In this age of pursuing timeliness, decision makers are extremely respectful of time. Some people experience and feel the fast pace of time, while for others, everything is slow. Even if it is constant, it can be interpreted in many ways. As a result, each person wears a different watch and interprets time in different ways. The Classima Executives Skeleton skeleton watch perfectly shows the meaning of time, with a discreet style and inclusive mind with innovative technology. Fashion elegance blends noble and classic qualities, making it a timeless classic. When the exquisite Classima Executives Skeleton is worn on the wrist, the smooth lines instantly fit the long-lasting and harmonious brand spirit.
    The brand mark of Baume & Mercier-the ancient Greek word ‘PHI’ representing the golden section theory, is engraved on the crown and twelve o’clock, symbolizing the eternal proportion and perfect harmony in the design of the watch Pursue, in order to show that the brand adheres to the concept of perfect design and excellent craftsmanship. The skeleton silver dial of the Chrysmer Skeleton watch is decorated with a linear pattern and a glass window. It is accompanied by a stainless steel case and a soft and comfortable dark brown crocodile belt. And its unique manual mechanical movement has attracted discerning eyes of discerning connoisseurs. The Chrysmer Skeleton watch reveals the splints and bridges of the internal movement, which are polished by swirling through the open design of the surface from 5 o’clock to 7 o’clock. At the 6 o’clock position, it is also the second dial, which uses a low-key blue steel hand. The delicate and concise movement of the internal movement can be perfectly displayed through the transparent sapphire case back: 17 brilliant rubies, finely carved gears, diagonal bridges, finely polished movement plywood and blue steel screws.

    The Chrysmer Skeleton Watch deeply explains the intricate craftsmanship inside, highlighting the tireless exploration and creation of the inherited watchmaking tradition by the Baume & Mercier watch, and fully demonstrates the unique charm of the design, which also represents its refined carving After careful consideration of the long-lasting superb skills, it is even more precious in a limited edition.