The Earl And The Stars Shine The 47th Golden Bell Awards Ceremony

The 47th Golden Bell Awards ceremony was held on the evening of October 26th at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei. On the evening, many Taiwanese celebrities appeared in costumes, and Piaget, a jewellery and watch brand with close cooperation with film and television arts, also appeared, and joined hands with Chen Bailin, Lin Yichen, June, Li Mingshun, Zhong Xinyu, Cai Shuzhen and other shining red carpets. Chen Bailin, who won the ‘Dragon Actor Award’ with the drama ‘I May Not Love You,’ attended the night with a dark blue velvet suit and Piaget’s highly recognizable Gouverneur watch. Also in the drama ‘I May Not Love You’, Lin Yichen, who won the title of ‘Theatrical Show Actress Award’, wears a pretty romantic feather short dress, and Piaget Rose earrings with Piaget’s symbol of women’s romance. And the Limelight blade full diamond mysterious watch shines brightly. The actor who was shortlisted for the ‘Theatrical Actress Award’ for ‘Back in Love’ in June. On the red carpet, she wore a black dress with a drop-shaped Magic Garden diamond necklace, ring and earrings, and matched with the glamorous retro Limelight Diamond jewellery wrist. Singaporean actor Li Mingshun was shortlisted for this year’s Golden Bell Award for mini-series TV movie actor award for his ‘Forgetting’ performance. In the evening wearing the Piaget Emperador Coussion pillow-shaped men’s jewellery watch and the same series of long rectangular white gold and black agate cufflinks. Zhong Xinyu, who was shortlisted for the ‘Various Show Host Awards’ as the host of ‘Supermodel Avenue’, wore a black lace short dress with Piaget Miss Protocole fringed diamond earrings, Piaget Heart heart ring, and the center of the dial Limelight Dancing Light – Piaget Rose themed jewellery watch decorated with a hollow rose event dial was unveiled, and a long pink dress was worn at the time of the award. It was presented with a Miss Protocole fringe diamond necklace and Possession earrings. Invited as the guest of the party, Cai Shuzhen wore a low-cut silver long dress like Monroe’s classic white dress plate, paired with Limelight diamond short necklace with simple lines and Possession diamond earrings that also showed circular geometric lines, The Piaget Magic Garden series tassel full diamond bracelet appeared.

L.U.C Tourbillon Tech Twist Watch Powerful And Original Tourbillon

Interlacing technical achievements and innovative aesthetic art, Chopard launched the LUC Tourbillon Tech Twist watch. The LUC Tourbillon Tech Twist has an unprecedented winding system called Winding Assistance System. The system is specially designed for this new watch, and it is also the first invention in the world. Unusual movement and four barrels, this new watch naturally wins respect for its high-quality technology and original unique body shape. Chopard enhances the Twist series with a superior complex movement: the tourbillon. Limited edition of 100 LUC Tourbillon Tech Twist watches.

   The design of the LUC Tourbillon Tech Twist cleverly reinterprets the essence of tradition-using vertical and horizontal axes. Therefore, it also embodies the concept of Twist, and Chopard Watchmaking Factory has also injected this element into the Tech series-technically showing that Chopard focuses on technology research and development. The LUC Tourbillon Tech Twist thus has the perfect combination of originality and timepiece creativity.

   Featuring the unique aluminum frame of Chopard, the tourbillon is elegantly set at 7 o’clock, and the second hand is equipped with a blue steel arrow shape. The delicate appearance of the tourbillon is even more pronounced by the curved bridge on the circular window of the movement. The power reserve is located at 1 o’clock, and the power is displayed in an arc to echo this spectacular structure. The two horizontal wavy lines perfectly match the geometric arrangement, creating an overall soft visual effect. The latter is further highlighted by the Arabic numerals displayed on the upper half of the dial, allowing the tourbillon to leave more space in the lower part, at a glance. Proprietary LUC 4TBST mechanical movement with the authoritative côtes de Genève.
   Unique LUC ‘Quattro’ ® technology consists of two sets of stacked barrels. The proprietary LUC 4TBST manual winding movement guarantees a power reserve of up to 9 days. This extreme masterpiece is certified by the highly accurate Swiss COSC Swiss Observatory. The movement is equipped with Chopard’s proprietary variable inertia Variner® balance spring for perfect adjustment. The case is 18mm white gold with a diameter of 42mm and includes a strengthened sapphire crystal on the case back.
   The 18K white gold crown is set at 4 o’clock and is equipped with the LUC logo and the ‘winding assist system’ WAS-specially designed for this watch. The LUC logo is depressed on the crown, allowing users to adjust the movement with a small crank handle. Including the crank handle, there are 24 individual components, which are inlaid with gold. The LUC Tourbillon Tech Twist watch in the form of Twist carefully sets the crown at 4 o’clock, so it is comfortable to wear at home. Hand-stitched alligator strap with 18K white gold folding buckle. This famous example of Haute Horlogerie is a limited edition worldwide.
18K White Gold
Aluminum Tourbillon (World Exclusive Feature)
Total diameter 42.00 (mm)
Thickness 13.38 (mm)
Water-resistant to 30 meters
Anti-glare sapphire crystal surface
18K White Gold Crown with L.U.C Logo
W.A.S winding with crank handle
Transparent dial back
Manually wound tourbillon regulator movement LUC 4TBST (designed, planned and equipped by Chopard Watchmaking Factory)
Diameter: 29.70 mm
Thickness: 6.10 mm
Number of stones: 33 stones
Vibration frequency: 4 Hz or 28,800 times
Power reserve: 216 hours (about 9 days)
Four barrels: two sets of two barrels (coaxial) on top of each other (LUC Quattro® technology)
Hairspring balance: Variner®
The bridge is decorated with gilt engraving ‘Côtes de Genève’
Precision Chronograph Certification (COSC)
Dial and hands:
Transparent dial Dauphine hour and minute hands
Central hour and minute hands
Small seconds at 7 o’clock
Tourbillon with second hand at 7 o’clock
Pointer power reserve indicator set at 1 o’clock
Strap and buckle:
Black or Brown Alligator Leather Strap (22.00mm x 18.00mm)
18k White Gold Folding Clasp
Platinum limited edition number 100, reference number. 161917-1001

Bao Jing Marine Équation Marchante 5887

The founder of the brand, Abraham-Louis Breguet, devoted his lifelong talents to time measurement. He earned a reputation for his unparalleled enthusiasm and many revolutionary pioneering works. In European history, King Louis XVIII of France was his famous supporter. In 1814, Louis XVIII appointed Breguet in Paris as a member of the French Longitude Committee. Established by the French National Association in 1795, the Longitude Committee is dedicated to promoting the development of various branches of astronomy and its applications in geography, navigation and geodesy (disciplines for the study and measurement of geophysical forms). Its main duties include publishing astronomy every year Professional reference books such as ephemeris. The Longitude Committee is well-known and has about 20 members, including geometricians, astronomers, navigators, and related industry giants. Horology is crucial to physics and navigation, and it also holds a seat on the committee. Breguet is especially good at navigating the longitude, which is the well-deserved authority and sole representative in the horological field. On October 27, 1815, Master Breguet was honored again, and Louis XVIII issued an order granting Breguet the official title of ‘Manufacturer of Royal French Royal Precision Timepieces’.

   Nautical precision timekeeping involves extremely deep professional scientific knowledge, so this title is the highest honor that watchmakers can win, and it also means shouldering national responsibility. At that time, marine timing devices were vital to the fleet and could be used to measure the position of ships at sea.
   Adhering to the historical achievements of this unique watch altar, Breguet has launched the Breguet Marine Equation Marchante 5887, a unique masterpiece in the world. This superbly complex watch marks a new era for the Breguet Marine collection.
   The time equation display is an extraordinary and fascinating horological complex that shows the difference between the average solar time (‘flat solar time’) and the true solar time (‘true solar time’). Normal solar time, that is, civilian time, refers to the local standard time indicated by the clock; true solar time reflects the true movement of the sun.
   Since ancient times, humans have measured time with the sun as a reference. However, the visible trajectory of the sun, the real solar time shown on the sundial, is irregular. With the improvement of timing accuracy, clocks have become the basis for measuring time. People use the normal solar time instead of the real solar time, and define the time of each day as 24 hours equally. The cumulative time difference between normal solar time and true solar time in a day ranges from 16 minutes slow to 14 minutes fast. Only 4 days in a year are exactly equal. Since the position of the sun in the sky changes exactly on the same date each year, watchmakers can use a special cam to ‘plan.’ The cam is shaped like the number ‘8’, which can simulate the continuous trajectory of the sun position (‘eight-shaped curve’) mechanically. To ensure extreme precision, the cam is equipped with a stylus that drives the jet lag lever and displays the time difference between civilian time and solar time (-16 to +14 minutes). The time difference is usually displayed through a sector or small dial on the dial. The wearer calculates the true solar time by adding or subtracting the time difference based on the average solar time displayed on the dial. The new Breguet Marine Equatioin Marchante watch subverts this traditional design, displaying the civil time and solar time at the same time through two independent minute hands. The sun hour hand is decorated with a hollow faceted golden sun, which can read the real sun time directly at a glance. However, behind the seemingly simple display, it is the precise structure that only a few top watchmakers can complete. The solar hour hand must meet two requirements: one is to continuously rotate along the dial like a civilian hour hand; the other is to adjust the angle distance between the hour hand and the civilian hour hand according to the figure 8 curve. The principle of this innovative design of Breguet is that the solar hour hand is driven by a differential gear, and the power comes from two completely independent rotating frames: one drives the rotation of the civilian hour hand, and the other is through a push rod connected to the time equation cam. Control, time equation cam rotates a full week each year. The time equation cam developed by Breguet is extremely thin, placed on a transparent sapphire disc, and the time difference is calibrated once a month.
   In addition to the mysterious time equation function, this super complex watch has a perpetual calendar function which is one of the three major complications. The dial has a day display window from 10 to 11 o’clock, and the month and leap year calendar are displayed from 1 to 2 o’clock. A retrograde hand with an anchor motif on the tip of the needle rotates along the fan surface between 9 and 3 o’clock on the inside of the scale ring to indicate the date. The information display of the dial is carefully laid out, beautiful and concise, at a glance.

   Breguet’s new Marine Equation Marchante watch is equipped with a 581DR self-winding movement, adding another proud feature to the watch: a 60-second tourbillon, a Breguet balance wheel built into the titanium frame, and silicon gossamer. This innovative design allows the balance to vibrate up to 4 Hz, while providing a self-winding movement with a sufficient power reserve of up to 80 hours. There is a power reserve indicator at 7 to 9 o’clock on the dial.
   The masterpiece of this watch is created by the highly skilled Breguet watchmakers, and the design is ingenious. The front of the dial is decorated with two different engraved patterns, of which the delicate wave pattern is specially designed for this watch. The tourbillon bridge is engraved with the words ‘Marine royale’ and is striking. The bridge is carefully engraved with the Royal French First Class battleship ‘Royal Louis’. Through the sapphire crystal caseback, you can see the fine details. Clockwork box with wind rose nautical compass. The automatic hammer is located on the outer edge of the movement. The layout is exquisite. The gorgeous decoration makes this automatic movement perfect.
   Breguet’s new Marine Equation Marchante watch is exceptional, opening a new era in the Marine Marine series. Many novel aesthetic design elements add a stylish and dynamic character to the watch: the central lugs are polished and alternately polished with satin, and the coin pattern on the outer edge of the case is clearer and three-dimensional. The crown is polished with a delicate satin finish and is engraved with a polished ‘B’ sample card mark; the other corresponding crown is decorated with a delicate wave pattern hand-chamfered and satin-finished. This superb complication watch is available in a rose or platinum case with a diameter of 43.9 mm. Rose gold case with silver dial and anthracite movement; platinum case with blue dial and rhodium-plated movement. Both styles are extremely gorgeous, combining elegant temperament, clear practical functions, and exquisite and harmonious aesthetic design.
Watch description
Number: 5887PT / Y2 / 9WV
The case is 950 platinum, and the outer edge of the case is decorated with coin patterns. Sapphire crystal case back. 43.9 mm in diameter. Water-resistant to 10 bar (100 meters).
Blue gold dial with engraved engraving. Has a unique number and Breguet stealth signature. Scale ring with Roman numerals with luminous dots. Breguet hollow faceted 18K gold hands covered with luminous material. Sun-time hands with cutout faceted golden sun. The day of the week window is between 10:00 and 11:00. Month and leap year cycle displays are located between 1 and 2 o’clock. The retrograde date indicates a fan-shaped area at 9 to 3 o’clock. The power reserve indicator is located between 7 and 9 o’clock.
With automatic winding movement, with time equation, perpetual calendar, tourbillon and 80-hour power reserve function, it is engraved with organic core number and Breguet. Small seconds and time equation cams are placed on the tourbillon shaft. Caliber 581DPE. 16¾ French cents. 57 gems. With silicon escape wheel and flip bar, with silicon escapement and silicon balance spring. The vibration frequency is 4 Hz. 6 orientation adjustment.
The strap is made of crocodile leather with a gold folding buckle.
Also available in 18K rose gold with silver-plated gold dial and anthracite movement:
No. 5887BR / 12 / 9WV

The Smartest Watch T-touch Expert Pilot Watch

The famous Swiss watch brand Tissot launched the Tissot Tengzhi series for the first time in 1999. This series of watches is known as the smartest Swiss watch, turning a new page in the history of the world’s clock. This series of watches meet the wearer’s precise timing needs, while the unique high-tech touch screen technology gives the watch more functions and experience. This time, I will introduce a titanium watch from Tissot T-TOUCH EXPERT PILOT series. The design is stylish and sporty, full of vitality, and powerful. It is a perfect combination of wisdom and passion. Cutting-edge watches. Official model: T013.420.44.057.00

   Tissot T-TOUCH EXPERT PILOT series touch-screen watch Swiss-made quality, escorted for accurate timing; At the same time, Tissot T-TOUCH EXPERT PILOT series watches also have powerful weather forecast, thermometer, compass, dual time zone and so on High-tech features.

   The case is made of titanium, which is lighter and more allergic than ordinary 316L stainless steel, making it more comfortable to wear. The case diameter is 44.4 millimeters, and adopts the technology and fashionable design concept, which makes the appearance very classic and can be worn in and out of various occasions.

   For every wearer, this watch is an ultra-precise timekeeping product that integrates high-tech functions and is easy to use. It can be said that Tissot Tengzhi is more than just a watch. As long as the wearer touches the screen, he can activate fifteen different functions.

   Outdoor adventure sports enthusiasts can directly activate the altimeter (can be in feet and meters), altitude difference meter, stopwatch (segmentation and cumulative time), compass, dual alarm clock, thermometer (can be in Fahrenheit and Celsius) , Barometer, date and time (divided into 12 hours or 24 hours), perpetual calendar, countdown box backlight function.

   The titanium case has three buttons on the side. When these three buttons are matched with the dial, it can complete the time adjustment and display many functions. The operation is convenient and powerful.

   The strap is also made of titanium, which is called a ‘high-tech material’ because of its excellent light and strong material properties. The special polishing and dynamic design make it amazing on the wrist.

   The strap is equipped with a folding buckle with a safety buckle and the brand’s classic logo on the middle of the buckle.

   The back of the case has a dense bottom design and is equipped with an ETA E48.351 quartz movement with a diameter of 35 mm. The watch is water resistant to 100 meters.

Summary: This Tissot T-TOUCH EXPERT PILOT series watch allows wearers to enjoy the convenience and fun of high technology with their fingertips whenever and wherever possible. The smart watchmaking technology is accompanied by the wearer’s control of time at any time, but also given youthful vigor and passion. The rich and practical display function is an indispensable professional watch for winter skiing for many tasters who love skiing and loyal to extreme sports. It is definitely the best partner for professional climbers and extreme skiers. Whether you are a visitor to the glacier, challenge the peak of the Jedi, or accompanied by the shadows, dancers dancing on the snow, Tissot T-TOUCH EXPERT PILOT series touch-screen watches will become a taster of this winter, an indispensable wrist. New winter fashion. Official model: T013.420.44.057.00; Reference price: ¥ 8,550 (watch home figure / text source)
More watch details: tissot / 368 /

Carved And Simple Piaget Altiplano Chronograph Watch Tasting

The grand Geneva watch exhibition has come to an end, but the fine taste of the new products is still endless. Since its founding in 1874, Piaget has always been committed to enhancing creativity, refining details and integrating watch and jewelry craftsmanship, reflecting the style of high-end brands. The count of the watch exhibition once again presented a unique Piaget style, the ultra-thin to the end, the simple and neat design style to the end, constantly compiling records in the history of watchmaking. Below, Watch House takes you to appreciate this PiagetAltiplano chronograph watch. Official model: G0A40031

  The Altiplano collection not only has simple models, but also complex chronograph models. This new addition to the Piaget’s ultra-slim watch legend is the icing on the cake. This watch, as always, maintains a simple style, while balancing the complicated display required for complex functions, and combines the two with delicate craftsmanship.
Functional illustration

The front of the watch reflects the classic design style of the Altiplano watch.
  The 41 mm case is inlaid with bright and gorgeous diamonds. Through the mirror, you can see that the dial is polished and modified by the sun’s radiant matte surface, revealing a radiant and bright light. The slender Barton pointer with single-row and double-row alternate time scales makes reading at a glance.

Slim hands trace the track of time on the disk.
  This simple design that penetrates into every angle is really exciting. The slender hands draw a track of time on the dial, even if you have three small dial watches, it is not cumbersome at all.

Three small dials, staggered.
  There are three small dials on the dial, and many people think that it only has a timekeeping function, and then surprises are often unexpected. In addition to the small seconds at 6 o’clock and the 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock, the second time zone display at 24 o’clock is set at 9 o’clock. This simple function makes this watch the best companion for people who travel.

The crown bears the Earl’s logo, and there are timing buttons on the upper and lower sides.
  Seen from the side, the slender and elegant chronograph buttons work seamlessly with the streamlined ultra-thin case. It is worth mentioning that with a single touch, the watch’s flyback chronograph function can instantly reset the chronograph hands and automatically re-count.

Straight lugs link case and strap.
  The PiagetAltiplano chronograph watch uses a crocodile leather strap with a pin buckle to ensure comfortable wearing, while the noble texture of crocodile leather highlights the quality of life of men.

18K white gold buckle, delicate and small.
  In addition to the beauty of the watch, it is more important to wear comfort. The buckle of this watch is made of 18K white gold and has the Piaget logo.

The new 883P movement was developed by Piaget Piaget.
  The new 883P movement was developed by Piaget Piaget and is clearly visible through the transparent case back. This movement is based on one of the thinnest self-winding movements on the market, the 880P. The craftsmanship that has been honed for a long time has enabled Piaget to produce this outstanding hand-wound flyback chronograph.

The movement is carefully retouched with traditional watchmaking techniques, and the Geneva wave pattern is clearly visible.
  In the ultra-thin field, Piaget has always been second to none. This manually wound flyback chronograph movement is only 4.65 mm thick, while the precious and delicate case is only 8.24 mm thick. The thickness of the movement and case has both set a new world record, and it is amazingly thin and detailed.

Summary: The watch itself is a very small and exquisite article. Adding many functions to it is itself a test of technical work. The general movement must be carefully assembled, carefully polished, and repeatedly inspected before it can be successfully assembled. In the case. Piaget watches not only pursue high-quality movements, but also require ultra-thin. Each part must have a slimmer volume and even add other complicated functions while maintaining the original function. A difficult and complex task. With the birth of the Piaget Altiplano chronograph watch, let us look forward to Piaget’s continuous innovation in the future and create another miracle in watches. Official model: G0A40031; Reference price: ¥ 314,000 (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

Simple From Classic Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Heritage Watch Tasting

Simple style has always been one of the fashionable watchmaking styles in the watch industry. Because it will never fall into the cliche, it is one of the favorite styles of table friends. The classic models of watch brands, with their own unique charm and quality, provide a reference for the heritage of the series. The fusion of simple style and classic heritage is the Vacheron Constantin Patrimony heritage watch series introduced by the editor of the watch house today. (Model: 1110U / 000P-B087)

The classic continuation of Patrimony’s heritage

Watch overall display

   The evolution of the Patrimony heritage series from the beginning of the 1950s to today’s latest works. Patrimony heritage series watches have unique characteristics, noble elegance, perfect roundness, and still exude a permanent charm over time. The perfect circle, the essence of aesthetics and the proportion of harmony. Inspired by the watches created by Vacheron Constantin in the 1950s, the Patrimony collection is a model of simplicity. It embodies the original minimalist concept, achieves a perfect balance between rigorous straight lines and arcs, and shows its unique personality.
Crash from platinum and watchmaking

Watch dial display

   The Pt950 platinum round case with a diameter of 42.00 mm is exquisite and beautiful. In the watch industry, the use of precious platinum as the watch case is relatively rare, generally appear in the brand’s limited edition. Unlike gold, it is luxurious, cold, and restrained. With a thickness of 7.65 millimeters, it is a thinner watch that reflects Vacheron Constantin’s outstanding watchmaking skills. After the polishing process, the luster is bright and the texture is delicate.

Watch crown display

   The Pt950 platinum crown is embossed with the Maltese cross pattern, which is very beautiful. With non-slip texture design, the timing operation is relatively simple.

Dial display on watch

   The dial of the watch is a slate gray tone, equipped with a central hour and minute hand and a bar-shaped inlaid time scale mark, plus an avant-garde 3, 6, 9, and 12 engraved triangle inlaid time scale mark. accurate.

Watch dial display

   The watch uses a stylish small three-hand design style. The small seconds dial is set at 6 o’clock. The time information is clear at a glance. It is simple and pure, without any extra decoration. It is exquisite and elegant. Every detail is handled very well, showing the beauty of smooth lines and rustic. The stylish appearance and the simple and clear dial give the watch a timeless modern atmosphere.
Geneva imprint 4400 AS manual winding movement

Watch movement display

   It is equipped with a 4400 AS manual winding movement, assembled from 127 parts, 21 gems, 28,800 vibrations / hour (4 Hz), can provide about 65 hours of power reserve, is engraved with the Geneva mark, and is waterproof to 30 meters. The watch has a transparent design, through the transparent sapphire crystal case back, you can see the movement of the movement, do not have some fun.

Watch strap display

   The Pt950 platinum case is paired with an elegant black Mississippi crocodile leather strap with leather inner layer, hand-stitched, large square grain, good texture, and more comfortable to wear. And with Pt950 platinum pin buckle, the brand features full. The watch is fixed on the wrist, it will not fall off, it is safe and reliable.

Watch overall display

Summary: The watch incorporates Vacheron Constantin’s most unique DNA, showing Vacheron Constantin’s timeless classic features everywhere, while exposing the elegant temperament and simple and fashionable style that keeps pace with the times. The smooth lines reflect the brand’s rigorous watchmaking technology and characteristics. The Patrimony heritage collection, whether equipped with a simple movement or an ultra-complex movement, reflects its roots in the purest tradition of fine watchmaking. For those who like elegant, generous, simple style, you can consider starting this watch. Price: 252,000 yuan

Show Ingenuity And Pass On Blessings: Franck Muller Presents 2015 Christmas Collection Watches

Christmas is coming quietly in 2015. In this festive season, Franck Muller has carefully selected a series of elegant and exquisite watches, allowing you to wear the warmest blessings to her or his wrist. . Featured watches include Cintrée Curvex Ladies Automatic, a jewellery watch with a mechanical movement for ladies who love high-end mechanical watches, Vanguard Lady with exquisite details, Vanguard Carbon showing modern and futuristic men’s charm, and fashionable Sporty Master Banker three-zone time zone watch.
   Franck Muller sets the pace with innovative and sophisticated technology combined with meticulous design and holds many patents, which are welcomed all over the world. Each watch masterpiece contains the essence of the Franck Muller brand, creating technological innovations for the history of fine watchmaking and engraved with infinite creativity and the highest quality marks, and has won the reputation of ‘Master of Complex Functions’.
FRANCK MULLER Cintrée Curvex Ladies Automatic rose gold diamond watch
For Her
Cintrée Curvex Ladies Automatic – Exclusive sale in stores
   Franck Muller’s new Cintrée Curvex women’s automatic watch is presented to women who love high-end mechanical watches. It is a jewellery watch with a mechanical movement. Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can enjoy the movement of the movement. The watch is equipped with an automatic movement and provides a 42-hour power reserve. The brand’s iconic Cintrée Curvex case design, with the ‘FM’ diamond marking on the center of the dial, is uniquely collectible. The watch is available in an 18K rose gold case, or a diamond-set case, which presents the perfect form of shining light. The new Cintrée Curvex women’s automatic watch is exclusively available in stores.

FRANCK MULLER Cintrée Curvex Ladies Automatic rose gold diamond watch?
Vanguard Lady
   A new women’s watch is added to the Vanguard series, with exquisite details and elegant appearance. The creation of the watch is inspired by the perfect lines of Cintrée Curvex, which further highlights the fascinating style of the Vanguard series. This Vanguard Lady is set off by gorgeous details. The sun-embossed dial is embossed with black or white embossed digital hour markers, which is feminine and chic, and perfectly matches the bold and dynamic case. The eye-catching case of this new series is very sporty, on the other hand, its elegant style gives people a soft and charming feeling.

Vanguard Lady Full Diamond Steel Watch

Vanguard Lady Full Diamond Steel Watch
For Him
Vanguard Carbon
   The Vanguard series welcomes a new creative watch: Franck Muller’s first watch with a carbon fiber case. Carbon fiber is extremely tough and lightweight, and is widely used in aviation and military applications. Carbon fiber brings a striking contemporary style to Vanguard watches. The entire case, including the threaded part, is made from a single piece of carbon fiber, and the manufacturing process is very delicate. The new Vanguard carbon fiber watch shows the charm of men with a modern and futuristic style in an unprecedented way.

Vanguard Carbon carbon fiber watch?

   This luxury watch for men is a perfect combination of pleasing design and advanced technology; the strap is also stitched with cordura fabric and black rubber. Vanguard carbon fiber watches have opened a new page for Franck Muller’s modern and innovative watches.
Master Banker
   The new Master Banker watches bring a refreshing, dynamic design to the brand’s iconic timepieces. Wall Street’s business talent inspired the creation of the new Master Banker. It is equipped with three different time zone displays, all of which can be adjusted through a crown, so the wearer can immediately read the time of stock exchange locations around the world. The center of the dial shows the current time (hours and minutes) and an hour and minute dial at 6 and 12 o’clock to show the other two world time zones.

Master Banker Three Time White Gold Watch

Master Banker Three Time Rose Gold Watch
   The sun-embossed dial is embellished with a map of the world, highlighting the worldly concept of this watch. Watches combine functionality, aesthetics, and timepiece complexity. The new luminous hour markers are both stylish and sporty, giving the watch a unique look and adding a modern touch.

Omega Speedmaster Series Coaxial Chronometer

Speaking of another name of the Omega Speedmaster family, you may suddenly realize how logical it is to ‘power’-the moon watch-in July 1969 became the first on the surface of the moon Worn watch. The test was conducted at NASA in Houston, USA. From a watch store, 11 different brands of watches were selected for temperature limit test, gravity test, vibration test and vacuum test. The winner was Omega. Speedmaster watches.

    In 2011, the Speedmaster Omega Co-Axial Chronograph became the successor of the Speedmaster family, with some of the same core elements as the original Speedmaster Professional models, such as the black dial, moon watch-style hands, and the well-known black on the bezel. Speedometer, 44.25mm diameter case is made of classic stainless steel, which is also the case material used by Supermaster models.

    While ‘inheriting’, ‘seeking change’ is king. There are only two small dials on the dial of this watch, instead of the three small dials commonly found on Speedmaster models, making it easier and more intuitive to read the time. Equipped with the newly released Omega coaxial 9300 movement, which not only possesses extraordinary chronological performance, but also is the first OMEGA self-produced movement family with a chronograph function. The hairspring in the movement is made of silicon, and silicon is a non-magnetic substance, so it is not affected by magnetic fields. The perfect combination of coaxial escapement technology and silicon hairspring brings reliable running time performance to the watch. The rare 4-year after-sales service guarantee in the watch industry is another domineering exposure outside the name.

2012 Omega Dubai Women’s Masters Wonderful Finale Omega Celebrity Ambassador Feng Shanshan Breaks Record To Win

Omega’s new celebrity ambassador Feng Shanshan performed exceptionally well in the 2012 Omega Dubai Women’s Masters. She successfully won the competition with her outstanding talents and excellent ball skills, and she vividly demonstrated her extraordinary strength as a world leader in women’s golf. In this four-day competition, Feng Shanshan has consistently ranked at the top of the rankings, and finally won the championship with a total score of 267 shots below par. At the same time, she also broke the record for the lowest number of shots in the tournament-the previous record was 18 below par, set by Swedish player Annika Sorenstam in 2006 and chased by Korean player Kim In-soo in 2009 Level this record.

Princess Haya (rear right) and Omega celebrity ambassador Feng Shanshan (rear left)

   Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, the wife of His Excellency HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, awarded the trophy to Feng Shanshan. As the champion of the competition, Feng Shanshan also won a prize of 75,000 euros and received an Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 34 mm coaxial watch in an 18K red gold case with a leather strap.

Feng Shanshan breaks record at Omega Dubai Women’s Masters

   Feng Shanshan is one of the best professional golfers in the world. She is the first mainland Chinese player to win a full card on the LPGA Tour. Within a few years, she has become one of the most competitive players on the tour. In 2012, the 23-year-old genius won the LPGA Championship with two strokes and became the first mainland Chinese player to win the LPGA Grand Slam. In fact, she was also the first player to win a Grand Slam title in history. Mainland China players.
   During this event, Omega also hosted a series of special events in the brand’s VIP area, including luncheons for female players at Emirates Golf Club and Dubai Creek Club, A media luncheon, and several autograph sessions with celebrity ambassadors Michelle Wie and Shanshan Feng.

Omega and Golf
——The tradition of global cooperation between watchmaking experts and aristocracy
    Sponsoring golf events has long been an integral part of Omega’s brand strategy. The name of this famous Swiss watchmaker has always been closely linked to some important golf events. Omega has teamed up with The PGA of America to designate timing for all PGA events, including the PGA Championship and the Ryder Cup in the United States.
   In addition, Omega also sponsors the annual European Masters in Switzerland and the two most prestigious sports events in the Middle East-The Dubai Desert Classic and the Dubai Women’s Masters ( The Dubai Ladies Masters).
   In 2016, golf will return to the Olympics for the first time after leaving the Olympic stage for more than 100 years, at which time Omega will continue to be the designated timekeeper for the Olympic Games. Golf is officially re-accepted as the world’s top sporting event, and it is precisely that it has truly become a significant manifestation of an international event.

Omega Dubai Women’s Masters
   From December 5th to December 8th, 2012 local time, the Omega Dubai Women’s Masters was held at the Emirates Golf Club. Omega has sponsored the event for 5 consecutive years.

Fresh And Elegant Radar New True Series Ladies Watch Glory Return

Radar True Series is a sports watch made of high-tech ceramics. It was first introduced in 2006. After years of development, the series continues to innovate and improve while continuing the classics. At this year’s Basel Watch Fair, we once again saw Radar’s new true series of watches. Here we will introduce an all-white ladies watch.

Case made of white high-tech ceramic
   The new True Series watch is made of high-tech ceramics, with a warm color and comfortable feel. The dial and case are also designed in white, with gold hour markers and hands, and a classic rotatable radar with 12 o’clock Anchor logo and brand LOGO, a date display window at 3 o’clock, simple shape with simple functions, fully meet the needs of female users.

Watch rounded

Sapphire crystal glass slightly raised

Watch simple atmosphere

Dial design continues the characteristics of the true series

The sun-ray patterns between the surfaces are very fine

Calendar display window at 3 o’clock

With titanium folding clasp

Summary: Baselworld 2015 is a feast for global fashion people, and we really feel the true meaning of art from it. Later, the watch group in front of the Watch House will bring us more exciting content. For more information, please click on the watch home Basel live show: