Kelia, Swatch World Women’s Professional Surfing Champion, Arrives At Wanning Just Like Home

Kalia, Swatch World Women’s Professional Surfing Champion shares joy

To Wanning is like home

At the just-concluded 2013 Swatch World Women’s Longboard Professional Surfing Championship, 20-year-old American Hawaiian girl Caria won the championship again this year after winning the championship in Mannings last year, lifting the world women’s Longboard pro trophy.

Bronze skin, model-like appearance, warm smile and that signature black sun hat, on the Hawaiian girl Kalia, always emit infinite youth energy, infect people around.

Kalia grew up in a traditional family with a strong surfing culture. She inherited the family’s inherent radical ideas and winning bloodline. Her father Tony opened a surfing school in Hawaii in the 1980s. The love of surfing has melted into Kalia’s blood, and she is proud to be able to represent the origin of the sport on the international stage and participate in the world’s top competitions.

Kalia, 20, is extremely talented in surfing. She was a runner-up in the 2011 Swatch World Women’s Longboard Championship in China, and became the ASP World Women’s Longboard Surfing Championship in 2012 and 2013, respectively.

Regarding the victory she just won, Kalia said excitedly, ‘Victory is indeed delightful! Winning the world championship in the sports you are engaged in should be the most exciting thing in an athlete’s career. Winning the world championship is not just For myself and for everyone who grew up with me in my surfing career. My dad, mom, brother, they all treat me as a princess, so it’s great to win something important! Only in my mind They can keep winning the game. Bringing the world championship trophy back to Hawaii is my proudest thing. Make my family happy, that’s everything! ‘

For the experience of winning the game, Kalia said that she has never been more focused on this game. ‘I just want to win! I know that the waves are there, but I have to be smart. So I told myself, wave after wave, to complete every action. This may sound cliché, but Very useful to me. Keep a clear head, listen to beautiful music, keep calm. ‘Kalia said with a smile.

Regarding her surfing career, Kalia said with a smile: ‘I am a cruiser and I love to glide. Gliding on a 3-foot-high glass ocean wave is exactly the joy of my life. Of course, it must be with my friends. Let’s do it together! ‘Kalia sees surfing as the best bridge to make friends with,’ If I didn’t surf, my friends would be half less. ‘

Being able to win the World Women’s Longboard Championship in Mannings for two consecutive years, Kalia sees Mannings as her lucky place. ‘It feels great. Mannings are really beautiful, we Hawaiians feel it is simply here Just like our own home. We have been warmly welcomed by the Wanning city government and local people, who have given us a VIP treat. ‘