Parmigiani Studio Concept Store Settled In Miami, Usa

In March 2015, Parmigiani opened its first North American flagship store in Miami, USA-the Parmigioni Studio Concept Store-this is also its 14th flagship store in the world. Parmigiani Studio Concept Store is located in the Miami Design District, the city’s rising entertainment hub. Over the past 15 years, the district has brought together many internationally renowned galleries, design studios and high-end restaurants, becoming a gathering place for pioneers and creativity.

   Based on the concept of belonging, Parmigiani has been committed to blending with local and local styles globally and showing the brand’s rich creativity. For Parmigiani, Miami’s spirit fits perfectly. In fact, each specialty store maps the brand’s unique style, ingeniously blending with the visual beauty and unique charm of the surrounding environment.

   The newly opened Parmigiani Studio concept store in the Miami Design District has an area of ​​approximately 96 square meters. Visitors are immersed in three different atmospheres in order to pay tribute to the city’s colorful architectural history.

   The first thing that caught the eye of visitors was a spacious and bright space. The overall atmosphere was neat and elegant. Here, every structure and decoration, every piece of furniture, and even the most subtle details, made Parmigiani’s watch works sparkle. Fai.

   The second space is called the collection library, which is spliced ​​by display windows, and there is a long table to display the latest works launched by the brand.

   The last space is a small lounge, decorated with blue lacquered surface, where you can enjoy the brand’s unique “high-level clocks” while relaxing in a comfortable room.
   With three different spaces and unique spiritual concepts, the Parmigiani Studio Concept Store in Miami and the thriving Miami Design District are a perfect match. We look forward to your visit.