Congratulations To Nfl Legend Tom Brady

Tom Brady is the core player of his team against the Atlanta Falcons. He has become part of the American football legend.

   The extraordinary performance against the Atlanta Falcons has allowed Tom Brady to win again this year’s most important game … and set three new records.
   He only needs to be on the field to set the first of these three records. He did it, becoming the first rugby player to reach the seven finals. But to set another two records, he has to show his strength.
   As the core player of the most important game of the year, Tom Brady led his New England Patriots to win the game. He had to withstand the pressure. His team was 25 points behind at the end of the third quarter. They successfully reversed in overtime. Stress-free Tom Brady passed 466 yards: another record for this game.
   This fifth victory made him the most successful quarterback in NFL history, but it was not enough to make him the most popular player on the planet. He will definitely win his sixth victory next season!