Omega Speedmaster Series Watch Introduction

In 1962, NASA’s equipment procurement staff went directly to the watch store in Houston, purchased 6 chronographs, and returned to the Space Center for testing. In vacuum, it includes the test of temperature change, humidity change, fierce impact, accelerated centrifugal force, high and low pressure, noise, waterproof, anti-magnetic and anti-shock performance. Of the 6 chronograph watches selected, only Omega Speedmaster has expressed the high standards set by NASA and became the watch landing on the moon!
The Speedmaster has not changed in design since 1957. Because of its extremely complicated manufacturing process, it takes 14 months to prepare the independent parts before the actual assembly. The base assembly alone requires 80 manual operations, so superb and skilled. Craftsmanship enables human beings to realize their dream of landing on the moon!
Finally, on July 20, 1969, the American Apollo 11 spacecraft landed on the moon, and the first human landing on the moon. At 2:56 GMT on July 21, Neil Armstrong stepped on the surface of the moon and said, ‘This is a small step for me, but a big step for human beings!’ The people in front of the television screen on the planet are excited. Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon 19 minutes later, and he was wearing the Omega Speedmaster. An interesting episode was that when the electronic timing device of the lunar module failed, Armstrong left his Omega Speedmaster in the cabin in order to keep a safe spare timepiece. So Buzz Aldrin’s Speedmaster is really the first watch to land on the moon. With the end of the lunar mission and the normalization of space missions, the glory aura of the Omega Speedmaster professional lunar watch is as old as the brave astronauts in history, and continues to remain in the minds of watch fans and space fans.
限量 Apollo 11 ’40th Anniversary’ Limited Edition Watch
The movement of this very special watch model is the 321 movement of the same model of the Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch that was the same as the 1861 movement of the same series. The dial is protected by a polyacrylic synthetic crystal glass. The unique miniature Omega logo is etched on the inside of the glass. The bracelet is further improved. It is equipped with an Omega patented chain needle system and the back is etched with the Apollo 11 ‘Eagle’ mission. badge.
Alaska plan moon table
Speedmaster ‘Alaska Plan’ moon watch is equipped with Omega’s most representative movement 1861, and the same as the Moon Speedmaster. The effect of the red anodized aluminum case on the movement of the movement between -148 degrees and 260 degrees Celsius. On the dial, the central hour, minute and red central chronograph seconds hands are placed on a white surface that prevents solar radiation, and the bezel is also equipped with a black aluminum speedometer.
Super Speed ​​Professional Chronograph Moon Watch Limited Series
This chronograph model uses the Cal. 1861 hand-wound chronograph movement to pay tribute to the well-known movement. It is decorated with the golden seahorse logo and ’50th Anniversary’ at 12 o’clock to mark the 50th anniversary of the Speedmaster series. The Arabic numerals on the chronograph dial and the black aluminum speedometer on the bezel have been redesigned to make them clear and easy to read. The anti-wear and anti-string sapphire crystals enhance sharpness.
Superbrow Arrow Watch
款 This model inherits the classics of the Speedmaster series, including the unique wide arrow hands, arc-shaped lugs and speedometer bezel, but it is richer in material and details than before. The 3313 self-winding movement equipped with a coaxial escapement system ensures the stability and accuracy of the movement. The material of the outer ring, case and dial of the timer contrasts, making the timer more prominent.