pin design. The sword-shaped gold-plated pointer is used, which is fuller in shape.

3.The lugs and straps are very different

Strap detail real shot

 The lugs of the white balloon are more secretive, and they are almost absent from the front, while the lugs of the blue balloon are more obvious to highlight the lug lines. The new white balloon is also different from the previous series: from the color of the dial to the leather strap, it is more skin-friendly. Compared with the previous white balloon 18K rose gold bracelet, it is also more suitable for daily wear. . The high-gray color scheme complements the rose gold case and is also more suitable for winter wear and winter wear.

Summary: Cartier’s Ballon Blanc de Cartier ‘White Balloon’, where
‘Blanc’ means ‘white’ in French. Pure white is flawless and dazzling like diamonds. Maybe a truly confident woman is like this. She shines at any time without forgetting to maintain the innocence of girls. Christmas is coming. Give her or give yourself this ‘white balloon’ watch to warm this cold winter.


Charm Of The Old Navy Panerai 720 & 721

PANERAI’s unique watch appearance has erected irreplaceable styles in the past. Recently, the brand has again borrowed the Radiomir military watches produced in the 1940s, bringing two limited edition watches, PAM00720 and PAM00721, respectively, to restore the classic military watch style.

Even though the PAM00721 ​​watch lacks the brand logo, the other elements of the watch itself still make the real body visible at a glance.

Back in the early history of Panerai, the first born series was the Radiomir series. At that time, Panerai was entrusted by the Royal Italian Navy. On the occasion of the Second World War, it completed the earliest trial version of the Radiomir watch Ref. 3646 for the navy’s mission. At that time, Panerai adopted a constantly innovative design, so the timepieces created were different, and since then, it has laid the foundation for the future of Panerai watches. In view of this, this Radiomir prototype Ref. 3646 was of great value among Panerai collectors. Radiomir’s large pillow-shaped case has a diameter of up to 47mm. Secondly, the luminous hour markers and hands are designed to make it easy for the navy to read the time at the bottom of the sea, which is invisible to the sun. The PAM00721 ​​watch without the brand logo engraved on the faceplate is the continuation of the design of the professional military watch created by Panerai without the brand logo engraved on the faceplate at the time. When enemy forces are captured, they can learn about the manufacturer from the watch to protect the Italian military and Panerai itself.

In order to restore the classic style of Radiomir Ref. 3646, PAM00720 and PAM00721 ​​use Plexiglas, which is rarely used in watch altars, to create a distressed look in the 1940s.

Although in recent years Panerai has launched logo-free watch styles from time to time, such as the PAM00424 watch with California dial, which are all meaningful designs under the brand, but it faithfully restores the contemporary Radiomir series trial version Ref. 3646. This is the first time the PAM00721 ​​watch. However, with the influence of Panerai now in the altar, even if the faceplate lacks the Logo, the other elements of Panerai’s signature still make people recognize their true body.
The two new works, PAM00720 and PAM00721, have retro elements such as 47mm diameter, linear lugs, pillow case, and Plexiglas mirrors, which faithfully restore the Panerai Ref. 3646. Both watches use the classic and simple black sandwich dial, which is marked with Arabic numerals at 3, 6, 9, and 12 hours, and the charming blue hands form a strong visual contrast with the black dial. Among them, PAM00720 is engraved with ‘RADIOMIR PANERAI’ under 12 o’clock; PAM00721 ​​does not. It is the most obvious and only difference between the two watches.

Different from the design of the solid case back of the historical model of the year, the case back of this engraved model uses a transparent bottom case, which reveals the configured brand bracelet P.3000 movement.

Both watches inherit the old-fashioned design of the first generation of Radiomir watches, but the back of the watch is completely modern. Both watches have transparent casebacks, revealing the movement also equipped with the brand’s modern bracelet P.3000 movement. This movement uses a dual barrel to output power for 3 days, and the vibration frequency is 21,600vph. It often appears in the basic models of the brand’s current service, but PAM00721 ​​and PAM00720 are designed to reflect the charm of antique watches, and the functionality is streamlined to Two stitches, compared to pure pursuit of practicality, these two face plate patterns also added some consideration of the background of the times, at the same time have both practical and historical significance, this is definitely a classic collection that players must not miss品!.

Radiomir 3 Days Acciaio

PAM00720 / Stainless steel material / P.3000 manual winding movement / Hour and minute display / Plexiglass mirror surface / Water resistance 100 meters / Diameter 47mm / Limited 500 pieces / Reference price: 63,500 RMB

Radiomir 3 Days Acciaio

PAM00721 ​​/ Stainless steel material / P.3000 manual winding movement / Hour and minute display / Plexiglass mirror surface / Water resistance 100 meters / Diameter 47mm / Limited to 1,000 pieces / Reference price: 63,500 RMB