A Love For Another Time Tasting Longines Classic Vintage Watch

If the watch can also have someone’s emotions, then the dual time zone is a perfect lover. The barrier between the northern and southern hemispheres may be just a difference in distance, but the emotion will not become a resistance because of distance. When we are on a business trip or study abroad, the breath of home and love may spread from our wrists. Today I recommend a Longines dual time zone watch. I believe that for many friends who like this feature, nothing is more real than the high quality and affordable price. Official model: L2.789.4.53.0

 On the whole, the outline of this watch is very clear, and the black dial is not difficult for the luminous hands, even in the dark night, to know the time quickly.

 On the side of the crown, we can clearly identify the outline of the crown from the shiny stainless steel material. The Longines logo is clearly engraved on the crown, highlighting its quality and telling its own story.

 The strap made of synthetic material is very wear-resistant, more durable than ordinary leather, and very comfortable. The brand’s settings also make this watch more compatible, whether it is dinner or daily, it is your Good companion.

 On the non-crown side, we see that the polishing of stainless steel is very detailed. We must know that many times our misunderstanding of stainless steel lies in the fact that we don’t have a good understanding of this metal. In many necessary occasions, such a material can stand on your own.

 The design of the pin buckle highlights the quality and sublimates the practicality. We see the Longines logo engraved on the front of the buckle, which makes the buckle look very luxurious.

 Stainless steel lugs will not worry about scratching under any circumstances. The diameter of this lug is relatively short, which not only makes the wearer more comfortable, but also prepares for tightening the strap.

 The diameter of the dial reaches 40 mm, which caters to the retro theme. It is a good choice for both men and women. The dual time zone pointer is designed in red to make the function clearer. The L619.2 automatic movement runs stably, and its performance is also remarkable.

 In summary: This watch is very suitable for daily wear. Not only is the movement excellent, but the appearance is also very simple and simple design, which has won the hearts of many Longines fans. On many occasions, the low-key and restraint of this watch can add a lot of color to your dress, and the price is also very suitable. If friends like it, you can try it in the store.
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