Simple And Pure Five Blancpain Villeret Series Watches Recommended

Blancpain VILLERET series is one of Blancpain’s most classic watch series. The simple and pure lines reflect the aesthetic concept of traditional watchmaking. villeret is a place name. It is the birthplace of Blancpain in the Jurassic Mountains in western Switzerland and the border with France. It also provides design inspiration for Blancpain’s most classic watch series. Today, the Watch House recommends several classic Blancpain VILLERET series entry-level watches for everyone.

Blancpain ultra-thin movement series 6651-1127-55B watch

   This watch is the basic model of Blancpain VILLERET series. The classic three-hand shape, Roman numerals, matching with willow-shaped hands, 40 mm diameter design, very suitable for people’s needs for large diameter, but It doesn’t seem so obtrusive.
This watch was designed to take the ultra-thin route at the beginning, so it now looks very delicate and thin, highlighting the ability. The dial design also follows a minimalistic route. Only the date and second hand are displayed. The color is white or milky white, which highlights the gentle charm of gentle men. The domestic price of the watch is 78,500 yuan.

Blancpain ultra-thin movement series 6223-1127-55A watch

  This 6623 watch has too many similarities with the previous 6651 watch. It also uses a three-digit dial design, Roman numerals, and willow-shaped hands, but the watch diameter is smaller. 38 mm. The domestic price of this watch is 65,000 yuan, which is more than 10,000 yuan cheaper than the 6651 watch. What is the difference between this watch in addition to its diameter and 6651?
First of all, the movements of the two watches are different. First of all, the 6651 watch is equipped with a 1151 self-winding movement, while the 6623 watch is equipped with a 1150 self-winding movement. In fact, the two movements are basically the same. The only difference is the size of the movement. The size of the 1151 self-winding movement is 27.4 mm. The size of the 1150 self-winding movement is 26.2 mm. In addition to the different movements, the two watches are also slightly different in design. The first point is the difference in the crown of the watch. The second is the difference in the second hand. The 6651 watch has a ‘JB’ logo at the end of the second hand. Simply put, 6651 is an upgraded version of 6623, but the price is also more expensive.

Blancpain Moon Phase Display Series 6263-1127A-55

  This is Blancpain’s Villeret series, a playable watch, with the day, date, and month displayed, and the watch also has a moon phase profit and loss display at 6 o’clock. Since the 1980s, Blancpain’s Villeret series has perfectly inherited the traditional essence of the brand. The classic charm never stops. Equipped with a round double bezel, Roman numerals and subtle aesthetics, these three features are also the three main features of Blancpain Villeret series.

Blancpain Moon Phase Display Series 6654-1127-55B

   This 6654 watch is one of Blancpain’s most popular watches. As the flagship model of the new Villeret series in 2010, Blancpain’s full calendar monthly profit and loss 6654 watch has attracted much attention. In terms of date display, the watch inherits the ancient watchmaking tradition of the 18th century, using blue steel snake hands on the dial. According to the tradition, except for the time display, the other hands on the dial are represented by a blue steel snake to identify different indication functions.

   Compared with the 6263 model recommended above, this is another upgrade model, the diameter of the table has been upgraded from 38 mm to 40 mm, and the date hand has been changed to a serpentine hand. The small second hand has also been changed from the 6 o’clock position to the central position, so that it will not affect friends who like to enjoy the beautiful moon phases.

Blancpain Moon Phase Display Series 6664-3642-55B

   If you look at the model number, you can know the difference between 6664 and 6654. I believe everyone can tell at a glance, but the original smooth dial has been changed to a milky white enamel print surface. I still can’t accept the new 6664 milky enamel print surface. Visually, the watch lacks that beauty, and it feels a bit messy, because everyone’s aesthetics are different, so many friends may like this design of the creamy white enamel printing plate, so I wo n’t go into details here, just Know the difference between 6664 and 6654 is limited to the dial design of the watch.