Age And Beginning Today Is New Today Glashütte Original 2015 Spring Festival Watch Appreciation

Years change, leaving the old to welcome the new. When the hands on the dial cross the zero point, the bell of the new year brings the blessing of the year of the sheep. Glashütte’s original rendering of the ‘Spring’ window grille with eye-catching Chinese red, accompanied by a symbiotic, harmonious and inclusive Jizhao Xiangyun, decorated the window, indicating that the new year will be open for prosperity and prosperity. The butterfly-shaped double gooseneck trimming device pattern with gooseneck door handles embellishes the door head, bringing good wishes for the new year, making the boutique full of strong Chinese new year flavor. On the occasion of the festival, Glashütte Original sincerely welcomes everyone from afar to enjoy the delicious afternoon tea while admiring the charm of Germany’s top watchmaking brands. With the Berlin Film Festival at the beginning of February, Glashütte Original has specially selected the PanoMaticlners watch with the movement inversion and the Pavonina watch of the ‘Spirit Collection’. Let time be with you and spend this wonderful season together.

 The Glashütte Original Movement Inverted Large Calendar Watch PanoMaticlnverse demonstrates the charm of the mechanical movement, highlighting a unique element of the watch in the appearance of the watch, which makes Glashütte’s original design process shine. Stunning shapes and unique technology add color to the Spring Festival. Details show auspicious feelings, whether it is a polished red gold case with frosted finish, golden hour markers, and a Louisiana Alligator leather frosted strap. , Or flashing cool shimmer, frosted polished stainless steel case, blue hour markers combined with dark blue Louisiana alligator leather strap, will bring different charm to this Spring Festival. Let time condense on the square dial, each time the hand moves is a ‘Happy New Year’. The eye-catching features of this watch are not only the blue steel screws, ruby ​​bearings, blue, red and white revealing the peace, but also the dial’s double-necked goose fine-tuning device, an outstanding work of mechanical watches.

 Compared to men’s watches, the bright colors can make women more cheerful on the occasion of the Spring Festival. Glashütte’s original ‘Sparrow series’ Pavonina watch, a model of the perfect combination of mother-of-pearl and diamond. 118 diamonds set in mother-of-pearl dials interpret the feminine beauty, with purple ribbon straps, it also means that the new year’s purple air comes to the east, and luck is boundless. Glashütte Original aims to satisfy modern women’s discerning taste for brilliant jewellery with this magnificent luxury watch. No matter how slowly time passed, she was still full of charm.

Glashütte Original Introduction
 Original, with the relentless pursuit of creating an unprecedented model of watches. Since 1845, Glashütte Original has always represented Germany’s top watchmaking craftsmanship, inheriting the pure bloodlines of the watchmaking industry of the Saxony Kingdom to the present day, and is renowned worldwide. In 1920, the master watchmaker Alfred Helwig invented the flying tourbillon, which established Glashütte’s original solid foundation in the field of complex watches. Adhering to the value concept of innovation, Glashütte created the world’s first dual-disc coaxial large calendar watch, and it is also the only watch brand with a double gooseneck spinner movement in the world. Self-disciplined by strict watchmaking standards, Glashütte Original creates manufacturing tools and produces exquisite dials for each timepiece. Its four series of watches are 100% equipped with original homemade movements, and 95% of the movement parts are made of Originally made in Germany, it can be described as pure German. The watch museum established to promote the profound time history of Glashütte Township inherits the original culture of Glashütte and Glashütte Township as the center of German watchmaking. Taking the glorious mission of the German cultural communicator, Glashütte Original collaborates with Germany’s grandest cultural event, the Berlin International Film Festival and the Dresden Music Festival, to explain the pursuit of the top German watch manufacturers in the future. .

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