Hours, Minutes, And Seconds Hands Stand Tall, Retro Fans Of The Tissot Locke Standard Watch

Talking about the presentation of clock hands, the most common are the big three hands and the small three hands. Of course, there is also an unusual and very unique standard hand. The appearance frequency of standard hands is far less than the other two types of hands. It more represents a kind of feelings and respect, and conveys a clock culture. For example, this Leroco standard hands watch introduced in this article is the most original Tissot. A special model that pays tribute to the ‘standard pointer’. Next, let’s talk about what the normative pointer is, and take a deeper look at this new Tissot Le Locle watch.

What are canonical pointers?

 In simple terms, the standard hand is to separate the three hands of the hour, minute and second separately, using the unique design of the three hands and one line (of course, some brands’ non-one-line design), the three hands operate independently. The advantage of this design is to avoid visual errors caused by overlapping pointers, which greatly improves the accuracy of reading.
The origin of the canonical pointer
 The standard hand was first born in the 18th century. It appeared as a standard time tool used by watchmakers in the watchmaking workshop to proof other watch time. To put it plainly, it is used to check the accuracy of the time of the watch. In other fields, it has played a great role. In that era, the running time of the watch was not as accurate as it is now. The deviation was measured in minutes instead of seconds. Because of this, the minute was the most accurate quantitative at that time, so it was set in the center of the dial. In the field of clocks and watches today, the standard hands do not actually have much practical meaning and function. They are more to pay homage to history and feelings. Many brands have launched such watches, such as Glashütte Original, Bulgari. , IWC, Jacques Droe, Ruibao, etc.
Retro-inspired Tissot-Rock specification hands

 The Tissot Leglock standard pointer watch is also a tribute to the watchmaking tradition. During the Basel Haute Horlogerie show this year, the watch inherits Tissot’s long-standing watchmaking tradition and its simple design contains extraordinary quality.

 The gentle and elegant temperament of the watch exudes romantic retro feelings. The case made of 316L stainless steel is exquisitely polished and frosted to present an extraordinary metal texture. The 39.3mm diameter symbolizes the size of contemporary wear.

 The dial under the arched sapphire crystal of the watch is decorated with the exquisite ‘Tissot 1853’ and the logo of the series to which the watch belongs. Each of the three silver hands is connected to the axis in a line, forming the so-called ‘three-pin one-line’ design. The minute hand is placed in the center, and the hour moves along the minute track scale on the outside of the dial. The 12-hour dial is at 12 o’clock, and the small second dial is at 6 o’clock, plus the calendar display at 9 o’clock. , The center of the dial is also decorated with exquisite wavy patterns, elegant and charming.

 The watch is equipped with a stainless steel bracelet composed of many small links, and uses butterfly buckles and buttons of the same material for comfortable and convenient wearing.

 The design of the case back is also full of retro taste, carved with charming vine patterns, as if taking us to the small town of Lille in the Swiss Jura Mountains. Half moon-shaped perforated windows are opened on the upper and lower sides. Through the sapphire crystal glass, the self-winding mechanical movement on the inside can be seen. The oscillating weight is exquisitely decorated with the same ‘Tissot 1853’ as the bottom case. A century of watchmaking.
Summary: In today’s electronic technology era, getting time is an easy task. However, many watch lovers are still willing to buy a mechanical watch at a high price, so watches are not just a tool for recording time. It can arouse people’s pursuit of past feelings more. Are you optimistic about this retro-style Tissot-Roch standard pointer watch? Currently available in China, the reference price is RMB 6,200.