Cartier ROTONDE DE CARTIER CHRONOGRAPHe central rose gold center chronograph
Equipped with 9907 MC calibre, 42 mm in diameter, rose gold case, gold bead crown, decorated with a convex round sapphire, black alligator leather strap with adjustable rose gold folding buckle, case engraved independently Numbering, water-resistant to 30 meters
Cartier once contributed to the Geneva Watch Fair, not only wonderful watches, but also the precision movement hidden under the work is also a major feature. It is these advantages of Cartier’s self-produced movement that allow the ingenious inspiration of designers to transform reality.
The 9907MC, which has completed two technical breakthroughs, is the leader of its own production movement. The movement uses a complex chronograph drive system and uses advanced column wheel technology to control the timing function. Most of the chronometers use a cam system. Condition. Another breakthrough is that this manually wound movement has fewer parts than traditional movements. Cartier watchmakers only need to manufacture and assemble 272 parts to complete this movement. Reducing the number of parts is not only convenient for the inside of the watch. Maintenance can extend the life of the watch. The Rotonde de Cartier watch with 9907 MC movement is unique in that it changes the design of placing the chronograph function on the small dial on weekdays, but has an independent chronograph reading display in the center of the dial. This innovation The design makes the originally complicated watch timing function clear and easy to read, which is convenient for the wearer.
Inheritance of ancient craftsmanship does not mean permanent adherence to rules, innovation is also the philosophy of Cartier Watch Workshop. The high-tech craftsmanship and extraordinary creativity of mankind that have always been at the top of the times have always been Cartier’s motivation to move forward. It is precisely driven by this driving force that Cartier Watchmaking Workshop formulated the ‘Think Tank’ plan in 2007, with the same team and the same location (Une & eacute; quipe, un lieu) ‘For the principle of watch development, the brand’s R & D strength is concentrated in the same place, in order to optimize the organization and management of time and space. This method promotes the exchange of ideas between the design team of Cartier Watchmaking Workshop and can quickly transform these creative ideas into products and bring them to market.
Not only is the design and research department, Cartier Watch Workshop’s production studio (l & rsquo; espace Production) also optimizes the workflow through innovative methods. The studio abandons the traditional production concept that separates production processes into different types and separates from each other, and draws on the methods used by other industries to centralize the processes needed to make a watch. This team cooperation mode not only reduces the time and process of watch production, but also makes the watch quality continuously improve. At the same time as the workflow is optimized, Cartier’s production technology is constantly innovating. For example, after the production of the basic parts of the watch is completed, the parts will be transported to a studio (l & rsquo; Espace Horloger) where the pressure is closely monitored, The core, watch head and strap are assembled. The air inside the studio is continuously filtered and circulated to prevent dust from attaching to the precision parts of the movement or watch. .