Avant-garde Persistence Interview With Mr. Stéphane Linder, Global Ceo Of Tag Heuer

Each watch brand has a different personality, and each CEO also has his own style. I first met Mr. Stéphane Linder, CEO of TAG Heuer, at a dinner held in Beijing late last year. Mr. Linder feels a bit ‘anti-bone’, it seems that no matter what happens to him, there is a way to solve it; an atmosphere of courage makes me feel that it is a bit similar to the brand DNA of Tag Heuer. I did n’t have a chance to talk with him last time. Until this time I was going to interview him, I realized that it turned out that Mr. Stéphane Linder has been working at Tag Heuer for more than 20 years, and the brand’s identity has become personal. portion. A few days ago, we were fortunate to have him interviewed during our busy schedule.

Keep evolving

 Mr. Stéphane Linder has been the CEO of TAG Heuer since June last year, so we first asked him if there was any difference or change between him and TAG Heuer this year.

 ‘I think what I brought to Tag Heuer is more like an evolution than a radical reform.’ He said without hesitation. ‘Because the brand itself already has very powerful assets, it does not require any major reforms, but rather further optimizes and enhances the original advantages. I see that we can improve our products or target the Chinese market. Progress and closer to the market. For example, the newly launched Carrera Carlibre 5 series, which has a slightly classic and unique design, has achieved very good results. The response and sales in the Chinese market are quite similar. Good. ‘Speaking of this, you can feel his voice excited with confidence.

 ‘In addition, in terms of research and development and manufacture of the movement, such as the CH80 automatic movement officially launched at the Basel Watch Fair this year, in addition to the timing function, it has a better power reserve and is slimmer. It has also been further strengthened and Strengthening Tag Heuer’s position in the field of professional watchmaking. ‘
 ‘We are constantly observing where our opportunities are, how to quickly develop our advantages, and continue to innovate!’ Having said that, he suddenly asked me, ‘You have seen this at the Barcelona watch fair this year. Our Monaco V4 Torbillion watch? ‘I nodded with a smile, and answered him,’ Of course, that is an impressive watch. ” Yes, we are celebrating the tenth anniversary of the V4, and launching it This tourbillon watch, which has no ancients and no later, is brought to work by leather, and once again proves the ever-evolving DNA in Tiger Heuer’s bones and the fruitful results it brings. ‘

Target innovation
 Now that he talked about the new models introduced this year, I went on to ask him questions about the development of the models. From Mikrograph, Mikrorider, to Mikro Pendulum without a hairspring magnetic swinging device last year, to this year’s Monaco V4 Torbillion, TAG Heuer has made breakthrough achievements in the field of fine watchmaking; while comparing daily wearable watches, from 2010 The self-made 1887 movement, the launch of this year’s CH 80 movement, etc. also had very good responses, so I asked him in particular whether he had a clear plan for the movement, function or technology.
 ‘I think our clearest plan is innovation!’ Mr. Stéphane Linder said with a smile. ‘CH 80 is a more traditional, classic, higher-performance chronograph movement. It has a 80-hour power reserve but is slimmer. It brings higher value to brands and consumers. This is in the sense of more traditional watches. In addition, we are constantly looking for breakthroughs in high technology or high complexity. For example, the Monaco V4 Torbillion watch belongs to this category. ‘

 ‘The V4 series was launched in 2004 and officially commercialized in 2009. Since then, we have continuously explored 1/100, 1 / 1,000, 5 through the launch of Mikrogiaph, Mikrotimer, Mikrorider and other watches. The smallest unit of time, such as / 10,000, has set a threshold that no one can reach, and it is very difficult to cross. However, V4 is the best we sell in the field of advanced and complex watches every year! I think it is because V4 is unique Innovation, no matter in terms of concept, design, etc. We will continue to carry out research and development on V4. We will launch newer technology as soon as possible, maybe next year or in the following year, and of course we will try other aspects. ‘Suddenly, Mr Stéphane Linder smiled at me with a playful smile and said, ‘But, you know, such an innovative technology takes time …’
 Mr. Stéphane Linder also revealed some plans for the new movement: ‘We are brewing and developing better and more innovative timing movements, which not only have good performance, but also can control the market price of the final product at around 60,000 RMB. This range makes it more cost-effective and makes chronograph watches more popular. We may launch such models around 2016. ‘

Potential Chinese market

 For watches, the domestic market is becoming increasingly important, and the domestic economic environment and government policies also seem to have an impact on watch brands. Regarding this, Mr. Stéphane Linder said: ‘If the proportion of the Chinese market is about 4% -5% of the world market, if you add the Chinese people’s watch purchases when traveling abroad, it can be about 8% -10%. ‘
 ‘Compared to other markets, the Chinese market still has great potential for us.’ Mr. Stéphane Linder shared with us his previous experience as vice president of sales in North America. ‘The United States is the largest market for TAG Heuer, second only to Rolex. Its sales in the United States are nearly 4 times that of Longines and 2.5 times that of Omega. This shows the future potential of TAG Heuer in the Chinese market.’ He is very proud. Talking. ‘Changes in China’s economy or government policies will have a more serious impact on other brands that account for most of the market share in China. They are actually good for us. The main thing is how we can better product, market, channel, etc. The best judgment and control. ‘

Symbol of closeness to life

 Since Carella’s 50th anniversary tour in China last year, the release of the film ‘RUSH’ and the recent global tour of the ‘Jack Heuer’ Time Museum held in Shanghai and Beijing respectively have made many people feel that Tag Heuer is closer. Design sense of people’s lives. So what does he think of the Tag Heuer design and the attitude of life he wants to convey?

 ‘I think the TAG Heuer watch has a more outgoing DNA and closer to life, and has a classic design, but also more lively and lively, just like you!’ He suddenly laughed and half joked with me Said. ‘Just like your upper body blazer with dark jeans and canvas shoes on the lower body today, it’s a bit of a lifelike but polite, and not too serious.’

 I held back my embarrassment and continued to listen to him. ‘Of course, we also know that the current Chinese consumers prefer a slightly more traditional and elegant design, so we will also make some adjustments to this part. Like the previously mentioned Carrera Carlibre 5 series, it has achieved quite good sales. And repercussions, 4 of the 10 best Tag Heuer watches sold are of this series. Through watches and other methods, we are constantly communicating with consumers an idea: when you wear Thai Ge Heuya, you will have a choice different from your father’s, you will be more different and more ‘cool’.

 ‘As more new generations of Chinese people know how to pursue their sense of accomplishment and richer life content, and when they know how to dress themselves and choose their own lifestyle, more people will become Tag Heuer. Lovers. Whether it is the next cooperation with world football superstar Ronaldo, or Tag Heuer as the official partner, the world’s first electric car event, will come to the FIA ​​Formula E electric car championship event in Beijing in September Wait, it’s all about conveying this meaning. ‘

Constantly challenge yourself

 It is rare to be able to work in a company for more than 20 years, so he must have personally experienced the development and changes of Tag Heuer over the past 20 years. In this regard, he said: ‘In fact, the changes in the past 20 years are really not small. Twenty years ago, due to the market, most of us were producing quartz watches, and there were relatively few mechanical watches. Later, we changed to It mainly produces mechanical watches, and has begun to innovate watch products and even brands, gradually develop our specialty stores and sales channels, build our own watchmaking factories, and develop home-made movements such as 1887 and CH80. Wait, we even launched V4, dual tourbillon, etc., which cost more than 200,000 Euros, high-tech ultra-complex watches, etc. If you took a photo of the Tag Heuer factory at the time, etc. 20 years ago, If you compare today’s developments, you may think that Tag Heuer is the fastest-growing watch brand in the past 20 years! ‘

 Having said that, Mr. Stéphane Linder paused for a while and then said, ‘I think we are constantly challenging ourselves! So we can survive the crisis of the end of the company in 1986 and become one of the most powerful watch brands in the world to this day. First, and continue to challenge and innovate. ‘
 ‘I think my personality is the same. I like to innovate, I like to challenge, I do n’t like to just follow the past. I may never be satisfied with the status quo, but care more about what we can do next. Of course I attach great importance to what we have done. The results are just that I think we can always do better and more innovative than before. This is also my concept of life. I also often do things that others think are crazy. This seems to be a bit similar to the brand, so I think I am particularly suitable for Tag Heuer, haha! ‘With that said, we all laughed in unison.
 Towards the end of the interview, I asked Mr. Stéphane Linder to try to describe Tag Heuer with a few simple keywords. ‘Innovation, Avant-Garde avant-garde, and from 1860, constantly accumulating and challenging!’ He nodded, and said to me in a very affirmative tone. We also ended this interview in this conversation worth pondering and thinking, and the last photo taken.
 From then on, I often think about the word ‘progressive’ by Mr. Stéphane Linder from time to time. No matter whether it is a brand or a person, I think the protagonist also has some ‘anti-bone’ characteristics, and I have self-confidence. Challenge the status quo to yourself, the surroundings, and the reality in order to make an insistence different from ordinary people and an innovative performance different from ordinary people! Looking forward to the activities of Tag Heuer in September, I also hope that I will have the opportunity to meet Mr. Stéphane Linder again.


Glasutti Original Chinese Limited Edition-a New Parliamentary Excellence Watch For Chinese Connoisseurs

Glashütte Original has created five limited edition Senator Excellence watches exclusively for China with 42mm case. The dials of the new watch are hand-made. Two of them are made of red 18K gold with indigo or halo white dials, which make them more eye-catching. The other three are made of stainless steel with indigo, galaxy gray and ha White dial. The five new watches are all equipped with Calibre 36-01 movements to present excellent precision, stability, runtime and aesthetics.

Five innovative faces of traditional German watchmaking art
German high-end watchmaking brand Glashütte originally launched five new parliamentary excellence watches, which are specially customized for Chinese watch connoisseurs. The new watch features a 42mm case with indigo, galaxy and opal white dials, crafted by Glashütte’s original dial manufacturer.

The case of this Senator Excellence watch first introduced is made of red 18K gold, with an indigo dial, UV-resistant finish, and red 18K gold hour, minute, second and scale. Dial with alternating polished and satin-finished red 18K gold case, brown Louisiana alligator leather strap, and red 18K gold pin buckle or folding buckle.

The second watch features a red 18K gold case with an elegant white dial, blue steel hour and minute hands, blue seconds and scales, and a dark blue Louisiana alligator leather strap and red 18K gold pin buckle. Buckle or folding buckle.

The first watch of the stainless steel series has a striking indigo dial with UV-resistant finish, white 18K gold indexes and rhodium-plated hour, minute and second hands. Its 42mm stainless steel case is polished and satin-finished, and it has a black Louisiana alligator leather strap that fits firmly on the wrist.
腕表 This watch can be purchased at the Glashütte Original Boutique and its official authorized dealer, Xinyu. Xinyu is a well-known boutique watch retailer in China and a long-term strategic partner of Glashütte Original and the Swatch Group. It is proud to participate in the launch of this new watch.

The other two stainless steel watches highlight the exquisite craftsmanship of Glashütte’s original dial. One uses a galaxy gray dial with vertical brushed finishes, blue scales, blue steel hour and minute hands, and blue sweep seconds; the other The model presents an exquisite white dial with blue scales, blue steel hour and minute hands, and blue sweep seconds. Both watches feature a dark blue Louisiana alligator leather strap with a folding or pin buckle.
Reliable accuracy: Calibre 36 movement
All new watches customized for China use the 4Hz Calibre 36-01 automatic movement developed by the German watchmaker, which is specially developed to meet the needs of today’s life. The silicon balance spring helps to improve the accuracy of the watch, and the expanded single spring lock can reach a power reserve of 100 hours.
Glashütte Original always attaches great importance to the reliability and ruggedness of the watch. These watches are designed to accompany their owners’ busy lives and maintain their reputation for ‘Made in Germany’ seals of origin. Glashütte Original paid great attention to the development of automatic movements to show continuous high performance: optimized design reduces the number of parts and removes parts that may be subject to wear, such as reducing winding by optimizing the winding structure Energy loss in the process.
Also helping to achieve stability is a new bayonet mount that holds the movement inside the case—similar to the bayonet mount for camera lenses. This makes the entire structure shock-resistant and easy to assemble and maintain.
excellent quality
All models in the parliamentary Excellence range have outstanding quality in terms of accuracy, stability, run time and aesthetics, and all models provide proof of their quality in the form of an inspection certificate which records the original Glashütte factory The results of a full-day test of each watch over a period of 24 days. All owners of Glashütte original watches have online access to comprehensive information on various test procedures and detailed watch test results.
Twenty-five new parliamentary excellence watches have been launched, and Glashütte original boutiques in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenyang and Xi’an, as well as retailer and strategic partner Xinyu, are available in Glashütte original boutiques across the country.


Longines Is Devoted To Equestrian Sports Promotion Activities

Longines is devoted to the equestrian sport and always pays close attention to international equestrian events. For more than 80 years, the brand has dedicated itself to this, and has now become an important player active on international racecourses. The timer with the double-winged hourglass logo on the dial has become one of the indispensable equipment for equestrians.

浪 In 1878, Longines began to enter the field of sports chronographs, engraved on its first sports chronograph pocket watch to make the rider hold the reins to train the horse
In 1821, the watchmaker Nicolas-Mathieu Rieussec officially displayed the first mechanical timepiece at the Champ de Mars racecourse. It is said that the oldest racecourse is competing with other racecourses for a great opportunity concerning development prospects due to the enactment of related empires. The inventor of the ‘horse racing timer’ undoubtedly created a long-established close connection between the art of watchmaking and the sport of horse racing. Ten years later, in 1832, in the Vallée du Jura, Switzerland, Longines witnessed this day. Longines, who is passionate about horse racing, has developed precise chronographs. The chronograph with a double-wing hourglass logo on the dial has since become an indispensable item for equestrians. For more than a century, Longines timing systems have been used in many international events.

Longines names first Diana Grand Prix at Longines Cup
Miss Diana at Longines
Longines is devoted to equestrian sports and always pays attention to international equestrian events. In 2011, Longines was recognized by the French equestrian authority and was allowed to participate in two of the most prestigious equestrian events held at the Chantilly Racecourse. One of them was the Longines Cup Diana Grand Prix ( prix de Diane Longines). Longines, the first competition sponsored by this watch factory in Helvet, Switzerland, was successfully held on June 12, the same year. According to the equestrian tradition, riders and mounts need to work together to complete a long distance race of 2100 meters. The assistants also looked forward to the award ceremony of the Longines Cup Diana Grand Prix, and couldn’t wait to see the most elegant guest ever presented. After the race, Longines and its elegant ambassador Aishwarya Rai and the winning rider attended a grand dinner, which was held in the elegant ballroom of the Chantilly Castle.

Ladies Diamond Conquest women’s diamond watch collection brings a touch of elegance to Longines’ sporty beauty
Longines race year
Equipped with the sports timing equipment provided by Longines, the equestrian events held at the Chantilly Racecourse, Deauville Racecourse and Longchamp Racecourse are also extremely exciting. In fact, Longines has a footprint in many countries and regions around the world and participates in equestrian events all year round. From the Dubai World Cup in March to the derby du Kentucky festival in the US spring in May, Longines crosses the Atlantic Ocean to the Diana Grand Prix and crosses the English Straits participated in the Royal Ascot, and in September they rushed to Germany to participate in the Longines Grosser Preis von Baden. In October, Longines appeared at the Longchamp racecourse to time the Qatar Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe; then came to Rome, the eternal city, to participate in the Longines Lydia Tesio Grand Prix in Capannelle . Finally, the Longines Cup Mackinnon Stakes in Melbourne, Australia, and the Longines Cup Singapore Gold Cup in November are the finale of the year. For more than 80 years, Longines has dedicated itself to equestrian events, and has now become an important player in international racecourses.


[2016 Basel] Girard Perregaux Goes Back To Classic Watch Legend

GP Girard Perregaux launched the ‘Laureato’ watch in 1975. With unprecedented watch lines, materials and movements, it has become a revolutionary legend in the international watch industry. Its name was proposed by GP Girard-Perregaux’s Italian distributors, and meant to pay tribute to the film industry. In fact, it was inspired by the Italian language of the classic film The Graduate, directed by Mike Nichols and starring Dustin Hoffman, Anne Bancroft, and Katharine Ross.

High-quality stainless steel legend
 Looking back at the time when the watchmaking industry began to use stainless steel for advanced sports watches, historians will agree that the ‘Laureato’ launched by GP Girard-Perregaux in 1975 was the starting point for this innovation. ‘Laureato’ is made of gold from beginning to end, setting a precedent for similar watches.

 Innovating is always the purpose of Girard-Perregaux. At the time of this new design, there was no marketing concept in the watch industry.
New module design
 Laureato’s polished octagonal bezel and satin-brushed case are elements never seen before in a comprehensive bracelet watch. The exquisite bracelet-style design combines comfort and flexibility. All subsequent satin-finished bracelets with polished hinges have also been decorated with polished stripes, showing a perfect blend of shiny and matte effects. Since then, all Girard Perregaux models equipped with a gold bezel and a gold-plated bracelet have begun to use gold and sporty grey materials. When ‘Laureato’ was launched, it immediately set off a two-tone watch trend.
Innovative advanced movement

 ‘Laureato’ is famous for its fashionable design, but the brand’s research focus at that time was on technology. At that time, the Swiss watch industry began to replace the well-known balance device with a quartz movement, which inspired GP Girard-Perregaux to develop its own quartz movement. Girard Perregaux’s quartz movement has an oscillation frequency of 32,768 Hz, making it an unprecedented advanced quartz movement. The dial thus began to be engraved with the ‘Quartz Chronometer’, which means that all watches have passed the rigorous precision tests used to this day. This standard is still the international quality indicator and accepted by the international quartz movement manufacturers.
Continuous improvement process
1984: First improvements
 Legendary designs are unique because they continue to lead the way. GP Girard-Perregaux infused many complex elements into ‘Laureato’ in 1984, and added an equation movement that is widely used in astronomical indicators, which greatly enhanced the watch’s appeal and exposure.
 The bezel and integrated bracelet watch still follow the usual octagonal and polished design. The bangle watch also adds a polished arched bracelet, which forms an elegant contrast with the bright bezel, and the round design is more beautiful.
1995: a leap forward in size and complexity
 In order to match the ultra-thin automatic GP 3100 mechanical movement, the brand has increased the size of ‘Laureato’ to ensure that it does not affect the proportion of the original watch. The volume of the bezel and the case band has increased, and the bracelet has also begun to adopt the ‘H’ design.
 Olimpico was born in 1996 when the brand introduced a chronograph version. The brand improved the design in 1998, creating a prestigious tourbillon equipped with a three-gold bridge movement, and this design has become a classic of Girard Perregaux.
 In the world of watchmaking at that time, the pursuit of advanced and more sporty designs became fashionable. This watchmaking tourbillon is known for its reliability and stability to withstand any environment.
2003: EVO3
 Nowadays, the well-known international ‘Laureato’ is equipped with a self-winding mechanical chronograph movement, and the third-generation design has become famous with its diameter of more than 40 mm.
 ‘Laureato EVO3’ has a 44mm case and an octagonal bezel. The bezel is first introduced with a satin finish and is set with round frame elements inside and outside. The integrated bracelet watch carries the flexible characteristics, the springs and pushers set with screws reveal the consistent sports style of this series.
 ‘Laureato EVO3’ uses a self-made movement GP 033C0-A0VAA with 52 stones. It is equipped with a 46-hour power reserve and precision components. The surface design also reflects a balanced aesthetic. There is a 24-hour timer at 9 o’clock, a sub-timer at 3 o’clock, and a pointer-type monthly calendar at 12 o’clock. The ends of the chronograph minute and second hands are painted red, sweeping across the entire surface.
 The series also added a full perspective three-gold bridge tourbillon design. The golden bridge and blue spinel made of sapphire create a magnetic levitation effect, making this model a brand new design that is popular all over the world.
LAUREATO 2016: the future
Collectible treasures
 To celebrate the 225th anniversary of the brand, GP Girard-Perregaux re-launches a replica ‘Laureato’ to trace its original aesthetics.
Relying on its exquisite production technology and precision mechanical technology, more than 40 years after the launch of the first stainless steel ‘Laureato’ watch by GP Girard-Perregaux, this limited edition 225 collection was launched for this design.
Carry out the stainless steel aesthetics
 The unique aesthetics of stainless steel has always been loved by watchmakers and fine watch enthusiasts, so the stainless steel version of ‘Laureato’ will return with a sports style aesthetic. The new design has a classic hexagon bezel and a simple and flexible comprehensive bracelet watch, and added a hook element, showing an elegant contrast between polished and satin-finished effects.
 The 41 mm diameter case is re-launched, which is bound to set off the trend of oversized watch design. The watch uses the first-generation baton-shaped hands and fluorescent decoration, and the dial (white gray or military blue) is printed with the ‘Clous de Paris’ fine grid pattern, which implements the classic aesthetics of the first version of 1975. The date is displayed at the 3 o’clock position. The spar is light-reflective and has a sapphire crystal on the back.
Superb watchmaking example
 Just like the masterpiece of any fine watchmaking brand, Laureato has the GP03300-0030 movement developed by Girard Perregaux. This 27-jewel self-winding mechanical movement is flawlessly crafted. The built-in pendulum is clearly visible from the back of the case. The oscillation frequency is 28,800 times per hour and the 46-hour power reserve is extraordinary.
Post classic wave
 Girard-Perregaux watches, which have been in existence for 225 years, rely on professional technology and exquisite craftsmanship for more than two centuries, and still continue to write legends of superb watchmaking craftsmanship. To record this glorious history, the Girard-Perregaux Museum will reopen at La Chaux-de-Fonds. Many precious collections trace the glorious history of the brand, depicting how Jean-François Bautte founded the brand in 1791, how many classic designs inherit the GP Girard-Perregaux craftsmanship and innovative spirit.
 Laureato, born in 1975, will be launching its 225th Anniversary Edition and become a member of this noble palace.
LAUREATO Technical Specifications
Case: stainless steel
Diameter: 41.00 mm
Thickness: 10.10 mm
Spar: Anti-reflective Sapphire
Dial: Silver or blue with Clous de Paris pattern
Hands: Conductor-shaped, with fluorescent hands
Case back: anti-reflective sapphire
Water resistance: 30 meters (3 ATM)

Girard Perregaux GP03300-0030 Automatic Mechanical Movement
Diameter: 25.60 mm (11 ½’’’)
Height: 3.20 mm
Vibration frequency: 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz)
Power reserve: 46 hours minimum
Gems: 27
Function: hour, minute, second and date display


Jewelry Show On Noah’s Ark, Let’s Be Moved

There is an exhibition, which will be officially opened to the public on May 28th, that is, tomorrow, and it will be launched at the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art. I was fortunate to have experienced this exhibition in advance. Now, I highly recommend it to all readers, fans and my friends of Watches & Clocks: as long as you have the time and opportunity, you must watch it. Not only do you have to see it yourself, it is best to bring your family, friends, and children to experience it together. If you know its good but miss it, you will definitely regret it. This exhibition can make the body and mind soft and feel extremely beautiful and loving. The exhibition is directly related to art and jewelry, but it is much more than that-because of its beautiful origins, the high level of creativity, design and production of the exhibition itself, and the profound meaning of each exhibit, a small scene The exhibition can deeply impress people and give you a moving moment. As a man, I was moved to tears just after seeing the exhibition-when I saw the pair of kiss-necked donkeys on the cover of this article in soft, slow and deep music (probably my tears) Too low and too many associations. As a father, I thought of the helplessness of innocent children in the face of a catastrophe, and the boundless happiness of having any relatives around them …). The theme of the exhibition involves human destiny, catastrophe, great love, affection, natural world … If there is love in the heart, how can we not immerse it? I didn’t know the existence of Robert Wilson before the exhibition, but after watching this exhibition and listening to him in person, he turned to the 77-year-old artist and became his fan … Robert Wilson is exactly The designer and set designer of this exhibition. What kind of exhibition is this? L’ Arche de Noe ́ raconte ́e par Van Cleef & Arpels When Noah’s Ark meets Van Cleef & Arpels Noah’s Ark, it comes from religious mythology. It was God who built a giant ark under the hands of a good man, Noah. When God destroyed a man who disappointed him with a flood, Noah led and called his children, as well as the world’s paired spiritual animals. Together, escaped this catastrophe. Later, when the flood receded, the creatures and humans living on Noah’s Ark began to thrive and established a new world. When Noah’s Ark met Van Cleef & Arpels ‘Inspiration can be seen everywhere, a light, an image, a melody, a painting, an encounter, a sky, and only a few words, loud laughter, tears in the eyes …’- Robert Wilson ‘This set displays a new jewellery collection in a low-key and mysterious style, forming an artistic country that combines Robert Wilson’s unique aesthetics and Van Cleef & Arpels design concepts. Robert Wilson reinterprets a great myth in human culture. He With the skillful use of light and angle, in the endlessly surprising, stage-like setting, more than 60 pairs of animal lovers’ simple shapes are full of poetry, and the two complement each other. ‘-Nicolas Bos (Van Cleef & Arpels) Exhibition The entrance is dark and short, and many people need to bend down to enter. Imagine if the end of the world came, what day would any entrance to the chance of survival be? When you ‘board the ship’ and walk inside, you see the light and the hope. Here, it looks like a beautiful spiritual animal world, and it also looks like a big box of jewellery, containing all the brilliance, life, beauty and love. In this special Noah’s Ark cabin, the deep music of the viola and piano intertwined is the main theme. In the beautiful music, we can carefully look at and experience the spiritual life and emotion brought by the jewelry world. Although as far as I know, each piece of jewelry of Noah’s Ark series is expensive, and it may be around three million or more. But these beautiful works and vivid exhibitions immerse each viewer completely in the artistic atmosphere and the warmth of love. The attribute of jewelry as a commodity and the price become another little thing. We will only admire and congratulate those who can have these beautiful things in the future. My personal feeling is: The price of this kind of works has no meaning. As long as you can own it, you are a happy and lucky person. We can’t have it, we can also know their existence, and appreciate their beauty, hidden in our hearts. Viewing the exhibition is very simple, just watching them silently and quietly. Look for a few seconds, or a few minutes, or even longer. Thinking of you, thinking of life, thinking of family and family, thinking of love. Knowing how rare love and life are, we must cherish them. Nature, life and life can never be smooth. Not only is it not smooth sailing, it may even face a terrible challenge of the doomsday version of the catastrophe. This is the story of Noah’s Ark. Therefore, when you quietly admire these animal couples in the beautiful music, you will be scared by the sudden lightning and thunder. This is actually the situation that the creatures on Noah’s Ark have to face every moment. ‘When Noah’s Ark meets Van Cleef & Arpels’, the most attractive highlight of the exhibition is that the exhibitors will present Noah’s Ark in the traditional sense in a more detached and aura-like manner. Robert Wilson said that he first drew a huge Noah’s Ark hull design, but these beautiful animal brooches are so small, how can people make these beautiful things look good? His final decision was to ‘enlarge’ the exhibits as much as possible, and Noah’s Ark, instead shrunk to a small ‘boat’ suspended above the exhibition site. This is genius creativity and design. In the exhibition room, we seemed to be inside the huge Noah’s Ark, and when we suddenly saw the ‘small’ Noah’s Ark above our heads, we still felt that it was large, powerful, and sacred. ▲ Van Cleef & Arpels’ Noah’s Ark exhibition is directly related to more than 60 pairs of animal-themed new ‘Noah’s Ark’ high jewelry series. The ‘Noah’s Ark’ series is inspired by the painting ‘The Entry of the Animals into Noah’s Ark’ by Jan Brueghel, exhibited at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles. Entrance to Noah’s Ark ‘). This is the inspiration that inspired Nicolas Bos, Van Cleef & Arpels’ global president and CEO, to appreciate this painting, which in turn gave birth to this series. ▲ Jan Brueghel’s painting ‘The Entry of the Animals into Noah’s Ark’ passed the hands of Van Cleef & Arpels genius designers and jewellery craftsmen. More than 60 pairs of animal lovers were transformed by various gems, pearls and diamonds. Come. How to make them shine in front of the world? It was another encounter between the President of Van Cleef & Arpels and Robert Wilson, which brought the cooperation of both parties and the wonderful exhibition we see today. As a jewellery family, Van Cleef & Arpels has a long history of animal preferences. From the earliest to 1910, he began to create feathers and diamond birds, embellished with coat collars and hats. Since then, flying hummingbirds, snuggling lovebirds, elven birds of paradise, and even more animal themes such as butterflies, dragonflies, beetles, etc., have been added to commemorate the vigorous vitality of nature and the light and beautiful beauty of animals . From the 1910s to the present day, Van Cleef & Arpels has produced wonderful animal-themed jewelry pieces. The action brooches of the 1950s and 1960s were the most attractive. The works exhibited in this exhibition can be said to be a tribute and sublimation to animal-themed works of that era. 1920s 1 / 2 1922 cap pin ‘bird’ ad 2 / 2 Pin Paris 1924 Platinum, brilliant-cut diamonds, arc-polished rubies, emeralds, sapphires, onyx 1930’s Hummingbird Treasure Box Paris 1938 Originally Nazri Saab, Queen Fuad Rebecca collection of gold, brilliant-cut diamonds, concealed setting of red and sapphires Three birdies / love birds brooches Paris 1946 gold, platinum, brilliant-cut diamonds, cabochon red, sapphires, faceted cuts of red and sapphires 1950s 1 / 2 Normandy Duck Brooch Paris 1955 Originally the Princess of Grace of Monaco collection of gold, platinum, brilliant-cut diamonds , Faceted sapphire, emerald 2 / 2 Bulldog brooch Paris 1957 gold, enamel, faceted cut topaz 1960s 1 / 7 Duck brooch Italy circa 1961 yellow gold, platinum, brilliant-cut diamonds, convex ruby Baroque pearl 2 / 7 Lion brooch Princess Grace Collection Monaco, gifted by Aristo Onassis gold, platinum, brilliant-cut diamonds, faceted emeralds, 缟Agate 3 / 7 Giraffe brooch Paris 1964 Gold, platinum, brilliant-cut diamonds, enamel 4 / 7 Bull Brooch Paris 1964 gold, platinum, brilliant-cut diamonds, faceted diamonds 5 / 7 squirrel brooch Paris circa 1965 gold, rose-cut diamonds, carved emeralds, coral 6 / 7 Rabbit brooch Paris 1968 Gold, platinum, brilliant-cut diamonds, coral, convex onyx 7 / 7 Dragon-shaped brooch New York 1969 Gold, carved coral, convex round emerald 1970s 1 / 6 Lion鹫 Griffin brooch Paris 1971 gold, brilliant-cut diamonds, carved coral, faceted amethyst, faceted emerald, convex round emerald 2 / 6 Persia Lion Pendant Paris 1972 Back Inscription: ‘White 50th Anniversary Charity Ball of the Couch Foundation, Iran, October 28, 1971 ‘Gold, convex round chalcedony 3 / 6 Antelope Brooch Paris 1972 錾Gold, platinum, brilliant-cut diamond, horse-eye sapphire, enamel 4 / 6 Persian tiger brooch Paris 1972 gold, brilliant-cut diamond, convex round green chalcedony , Lapis lazuli, enamel 5 / 6 Persian tiger brooch Paris 1972 gold, brilliant-cut diamonds, convex green chalcedony, lapis lazuli, enamel 6 em> / 6 Mogalo First Bracelet New York 1974 Gold, Brilliant Cut Diamond, Carved Coral, Horse Eye Sapphire, Convex Sapphire, Emerald 1990s Elton Brooch Paris 1998 Gold, mahogany heart, convex round onyx 21st century 1 / 2 Butterfly brooch Paris and Japan 2004-2012 2 / 2 Carpe Koi Bracelet Watch Paris 2014 Gold, Manganese Aluminium Garnet, Yellow Sapphire, Paraiba Tourmaline, Black Spinel, Princess Square and Bright Cut Diamond Show Date of release: May 2, 2019 From 8th to July 12th (closed on Monday), the free visiting time is from 11 am to 7 pm, 200 Huayuangang Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai. The Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art makes an appointment. Scan the QR code to make an appointment.


Watches & Wonders The First Asian Haute Horlogerie Show-jaeger-lecoultre Presents Hybris

From September 25th to 28th, 2013, Hong Kong-Jaeger-LeCoultre, the model of Swiss fine watchmaking, was honored to participate in the first Asian Fine Watch Exhibition in Hong Kong-Watches & Wonders. Jaeger-LeCoultre presents masterpieces, including the latest high-end jewellery and watches, for VIPs to enjoy a distinguished appreciation journey. On the opening day of September 25, Mr. Daniel Riedo, President of Jaeger-LeCoultre Global, and Mr. Guillain Maspétiol, Chief Executive Officer of North Asia, greeted the distinguished guests. During the exhibition, Jaeger-LeCoultre will be exhibiting the well-known masterpieces and watch collections such as Duomètre Sphérotourbillon (limited to 5 pieces) and Tourbillon Master Grand Tourbillon Enamel. Connoisseurs and Asian media are friendly, and they bring the essence of Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmaking skills.

Duomètre Sphérotourbillon

Master Grand Tourbillon Enamel

Nine Hybridis Mechanica watches come to Asia
Over the past ten years, the Hybridis Mechanica series has become a classic representative of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s superb master craftsmanship, while also highlighting its glorious history of watchmaking. As part of the 180th anniversary gift offering, Jaeger-LeCoultre is extremely honored to exhibit this exquisite collection in Hong Kong. During the exhibition, Jaeger-LeCoultre watch works are displayed in a gorgeous exhibition hall of about 300 square meters, blending modern style with the faith of the Grand Workshop, creating a luxurious and elegant watch-receiving experience. The biggest highlight of this exhibition is the nine Hybris Mechanica series, which first gathered in Asia. This gorgeous lineup includes the Master Tourbillon 1 Master Gyrotourbillon 1 (2004), the Reverso Grande Complications a Triptyque (2006), the Master Compressor Extreme Lab (2007), and the Tourbillon. Reverso Gyrotourbillon 2 (2008), Duomètre à Grande Sonnerie (2009), Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication (2010), Reverso Répétition Minutes à Rideau (2011), Duomètre Sphérotourbillon (2012), two-wing three-dimensional tourbillon watch, together with the superb traditional ball tourbillon 3, which was first introduced at the Geneva International Horological Watch Exhibition in January 2013, Master Grande Tradition Nine legendary works including Gyrotourbillon 3 Jubilee (2013) are exquisitely displayed in the pavilion for the appreciation of Asian connoisseurs.

Master Gyrotourbillon 1

ReversoGrande Complications a Triptyque

Master Compressor Extreme Lab

Reverso Gyrotourbillon 2

Duomètre à Grande Sonnerie

Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication

Reverso Répétition Minutes à Rideau

Duomètre Sphérotourbillon

Master Grande Tradition Gyrotourbillon 3 Jubilee

Watchmaking workshop spreads Jaeger-LeCoultre core values ​​and technical essence
In order to satisfy watchmakers’ curiosity about the brand and the fine watchmaking industry, Jaeger-LeCoultre deliberately organizes three types of practical master courses during the exhibition period, and teaches professional workshops covering watch making, enamel drawing and gem setting. World of fine watchmaking. Jaeger-LeCoultre reserves nine tables for watch enthusiasts in each workshop. Apprentices can not only disassemble and assemble the movement here, but also from the Jaeger-LeCoultre factory in Vallée de Joux. The watchmaking masters came to guide and show the hand-made skills of the brand. And it is in the land of Ru Valley that gave birth to the extraordinary history of Jaeger-LeCoultre for 180 years. The master watchmakers passed on the money for a long time. They conceived, developed, and created more than 1,200 precision movements. They successfully gathered more than 180 craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies for making high-end watches under the same roof, making the brand famous.
Miss Zhao Wei gracefully appeared to add color to the brand
At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, the well-known Chinese movie star Ms. Zhao Wei appeared in the Jaeger-LeCoultre Pavilion as Jaeger-LeCoultre brand ambassador, becoming one of the first VIPs to experience the extraordinary watchmaking style of the brand. Under Zhao Wei’s elegant feminine interpretation, the double-sided flip watch Reverso Cordonnet Duetto is even more graceful and graceful, reflecting the starlight of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s pavilion.

Chinese movie star Miss Zhao Wei