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The Real Time Schedule Of The Two Places Cartier Cartier Tonneau Dual Time Zone Hollow Watch

CARTIER Cartier, with a long history in watchmaking, introduced the Tonneau watch in 1906. It was destined to be named after the shape of the barrel. It breaks the tradition of circular pocket watches. Cartier’s watchmaking craftsmanship focuses on comfort and ergonomics. The Tonneau case is slightly curved, and the curved barrel shape makes the watch fit closer to the wrist. At that time, many watches were made of K gold, but Cartier chose platinum in particular, emphasizing its avant-garde beauty in rare places. Later, around 1910, Cartier added the decorative details of the lugs, ‘armored screws’, with simple and noble leather straps and precious metals, which made Tonneau watches very popular.

Cartier pays tribute to the CPCP Tonneau XL dual time zone skeletonized watch, adding a skeleton design to make it different from the original

Feature 1: Born from the CPCP series
In 2019, Cartier went back to the classics once again, in order to reinvigorate the Tonneau watch with the requirements of designing artistic treasures, and launched the ‘Tonneau Dual Time Zone Hollow Watch’ at the Geneva Watch Fair, showing Cartier’s superb skills and innovative spirit. Based on the CPCP series Tonneau XL dual time zone watch with local and second time zone time, let the new work stay true to the original. The new dual time zone skeletonized watch uses a skeletonized design which is different from the original. It gives this extraordinary quality a step up in aesthetics and craftsmanship, showing Cartier’s strict requirements for his work.

It looks like it has two crowns set with sapphire. In fact, one is the crown and the other is the handle.

Feature two: one dial per person in two places
The Tonneau dual time skeleton skeleton watch is equipped with the 9919 MC movement to drive the dual time zone device. In order to fit the curved case of the watch itself, the movement structure has been modified and also has an arch shape. The overall gear is on the barrel and the escapement gear. bending. To ensure the slenderness of the watch, the gear trains are all set between 12 and 6 o’clock. Cartier, in pursuit of artistic masterpieces, also broke the traditional time display method of the two places. The Tonneau dual time zone hollowed out watch deliberately let the two places each occupy the upper and lower halves of the faceplate, making the reading time immediately clear. The case of the watch looks like it has two crowns. In fact, the traditional crown is correct at 2 o’clock, and the device with the same sapphire at 4 o’clock is a push button. Its function is that it will In conjunction with the hour hand of the small dial at 6 o’clock, pressing the handle once will advance the hour of the second time by one hour. In short, the two time zone devices are connected, bringing a practical and beautiful spectacle, and reading time is simpler. It is worth mentioning that although the 9919 MC movement is a manual winding mechanism, the power reserve has at least 60 hours. The convenience of more than two days is more considerate to the wearer.

In order to ensure the long shape of the Tonneau dual time skeleton skeleton watch, the gear trains are all set between 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock.

Feature 3: There are two materials and three versions
Cartier’s hollow watch movement is a wonderful interpretation of its unique watchmaking style, injecting light and noble texture into traditional complex functions, and also shows how to achieve the perfect match between form and essence, case and movement . The Tonneau dual time zone skeleton watch is issued in rose gold and platinum models, limited to 100 pieces. More specifically, Cartier also launched a platinum version with trapezoidal diamonds. The limited edition of 20 is even rarer, and it is becoming more and more rare.

Tonneau dual time skeleton skeleton watch

Platinum material / 9919 MC Manual-winding movement / Off-center, Off-center minute display / Dual time display / Sapphire crystal / Limited to 100 pieces only


Classic And Alternative Audemars Piguet And Iwc Two Classic Watches Hong Kong Quotes

Alternative and classic are two opposite designs, but they are factors that can support each other to make an alternative watch into a classic, or a classic watch innovation to an alternative The success of the watch model is self-evident. Today, the Watch House brings you the Hong Kong market of two Audemars Piguet and IWC models.

Audemars Piguet Millenary Millennium 15350OR.OO.D093CR.01 watch

In-store public price: HKD316000 (collection time October 2014)
Can try on: try on in store
Watch Series: Contemporary
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K rose gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 47 x 42 mm
Watch details: 4432 / + 852-2735 2800

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