Treasure Tourbillon Watch

For watch collectors, each rare and precious product with a tourbillon is like a loved one with whom they have a blood relationship, whether it is brought home from a treasure hunt in another place, or at the auction The heavy money is invested in the heart, and the collectors will take care of it. It is the National Day holiday. Do you choose which style to wear to travel around the world? Jaeger-LeCoultre Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon Limited Watch
     Limited edition of 18 pieces of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Perpetual Tourbillon watch in pink gold (Master Grande Tradition Tourbillon à Quantième Perpétuel), with a 42mm 18K rose gold case, the ultimate expression of beauty and functionality. Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can see the operation of Jaeger-LeCoultre automatic 987 movement. The watch is set with 124 fine 1.9 carat diamonds.
     The watch is equipped with a silicon escapement to ensure perfect timing. Silicon is an excellent material. With its excellent hardness and extreme wear resistance, it can be used without lubricants. Its superior friction coefficient greatly reduces the friction inside the movement. Its lightweight and unparalleled body performance Good inertia, which improves operational efficiency. In addition, the production technology of silicon allows watchmakers to make very complex parts with precision that cannot be matched by steel. With the flexibility of this component in the definition of geometry, it is possible to carve out a hollow structure with a smaller rotor and moment of inertia, allowing more energy to be transmitted to the balance. Finally, silicon can also be used to make one-piece parts, such as built-in pawl pallets, and the design itself improves accuracy.
Ulysse Nardin New Freak Tourbillon Watch
     The Ulysse Nardin produces only 30,000 watches per year, which is truly unsurprising in size, but it is such a Swedish company whose novel designs frequently surprise the outside world. The founder Ludwig Oechslin (Ludwig-Oklin) inspired by his wild imagination Freak series of watches is a timeless legend of UN.
     Freak is a tourbillon watch that appeared in 2001. It abandoned the traditional ‘single-axis escapement’ and adopted the ‘bidirectional escapement’ for the first time. The case has also become an integral part of the watch’s operation, because the mainspring of the watch covers the entire case, and the winding mechanism can be driven by the rotation of the case. Although the mechanical device is complicated, it is hidden under the simple shape design. Today, the new Freak Diavolo (Fantastic Dark Lord), based on Freak, has once again proved the creativity of Athens watches. Freak Diavolo’s hairspring is made of silicon, and the newly developed excellent material LIGA (deep electroforming molding technology) nickel is used in the core part. Unlike the oscillators used in other Freak watches, Freak Diavolo is equipped with a flying tourbillon device with a seconds display. The flying tourbillon can be centered every 60 minutes with the support of two ball bearing devices. Rotate around.
IWC Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia Watch
     Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia watches will not be mass produced. Each watch will be customized according to the customer’s requirements, which is a separate item in itself. The most striking feature of this watch is the brand’s patented constant force tourbillon. In the small space of the bottom cover, the astrological map, horizon, geographical coordinates, solar day, stellar day, sunrise and sunset display, and day, night and dawn hours are displayed neatly. Also not to be missed is the fully integrated perpetual calendar behind the day display. The Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia watch combines the romantic atmosphere of the night sky with cutting-edge science and technology. It not only has sophisticated and sophisticated watchmaking technology, but also is extremely easy to operate. At the same time, it reflects the watchmaker’s attention to detail and advanced vision. The Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia watch has precise performance, detailed details, and is very suitable for daily wear: its water-resistant depth is 3 bar. Although the internal mechanical structure is extremely delicate, it still has amazing shock resistance.
     The main feature of the Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia watch is its personalised design as part of a special service. Customers can design their precious watches within the scope specified by the IWC design philosophy. The brand offers a range of case and strap materials, as well as five different dial colors and various tone-embedded hour markers and straps for customers to choose from, resulting in more than 200 combinations. In view of the time required for personalized production and the complexity of watch design, buyers need to wait about one year after purchasing. And of course, the production of features is always worth waiting for.
A. Lange & Söhne fourth ‘Pour le Mérite’ watch
     The Saxon brand Lange presented the RICHARD LANGE TOURBILLON ‘Pour le Mérite’ at the Geneva Fine Watch & Jewellery Show in January. So far, Lange has produced only four complex masterpieces with the sesame chain drive, honored as ‘Pour le Mérite’. The outstanding mechanical structure ensures that the watch is driven with stable power throughout the entire power reserve time and maintains accurate travel time.
     This mini masterpiece is equipped with diamond endstones as tourbillon bearings. The watch’s patented stop-second mechanism allows the time setting to be accurate to the second. The circular window of the adjuster sees the movement parts that are rotating and swinging at the same time. In order to allow the watch owner to appreciate the pleasing mechanical operation, the adjacent hour dial also adopts a unique cutting design. At 1 to 6, the rotating dial displays Complete scale, and disappeared at 12 o’clock.
Piaget Emperador ultra-thin self-winding tourbillon watch
     Piaget’s new Emperador pillow-shaped ultra-thin self-winding tourbillon watch perfectly inherits the brand’s ultra-thin gene. With a case thickness of only 10.4 mm, it sets the record for the thinnest self-winding tourbillon watch in history.
     This watch is undoubtedly the strongest and most powerful expression of Piaget’s classic heritage: the unique accomplishments of professional ultra-thin watchmaking, and the firm determination to continue to develop original and creative complex movements. Adhering to the high quality characteristics of Piaget’s two legendary movements: the world’s thinnest 600P manually wound rectangular tourbillon movement, and the world’s thinnest 1208P automatic winding movement with automatic rotor. This Piaget 1270P caliber, which broke the world record for ultra-thin automatic tourbillon movements, once again challenged the industry’s limit, with a thickness of only 5.35 mm, demonstrating the brand’s proud technological and aesthetic innovation.