Tag Heuer And Ron Howard Create The Speed Film ‘rush’

According to the Watch House, it is understood that the famous Swiss watch manufacturer TAG Heuer collaborated with Ron Howard, the director who won the Academy Award twice, to shoot a film depicting Formula One— —RUSH. Of course, TAG Heuer also became a highlight in the movie.

 The theme of the film is the 1976 # F1 # world championship fight between Nicky Lauda and James Hunt. At the Nurburgring, Lauda raced off the track and caught fire, but he survived the fire and quickly Return to the game and win the championship. Howard won the 74th Academy Award for Best Director and Best Film for his masterpiece ‘Beautiful Mind’.

 In the 1970s, Director Ron Howard showed us the challenges and pressures of race drivers of that era through detailed portrayal and description.

  As a film sponsor, TAG Heuer watches have stolen the limelight in the play, not only frequently appearing, but also the various functions of the watch also play a decisive role in the play. Since 1860, TAG Heuer has always been a model of Swiss avant-garde precision watchmaking, a chronograph authority and a benchmark of leading technology. Throughout history, TAG Heuer has a deep relationship with F1: TAG Heuer has partnered with the legendary F1 team Ferrari, and has provided the most advanced timing technology for McLaren team testers. Many famous counters, timers and chronographs invented by TAG Heuer, especially in the fields of precision and punctuality, have written a gorgeous chapter on the history of global watchmaking. Over the past 150 years, under the guidance of racing spirit, precision and innovation as its core DNA, TAG Heuer has set a number of world records. Its technology of ‘distinguishing the closest champions and runners-up in racing history’ has yet to be broken. 150 years of ups and downs, TAG Heuer’s legend casts glory!

 At the 2011 F1 China Grand Prix a few years ago, TAG Heuer spokesman Lewis Hamilton relied on the superb technology and the clever tactics of the McLaren team to surpass the opponent at the last moment of the race. Hamilton once won the title in China in 2008, and now he has twice opened, becoming the only driver to win twice in the Chinese competition. As we all know, TAG Heuer has a deep relationship with racing, and it is its responsibility to discover and train talented racers. Today, when Hamilton was on the F1 podium to lift the championship trophy, we also saw that Heuer watches were always worn on his wrist, witnessing every victory.