Fashionable And Simple Beauty Tasting Girard Perregaux Small Seconds Watch

High-level timepieces are an extraordinary field. Here, people’s work is not simply influenced by the trend. Each piece of work is gradually formed after a long period of carving. It is based on quality. The law of artistic creation for important factors. Since the birth of the Girard Perregaux 1945 series, it has shown vigorous vitality, and has constantly won people’s favor with its beautiful external beauty and high-quality internal beauty, becoming an outstanding masterpiece of the brand. Official model: 25880-52-721-BB6A

  Girard Perregaux Vintage 1945 is a watch inspired by the rectangular art deco style introduced in 1945. It combines the multiple characteristics of craftsmanship, architecture and art, and expresses it between square inches. After years of development, this series has changed a variety of different styles of men’s and women’s watches, allowing Girard Perregaux to show the brand’s outstanding creativity and watchmaking technology.

  Girard Perregaux vintage 1945 series small seconds watch shines brightly in the eye-catching, square case is unique, its white dial is decorated with a circle of flashing elegant Arabic numerals, perfect interpretation of the series’ simple and clear, line proportions Just the noble temperament.

  The edge of the dial is a track-type minute scale, Girard Perregaux’s logo is located at 12 o’clock. The small seconds dial is located at six o’clock, and the bright red number 60 on the small seconds dial is the only color touch throughout the design. The concise Princess-style hour and minute hands are set against a curved dial to create a pleasing reflective texture.

  The dial of this vintage 1945 series exudes a pleasing luster, and the detail design is closely linked to the unique Art Deco charm of the vintage 1945 series; the curved crystal glass mirror and the case structure are natural, and the crown is located at three o’clock Location and engraved with GP logo, easy to use.

  The round frame sides on both sides of the case make the case arc more ironed, and connecting the lugs at both ends with the horizontal frame edge of the case makes the overall line more in one go. This is a unique case shape from the 1945 series. The case is unique, and the overall design emphasizes temperament and charm.

  The sparkling rose gold case and black alligator leather strap are retro and luxurious. The strap is sewn with black silk thread, showing the intimate parts of the brand everywhere; the buckle is made of 18K rose gold folding buckle, beautiful and stylish.

  The watch equipped with Girard Perregaux’s new GP3300 self-winding mechanical movement uses superb craftsmanship to integrate the complex movement perfectly into the slim case. It must use the most sophisticated technology to succeed. And this beautifully decorated movement can be seen from the sapphire crystal case back.

  The watch’s GP3300 movement has always been known for its stable and reliable characteristics. It uses a high-precision fine-tune balance spring system, which is a basic movement commonly used in brands. Its decoration also follows the watchmaking tradition: it consists of Geneva ripples, pearl dots and blue steel screws.

Summary: Watchmaking is the crystallization of the mind and the pursuit of perfect coordination of aesthetics and skills; while meeting the tastes and trends of different ages, traditional quality and advantages must not be damaged in order to be pleasing and consistent. Girard Perregaux has always released his talents on the road of watchmaking, exerting enthusiasm, and constantly bringing surprises to the world. For men, the above watch is both mature and low-key restraint, allowing you to feel the charm of advanced watchmaking. Official model: 25880-52-721-BB6A; Reference price: 210,000 yuan. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)
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