Sesame-sized Mechanical Magic Breguet Tradition 7047

Ref. 7047 is the 2007 Breguet Breguet model and the first complication of the Tradition series. It has undergone several changes since its launch, the most important of which was platinum in 2010. Edition, this change not only changed the case to platinum, the surface and the exposed substrate splint have been blackened, the core modification is to replace the hairspring with silicon, but also a Breguet-type three-dimensional spring This move not only specifically improved the performance of the movement, but also how to make the three-dimensional coiled Breguet hairspring in the process of silicon hairspring has also caused a discussion in the industry. Since then, Breguet has introduced this technology to other 7047 styles. For the platinum and rose gold versions that are still in service in the official catalog, both models use Breguet hairsprings made of silicon.

Pagoda wheels, barrels, tourbillons, and hour and minute plates roughly occupy the four corners of the surface, and the composition is still called equilibrium. There is a coaxial power reserve indicator on the barrel. This scale is a bit short for 50 hours of energy storage.

Feature one: the sesame chain with the open face design is completely natural
7047 is a sesame chain tourbillon. The launch of the Sesame-chain Tourbillon on Tradition is a magical stroke. This series of antique pocket watches from Breguet features a completely open face and minimizes the hour and minute dial with substantial time display, making the movement structure only possible. Show off. What the Tradition before 7047 can reveal is the middle barrel, travelling wheel train and escapement. This one has a pagoda wheel, sesame chain and a large tourbillon. These elements have to be found in general models. It’s not too ostentatious to show off, but it’s perfectly natural to put it on top of it, and it’s worth it.

In terms of the overall size of the tourbillon, it is a bold practice to fix it with only one arm, but the thickness of the bridge can be seen from the side, and this is more in line with the historical design style of the series. The balance wheel also uses the series of retro screw balances.

Feature two: the operating principle of sesame chain
The technical highlights of the models are basically ancient methods, and there are many interpretations of modern technology. The power section uses a sesame chain mechanism. The mainspring box is connected to the pagoda wheel through the sesame chain. When the mainspring is full, the sesame chain is wound around the top of the pagoda wheel with a smaller diameter. The mainspring box needs to be used for linkage. The larger force is just used to consume too strong torque when the full chain is consumed, and when the clockwork power is about to run out, the sesame chain is also rolled to the bottom of the pagoda wheel with a larger diameter. The high force is just in line with the torsion state of the mainspring. With this uniform movement, the torsional force transmitted from the mainspring box to the running gear can be maintained at a constant curve from beginning to end, making the movement more stable.

Unlike the other Traditions, the 7047 wheels are mainly driven from the back (back side). Although the power section and the escapement are on the front, they may take up too much space, so the middle link Both travel time trains are configured on the back

Feature three: intentional antique specifications
The part of the tourbillon here adopts the large size with ancient meaning. The size of the whole cage is about 16mm. In order to drive such a large device, they adopted several measures. In addition to the silicon balance spring mentioned at the beginning, the escapement fork and escape wheel of the escapement were also made of silicon. In addition, before the model was introduced into silicon, the movement The balance wheel and tourbillon cage are already made of titanium. The purpose of these actions is to reduce the weight of the device, on the one hand, to reduce the power load, and on the other hand, to reduce the impact of inertia centrifugal force on accuracy. In addition, the balance here has a low frequency of 18,000vph, which is of course to reduce the burden on the power section, but on such a retro model, the low-speed balance is more in line with the overall temperament.

Tradition Tourbillon Fusee Ref. 7047

18K rose gold material / 569 manual-winding movement / eccentric display, tourbillon device / sesame chain structure / power reserve display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / water-resistant 30 meters / diameter 41mm / reference price: 1,260,000 RMB