Chanel Launches Mademoiselle Privé Series Camellia Dial Watch

In French, ‘MADEMOISELLE’ and ‘PRIVÉ’ stand for ‘Ladies’ and ‘Exclusive’ respectively. The name of this new watch series also means ‘feminine beauty’ and ‘uniqueness’. Has a very special meaning. The word MADEMOISELLE PRIVÉ first appeared on the door of Ms. Chanel’s studio on Cambon Street in Paris. Behind this closed door, what outsiders can’t see is that magical ideas are brewing and fermenting here … as if the elven curse has been cast, the door of MADEMOISELLE PRIVÉ has ​​been opened, and Chanel has entered the creative world. Here, it is full of iconic elements and charming decoration.

MADEMOISELLE PRIVÉ Collection-Lesage Embroidery

   For more than 100 years, Lesage Embroidery Workshop has been providing embroidery services for major high-end custom clothing and high-end ready-to-wear brands. Craftsmanship embroidery works are carefully crafted by craftsmen with a lot of time. Delicate pearl, gold and silk embroidered patterns, rose-cut diamonds, yellow gold and white gold gold foil and gold dots embroidered on the dot-like texture make up a beautiful flower pattern on a dark black cloth background Like a rare and precious poem.

MADEMOISELLE PRIVÉ-Mother-of-pearl inlaid fine camellia decoration

   Delicate and elegant, delicate and pure white camellia is loved by Ms. Chanel. Today, two new watches make the camellia look different. It has been re-interpreted countless times, but it will always be unique. This time, Camellia lends its beautiful curves to these two soft and elegant watches, achieving the boldest innovation. In the MADEMOISELLE PRIVÉ series, the camellia inlaid with mother-of-pearl is elegantly blooming on the dial. This material perfectly shows the lightness and softness of the petals.

MADEMOISELLE PRIVÉ series Camellia dial watch (this series is divided into 10 models, the picture below is one of them)

Reference H3822
Movement High-precision quartz movement
Case 18K Gold Set with 60 brilliant-cut round diamonds (approx. 1 carat)
Table diameter 37.5 mm
Dial The Lesage embroidery square is decorated with gold thread, 1 diamond and 18K gold sequins, decorated with a camellia pattern, eccentrically set at 5 o’clock
Strap Black satin strap with 18K gold pin buckle set with 80 brilliant-cut round diamonds (approx. 0.49 carat)
Power reserve 42 hours
Water-resistant to 30 meters