The Earl And The Stars Shine The 47th Golden Bell Awards Ceremony

The 47th Golden Bell Awards ceremony was held on the evening of October 26th at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei. On the evening, many Taiwanese celebrities appeared in costumes, and Piaget, a jewellery and watch brand with close cooperation with film and television arts, also appeared, and joined hands with Chen Bailin, Lin Yichen, June, Li Mingshun, Zhong Xinyu, Cai Shuzhen and other shining red carpets. Chen Bailin, who won the ‘Dragon Actor Award’ with the drama ‘I May Not Love You,’ attended the night with a dark blue velvet suit and Piaget’s highly recognizable Gouverneur watch. Also in the drama ‘I May Not Love You’, Lin Yichen, who won the title of ‘Theatrical Show Actress Award’, wears a pretty romantic feather short dress, and Piaget Rose earrings with Piaget’s symbol of women’s romance. And the Limelight blade full diamond mysterious watch shines brightly. The actor who was shortlisted for the ‘Theatrical Actress Award’ for ‘Back in Love’ in June. On the red carpet, she wore a black dress with a drop-shaped Magic Garden diamond necklace, ring and earrings, and matched with the glamorous retro Limelight Diamond jewellery wrist. Singaporean actor Li Mingshun was shortlisted for this year’s Golden Bell Award for mini-series TV movie actor award for his ‘Forgetting’ performance. In the evening wearing the Piaget Emperador Coussion pillow-shaped men’s jewellery watch and the same series of long rectangular white gold and black agate cufflinks. Zhong Xinyu, who was shortlisted for the ‘Various Show Host Awards’ as the host of ‘Supermodel Avenue’, wore a black lace short dress with Piaget Miss Protocole fringed diamond earrings, Piaget Heart heart ring, and the center of the dial Limelight Dancing Light – Piaget Rose themed jewellery watch decorated with a hollow rose event dial was unveiled, and a long pink dress was worn at the time of the award. It was presented with a Miss Protocole fringe diamond necklace and Possession earrings. Invited as the guest of the party, Cai Shuzhen wore a low-cut silver long dress like Monroe’s classic white dress plate, paired with Limelight diamond short necklace with simple lines and Possession diamond earrings that also showed circular geometric lines, The Piaget Magic Garden series tassel full diamond bracelet appeared.