Omega Speedmaster Series Coaxial Chronometer

Speaking of another name of the Omega Speedmaster family, you may suddenly realize how logical it is to ‘power’-the moon watch-in July 1969 became the first on the surface of the moon Worn watch. The test was conducted at NASA in Houston, USA. From a watch store, 11 different brands of watches were selected for temperature limit test, gravity test, vibration test and vacuum test. The winner was Omega. Speedmaster watches.

    In 2011, the Speedmaster Omega Co-Axial Chronograph became the successor of the Speedmaster family, with some of the same core elements as the original Speedmaster Professional models, such as the black dial, moon watch-style hands, and the well-known black on the bezel. Speedometer, 44.25mm diameter case is made of classic stainless steel, which is also the case material used by Supermaster models.

    While ‘inheriting’, ‘seeking change’ is king. There are only two small dials on the dial of this watch, instead of the three small dials commonly found on Speedmaster models, making it easier and more intuitive to read the time. Equipped with the newly released Omega coaxial 9300 movement, which not only possesses extraordinary chronological performance, but also is the first OMEGA self-produced movement family with a chronograph function. The hairspring in the movement is made of silicon, and silicon is a non-magnetic substance, so it is not affected by magnetic fields. The perfect combination of coaxial escapement technology and silicon hairspring brings reliable running time performance to the watch. The rare 4-year after-sales service guarantee in the watch industry is another domineering exposure outside the name.