Month: February 2021

Nba Legends Help Tissot Watch Sanya Event Brand Executives Gather To Cheer For The Chinese Market

Recently, the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot watch grandly held the 2017 Tissot China Distributor Conference with the theme of ‘this moment • speed forward’ in Sanya, reviewing and looking forward to the brand’s achievements and future roads, Invite NBA legend Kevin Martin (Kevin Martin) to help out. Mr. Françoise Thiébaud, Global President of Tissot, Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, Mr. Olivier Cosandier, Vice President of Global Sales of Tissot, and Bertrand, Vice President of Global Marketing of Tissot Delver (Bertrand) was present at the scene to participate in the event.

Figure 1: Tissot China Sanya Dealer Conference Seaside Basketball Carnival

Picture 2: Group photo of Tissot watch family

Collision of passion
   Tissot’s uniquely designed seaside basketball court is particularly eye-catching on the seashore in Sanya with clear water and young coconut trees. In the open air arena, the slogan of ‘this moment, speeding forward’ is printed in the center, symbolizing Tissot’s unremitting pursuit. The team members and spectators at the scene are eager to try it out, and look forward to showcasing their style in this design-rich arena. The appearance of NBA legend Kevin Martin (Kevin Martin) is undoubtedly the biggest bright spot on the court. Kevin Martin, who congratulated the winning team, praised the modern course under the beautiful sea view: ‘I have never seen such a great beach in the United States!’

Figure 3: NBA legend Kevin Martin appears on the Tissot Beach Basketball Court

Figure 4: Tissot Beach Basketball Court built by the sea

Figure 5: Basketball match scene

   Tissot watch executives also joined this basketball carnival and personally led the players to start an energetic competition.

Figure 6: Tissot brand leadership in person

   Under the leadership of professional NBA coaches, Mr. Tian Bao and Mrs. Chen Suzhen and other Tissot leaders brought a fierce performance match. The pleasant sea breeze swept through the lively arena and recorded this unforgettable moment.

Figure 7: Mr. Tian Bao displayed his posture at the stadium
   At the end of the game, on behalf of Tissot, Mr. Tianbao presented Kevin Martin with a special Tissot series NBA Spurs watch. Kevin also returned an autographed basketball. The relationship between Tissot and the NBA is getting better Sturdy.

Picture 8: Mr. Tim Bao and Kevin Martin exchange gifts
Gather together to create great results
   Surrounded by the blue sky, blue sea and beautiful wind in Sanya, the 2017 Tissot Dealer Conference with the theme of ‘This Moment · Speed ​​Forward’ kicked off. The dealer representatives who grew up with Tissot watches and witnessed the achievements of Tissot watches gathered here to review the achievements of Tissot China and look forward to the future development. 2017 is undoubtedly a significant year for Tissot. Tissot has made full use of its superior brand advantages and created many brilliant moments. In April, the launch of the Tissot Baohuan series watch in the capital Beijing attracted unprecedented attention. In October, as the first official NBA timer partner, the new chronograph system developed by the Tissot watch was officially put into use in the NBA China. Spectators provided visual enjoyment and became the focus of the new season. Then, as the first official timing partner of the Tmall Double 11 Global Carnival, Tissot watch teamed up with e-commerce giant Tmall to open up a new generation of timekeeping, and won the fourth place in the industry’s official debut of Tmall Double 11 international brand and Double 11 Fifth place in watch flagship store turnover.

Figure 9: Mr. Tian Bao, Global President of Tissot Watch, attended the meeting

Picture 10: Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China
   Adhering to the brand spirit of ‘innovation comes from tradition’, Tissot has been developing an innovative product with accurate time performance, excellent performance and stylish appearance with the ingenuity concept of excellence and continuous innovation, which has won the support of consumers Favor. The beautiful Sanya has witnessed the prayer sent by Tissot, and looks forward to creating extraordinary achievements in the future!

Figure 11: On-site display

Figure 12: On-site display


Tag Heuer Opens New Boutique In Abuja, Nigeria

On Thursday, November 17, 2016, Swiss avant-garde watchmaker Tiger Tag Heuer opened the first boutique on the African continent (except South Africa) in the Nigerian capital Abuja. Friends of the brand Lola Rae and DJ Obi appeared to help out, and they were both young and handsome in the Nigerian music industry.

   The new boutique is located at Jabi Lake Shopping Center, which just opened this year, and Tag Heuer is the first brand company to open a boutique here. The boutique features a new design that showcases the latest creations.
   Many VIP guests attended the event, including Supersport and Smooth FM host Mose Praiz, Senator Advisor M. Koye Shobola, German and Ukrainian ambassadors, and designer Aisha Abubakar, among others.

   After sharing cocktails with guests, Lola Rae lit the dance floor. With her help, DJ Obi took the party atmosphere to a new level.
   All participants shared this momentous moment on Instagram and Snapchat, and participated in a cabaret party at the Play Club, celebrating until the sunrise.