Month: September 2018

Bucherer’s Cfb A1000 Movement Is Perfect

Goldene Unruh, Germany, has selected and awarded awards to the global watch industry since 1998. Among them, the technology award is awarded to the developer of the most special mechanical movement of the year. In 2009, the winner of the Goldene Unruh Best Technology Award was Bucherer.
 It was with the self-made movement CFB A1000 that Bucherer won this award. This movement has won 2 patents: including a peripheral-type winding rotor (Peripheral rotor) with high-efficiency suspension and a dual adjustment system to improve accuracy. The concept, structure and workmanship of the entire movement are perfect.

 This movement embodies three years of hard work of the Bucherer watch factory. At the beginning of this project, Bucherer abandoned the strategy of ‘copying’ the existing non-proprietary movement, and was determined to develop a revolutionary automatic movement from scratch. The design features should be unique and refreshing. . To this end, Bucherer has set a series of research and development goals, including: using a traditional fine-tuning system, a club-tooth lever escapement, a traditional driving train, and a gemstone bearing innovation machine. The core design, the pendant won’t cover the platform design of the splint, joystick and other components, which is convenient for future installation of new features. The reliability of the semi-finished product movement (blank) is produced in semi-mass production mode. The new CFB A1000 automatic winding movement not only meets the above conditions, but the Bucherer technicians and watchmakers have worked hard to develop many new features.
Self-made movement: new milestone of Bucherer
 2008 is an important page for the development of the Baucherie watchmaking factory: from now on, the watch factory will officially design, develop and manufacture the movement itself. To achieve this goal, the watch factory has formally acquired Technologys Horlogers Appliquées (THA), a famous manufacturer of complex movements located in Sainte-Croix, the Jurassic Mountains. Bucherer and THA have cooperated for ten years, and it is wise for the two parties to further alliance. Thomas Morf, Chief Executive Officer of Bucherer, stated, ‘After the acquisition of THA, we will pursue a two-line strategy. On the one hand, we will continue to use the basic movements supplied by the outside world. On the other hand, we will use our own movements to strengthen our product lineup and its functions.’ The Bucherer watch factory will later be renamed Carl F. Bucherer Technologies SA, and will play many important roles in research, development and production. THA currently employs 17 employees, and it is expected that the number of employees will gradually increase in the future.


Love Blancpain Li Jian’s Wrist Accessories

Comfortable melody, beautiful lyrics, poetic talk … Every song of Li Jian seems to be able to sing a story. His voice is clear and exudes the green fragrance of the wilderness, and in his elegant and soft tone, there is no lack of a modern beauty. His style has the simplicity of ballads and is much more gorgeous than ballads; the fluency of pop music is more elegant than the pop; his pure and retro voice is warmer, and is favored by the majority of literary youth. The elegance and charm of Blancpain watches embellish the wrists of Prince Li Jian, the love song, which is an improvement of temperament.
Blancpain Villeret Chinese Almanac Platinum Limited Edition Watch

   This watch is new to Basel in 2012. This platinum version of the Chinese calendar is limited to 20 pieces. The watch uses a 45 mm diameter platinum case, the crown is decorated with a convex round cut ruby, and under the lugs are 5 hidden adjustment buttons that are patented by Blancpain, which at the same time ensure the simple and smooth lines on the side Beauty. The watch is a collection of Blancpain
All the classic logos of the Villeret series, such as double-layered bezel, large open flame enamel dial, gold-plated dial with lace pattern, traces before firing, hollow leaf-shaped hands, snake-shaped blue steel hands with standard calendar, etc. The watch is equipped with a white gold pendulum set with Madagascar rubies. The pendulum is engraved with a beautiful dragon pattern to celebrate the 2012 Chinese Year of the Dragon.
Blancpain Villeret time zone calendar

   This watch attracted a lot of attention at the Baselworld 2011. As an innovation of a travel watch, this watch is equipped with the world’s first annual calendar and dual time zone indication developed by Blancpain. Local time interlocking mechanism that allows the calendar display to be adjusted forward or backward. The development of this complex function highlights its user-friendly design. In fact, before Blancpain released this watch, there was no one on the market that had both an almanac and dual time zone functions, and adopted a technology that linked the almanac with local time.
Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Limited Edition ‘Hearts in the Sea’ Bathyscaphe Watch

   The Bathyscaphe watch is the legend of the Blancpain brand. 1953
In fifty years, the Fifty Fathoms dive watch was officially put on the market; three years later, the Bathyscaphe dive watch with a smaller diameter was launched. For years, Bathyscaphe
The watch series has been evolving with the advancement of the Fifty Fathoms series, and has become an integral part of the Fifty Fathoms legendary series. Nowadays, ‘The heart is the ocean · deep submersible Bathyscaphe
The ‘Flyback Chronograph’ fully inherits the classic elements of the family to create this fully functional diving chronograph; in addition, the diameter of this watch is only 43 mm, which is smaller than the case diameter of the core model of the Fifty Fathoms series.
Blancpain Bathyscaphe watch

   In addition to the above watches, this watch is also a daily accessory of Li Jian. In fact, since its re-engraving in 2013, the Bathyscaphe series of deep submersibles has gradually become plump. From basic three-pin models to functional watches with flyback timing; from stainless steel, titanium alloy, ceramic, to gray plasma ceramic; from marine canvas straps, to NATO military NATO straps, To the colorful NATO strap … so far, it has become the younger branch line series of the fifty.