Introduction To Zenith Flagship Flagship Happy Watch

Zenith flagship happy power reserve watch
42mm diameter, available in stainless steel, 18K rose gold and gold, with silver sun dial or black dial, EIPrimeor 4021P automatic movement, waterproof 100 meters
This year’s Zenith watch still continues the style of last year. The products are still men’s watches as the priority, the chronographs are still the main models, and the prices are still cheap. If you want to say changes, this year’s Zenith timepieces are also not lacking. The first is the size: the flagship happy series equipped with the El Primero chronograph movement is unified from the previous 40.5 mm and 45 mm diameter into the current 42 mm. Commander series, the size has been expanded to 40 mm, as a whole, more and more has a classic taste. The second is the material: Zenith installed the ceramic bezel in the chronograph for the first time, and transformed it into an out-of-the-box sports watch. In terms of features, Striking 10th (tenths of a second jumping), which was the most popular last year, and this year has also loaded the flyback timing function, so you can’t help but be indifferent. As for the style, the introduction of gold and stainless steel diamonds can also be seen as a coping strategy in the era of high gold prices.