The Smartest Watch T-touch Expert Pilot Watch

The famous Swiss watch brand Tissot launched the Tissot Tengzhi series for the first time in 1999. This series of watches is known as the smartest Swiss watch, turning a new page in the history of the world’s clock. This series of watches meet the wearer’s precise timing needs, while the unique high-tech touch screen technology gives the watch more functions and experience. This time, I will introduce a titanium watch from Tissot T-TOUCH EXPERT PILOT series. The design is stylish and sporty, full of vitality, and powerful. It is a perfect combination of wisdom and passion. Cutting-edge watches. Official model: T013.420.44.057.00

   Tissot T-TOUCH EXPERT PILOT series touch-screen watch Swiss-made quality, escorted for accurate timing; At the same time, Tissot T-TOUCH EXPERT PILOT series watches also have powerful weather forecast, thermometer, compass, dual time zone and so on High-tech features.

   The case is made of titanium, which is lighter and more allergic than ordinary 316L stainless steel, making it more comfortable to wear. The case diameter is 44.4 millimeters, and adopts the technology and fashionable design concept, which makes the appearance very classic and can be worn in and out of various occasions.

   For every wearer, this watch is an ultra-precise timekeeping product that integrates high-tech functions and is easy to use. It can be said that Tissot Tengzhi is more than just a watch. As long as the wearer touches the screen, he can activate fifteen different functions.

   Outdoor adventure sports enthusiasts can directly activate the altimeter (can be in feet and meters), altitude difference meter, stopwatch (segmentation and cumulative time), compass, dual alarm clock, thermometer (can be in Fahrenheit and Celsius) , Barometer, date and time (divided into 12 hours or 24 hours), perpetual calendar, countdown box backlight function.

   The titanium case has three buttons on the side. When these three buttons are matched with the dial, it can complete the time adjustment and display many functions. The operation is convenient and powerful.

   The strap is also made of titanium, which is called a ‘high-tech material’ because of its excellent light and strong material properties. The special polishing and dynamic design make it amazing on the wrist.

   The strap is equipped with a folding buckle with a safety buckle and the brand’s classic logo on the middle of the buckle.

   The back of the case has a dense bottom design and is equipped with an ETA E48.351 quartz movement with a diameter of 35 mm. The watch is water resistant to 100 meters.

Summary: This Tissot T-TOUCH EXPERT PILOT series watch allows wearers to enjoy the convenience and fun of high technology with their fingertips whenever and wherever possible. The smart watchmaking technology is accompanied by the wearer’s control of time at any time, but also given youthful vigor and passion. The rich and practical display function is an indispensable professional watch for winter skiing for many tasters who love skiing and loyal to extreme sports. It is definitely the best partner for professional climbers and extreme skiers. Whether you are a visitor to the glacier, challenge the peak of the Jedi, or accompanied by the shadows, dancers dancing on the snow, Tissot T-TOUCH EXPERT PILOT series touch-screen watches will become a taster of this winter, an indispensable wrist. New winter fashion. Official model: T013.420.44.057.00; Reference price: ¥ 8,550 (watch home figure / text source)
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