Parmigiani Complex Timepieces Ultra-limited Craft

PARMIGIANI has always taken ‘the desire of the heart, the expertise of the brand’ as the brand’s philosophy. The restoration of antique clocks and mechanical collections is the cornerstone of the birth of the Parmigiani brand. The best source of inspiration and craftsmanship for watchmakers. Learning from the past’s fascinating creativity and craftsmanship to innovate, incorporating new timepiece creation, making Parmigiani a unique watch brand with both classical traditional value and contemporary creativity.

Parmigiani’s advanced and complex watch exhibition, every guest can enjoy and appreciate the craftsmanship and originality behind each Parmigiani watch up close.

With top craftsmanship and perfect materials, Parmigiani will show the world in the most exquisite combination of simplicity and complexity. From November 29th to December 31st, Parmigiani will hold a month-long exhibition at Hong Kong Oriental Watch Co., Ltd., displaying a variety of sophisticated watches, including Westminster Abbey, Minute Repeater, Perpetual Calendar and Tuo Watches with complex functions such as flywheels. To bring a unique surprise to every watch collector and enthusiast, to explore and cherish the resonance with everyone who loves watches.
Parmigiani’s advanced and complex watch exhibition located in the underground atrium of Oriental Watch Store, 100 Queen’s Road Central, Central, follows the brand’s usual low-key luxury temperament and innovative, elegant decoration style and design concept. The exhibition area is based on Parmigiani’s iconic water drop-shaped lugs. The spacious space allows guests to truly experience leisure while also being honored. Every guest can enjoy and appreciate the craftsmanship and originality behind each Parmigiani watch up close.
Details of Parmigiani’s Advanced Complex Watches Exhibition
 Date: November 29-31, 2014
 Address: Lower Ground Floor and Basement, 100 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
 Phone: 852 3470 0009

 Toric Capitole

Inspired by the signature pocket watch of Perrin Frères in the early 19th century, it has a special zone time display function and the movement is entirely produced by Parmigiani. The PF321 movement is equipped with a minute repeater function with a cathedral bell device and a zone time display module. Time is displayed in a half-moon window made of Tahiti mother-of-pearl. Double knurled case with dial with hand-engraved geometry and surface covered with transparent enamel. Limited one.

 Ovale Collection

Ovale Tourbillon combines the beauty of an oval, the charm of a tourbillon frame, and the constant escapement of escapement. The PF501 movement is the top piece created by Parmigiani with its watchmaking skills, and it is also one of the very few 30-second tourbillon movements on the market. The tourbillon rotates twice a minute to improve the accuracy of the watch . The pink gold case with a black mother-of-pearl dial and the white gold dial with rose gold and silver Geneva waves are limited to 30 pieces each.

Ovale Collection

The Ovale Pantographe watch is inspired by a Vardon & Stedmann signature pocket watch produced in 1800. Ovale Pantographe is equipped with a magical design of telescopic hands. The hour and minute hands move precisely along the oval outline of the dial, expanding or contracting according to distance. The self-made PF 111 watch movement is exclusively manufactured by the Parmigiani Watchmaking Centre (MHF), and its complex craftsmanship reflects the construction of the hands. The processing technology needs to be accurate to 2 micrometers (0.001 mm mm = about 1 micrometer), which is extremely demanding. The drilling and ‘independent and gapless’ assembly of the blue titanium parts of the hands requires the watchmaker to be precise and accurate, and only humans can do this.

Kalpa Tourbillon

The extraordinary technology of this women’s Kalpa Tourbillon tourbillon is reflected in its 30-second tourbillon manual winding movement with a 7-day power reserve. This PF500 self-made movement has a tourbillon that rotates at twice the speed of a general tourbillon, thereby improving the regularity of the mechanical device. The dial of pure white mother-of-pearl is lined with power reserve indicators and lugs set with square diamonds, which is definitely the best choice for ladies who are low-key, stable and pay attention to details and taste.

 Bugatti Super Sport Black ADLC

Parmigiani reversed the mechanical structure to create a new direct-cut Bugatti PF372 movement, while retaining the time reading configuration favored by many drivers. The world’s first integrated double bevel gear system successfully developed a 90 ° time display mechanism, that is, the dial and the time display are at a vertical angle. With a 10-day power reserve, the sides of the case echo the classic lugs of the Parmigiani watch. Special force gauge crown for adjustment and winding with just one touch.