Listen, The ‘voice’ Behind Cartier’s Rare Treasures

The definition of luxury in the world is often superficial. In fact, what is really luxurious and hard to see is the artistic and technological value behind the item. If there are still some legendary stories, of course, it will be even more glorious. Wandering in the ‘Cartier Collection’ of the world’s top art museums, it is absolutely beyond the ordinary category of luxury. Following the Metropolitan Museum of New York, the British Museum in London, the Grand Palace in Paris, and the Beijing Palace Museum, it was opened on April 18, 2015. We are going to Chengdu Sichuan Museum. Different from the previous exhibitions, this time, Cartier specially invited a few brand friends to carefully interpret those extraordinary treasures for you. This is said to be the first time in Cartier’s history.

Well, before the exhibition starts, let’s listen to what special ‘sounds’ are there.

The Emerald Necklace of Legendary Barbara Hutton

  This legendary necklace set at the highest auction price of jadeite jewellery in Hong Kong’s Sotheby’s spring auction last year was composed of 27 jade beads of uniform size and near-perfect color and texture, which belonged to the legendary American barbara Hutton. The red-green contrast in its colors is bold and uncontradictory. Today, this necklace is classified as Cartier Collection and will never be sold. It can only be seen at the Cartier Collection Exhibition. This exhibition in Chengdu is also the first time that it has been publicly displayed in a museum. Listen to the famous movie star and writer Lin Qingxia tell you this legendary story of emerald …

Cheetah brooch of the Duchess of Windsor

  ‘I love her because she is independent and her character is so elusive.’ The former emperor Edward VIII, and later the Duke of Windsor, voluntarily gave up the throne for the Duchess of Windsor (10,000 words omitted here). Throughout his life, the Duke of Windsor presented countless jewels to his wife. The most famous one is probably the cheetah brooch, which perfectly represents the Duchess’ independent and confident personality. Daffodil Ni Ni will tell you about one of the most famous jewelry in the world.

Belgian Queen’s Scrolled Crown

  If you want to wear its crown, you must bear its weight. Every king does not jump out in duang. The TAs must be pioneers in a certain field, constantly exploring with curiosity and tenacity. Cartier was the first to introduce platinum to jewelry making at the end of the 19th century, creating a style of garland that led the way. Electronic singer-songwriter Shang Wenjie will perform this crown-like masterpiece with obvious ‘garland style’ characteristics, which once belonged to Queen Elizabeth of Belgium.

Patiala Ceremony Necklace of Indian Tubo

  King Bhatialaban announced that Lord Pindra Thain can be said to be one of the best wayward figures in history. The largest order Cartier has ever received is from the tyrant, and this necklace is one of the orders. 234.65 carats of De Beers yellow diamonds, 2930 diamonds, 2 Burmese rubies, and a total weight of nearly 1,000 carats … Do you think the whole person is bad when you see these numbers? !! That’s right, this is the ceremony necklace of the prince of Bhatialabang that Zhang Xiaolong will bring to everyone.

Princess Margaret’s Rose Brooch

  In the 1930s and 1940s, innocent and romantic naturalist styles emerged at the historic moment in Europe. Designers got countless inspirations from flowers in nature. This platinum ‘British Rose’ brooch, specially customized for Cartier, is a gift from Princess George VI of Britain to the youngest daughter, Princess Margaret. The princess wore it for her sister Elizabeth II’s coronation at Westminster Abbey. The rose brooch is best interpreted by Guo Pei, the head of the rose workshop.

Cartier Collection

  Cartier Collection was established in 1983. It aims to systematically track, repurchase and preserve Cartier’s most representative artistic creations for nearly 170 years. So far, it has successfully repurchased more than 1,500 precious works from around the world. In the past 25 years, the Cartier Collection has been exhibited in 29 major art museums around the world, including the Paris Palace Museum, the British Museum in London, the Metropolitan Museum in New York, and the Kremlin Museum in Russia. Come and experience the pinnacle of art with host Cao Difei!

Academician Sword of Jean Cocteau

  Founded during the reign of Louis XIII, the French Academy once had a well-known tradition. The 40 lifelong academicians in the college were required to wear black academic robes, green olive branches and double-cornered hats, cloaks, and a symbol of excellence and supreme Honorary academician sword. The French academician sword owned by French writer Jean Cocteau during his lifetime was specially customized by Cartier. Unfortunately, this academician sword failed to come to Chengdu due to various reasons. But this does not prevent us from thinking of the famous dancer Venus in the voice of a generation of literary heroes who stood with swords.

  What are you waiting for? On April 18th, go to the Sichuan Museum for the first time!

‘Art Realm-Chinese and Western Treasure Art Exhibition’
Exhibition period: April 18th to July 28th, 2015
Exhibition time: 9:00 am-17:00 pm (Admission is closed at 16:30)
Venue: Chengdu Sichuan Museum (No. 251 Huanhua South Road, Qingyang District, Chengdu)

The most of this exhibition
The longest time span of Cartier’s exhibits in all Chinese exhibitions, Cartier’s masterpieces from 140 years to the late 19th century
Cartier Collection Barbara Hutton’s Rare Emerald Necklace Showed to the Public for the First Time
Cartier curated for the first time on the theme of naturalism and adopts the idea of ​​dialogue between East and West